How to add contacts on Gmail ?

Add contacts on Gmail to access anytime, anywhere and on any device. Indeed, it is possible to save and access contacts with the help of Google contacts, which was not easy before. Nowadays, there are lots of options to use contact and access across all devices due to digital features and synchronization.

If you are facing Gmail sync issue that would be resolved by following the guideline.

Now let us explore on steps of adding contacts to Gmail easily using the images.

How to add contacts on Gmail using a PC?

Saving contacts on Gmail would be performed similarly on all devices. However there is a difference on the steps of adding contacts on Gmail using a PC and android device.

Steps to save contacts in Gmail

To save contacts in Gmail directly, follow the guidelines provided below.

  • Open Chrome or your default browser then login and open Gmail
demo Image for Contact saving (2)
  • Navigate mail that you want to add in your Google contacts account. 
demo Image for Contact saving (3)
  • Here, hold the circular icon 1 available at the left then press the “Add contact” icon indicated in the graphical representation provided below. 
demo Image for Contact saving (4)

Note: In-case, you want to edit the contact using nickname since Gmail contacts save contacts as per the email address and detail then follow the same steps and click on the “Pencil” icon as shown in the image.

demo Image for Contact saving (5)

Add external contacts in Google using Google Contacts

Google offers users to save contacts from anywhere; therefore, Google also offers to create a contact in which the user can save an external contact list in Google Contacts.

Here are the steps that would help you in saving an external contact on Gmail.

  • Open Chrome and click the Google app icon, select Contacts from the menu. 
add contacts on Gmail (1)
  • Now, click the “Create contact” option.
add contacts on Gmail (2)
  • Again click “Create a contact”. 
add contacts on Gmail (3)
  • Here, Fill in the required fields and click Save option. 
add contacts on Gmail (4)

To edit you will have to follow the same steps as mentioned above >edit button> edit the required field> Save changes.

demo Image for Contact saving (1)

How to add contact on Gmail in an Android device?

To save external contact on Gmail in an android device, perform the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Contacts application on your phone, check where contact is being saved, select Google, if there is something else. Enter detail click on “Save” option. 
Gmail Contact 1 (2)

You can also save any email address right from your inbox on Android device.

  • Open Gmail application and navigate the mail you want to save; hold the circular icon, click “Save” icon. Now, edit and fill in the details, click on “Save”.
Gmail Contact 1 (1)

How to import contacts on Google Contacts?

 To import multiple contacts through Google list, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Chrome, hit the Google app icon, select Contacts from the menu. 
add contacts on Gmail (1)
  •  Click on the “Import contacts”.
Import option (1)
  • Now, click on “Select file”.
Import option (2)
  • Select, file that you want to Upload on Gmail.
Import option (3)
  • Click “Import”.
Import option (4)
  • Now, you can check imported contact in the Contact list.
Import option (5)

Wrapping up:-

Following the blog one can easily add contacts on Gmail across different devices like PC and Android. In case of any help we have also updated most frequently asked questions by users in next section. We hope your issue will be resolved easily.

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How to add contacts from Gmail’s inbox?

 To add contact from inbox, navigate email> hold circular icon> click on save icon.

Can I add multiple contacts on Gmail?

Yes, you can add multiple contacts on Gmail using the available option or importing CSV file.

How Gmail contacts works?

The user can use Gmail contacts for creating new contact, merge, import and export. 

Is there any edit option in Google Contacts?

Yes, Google offers editing option; the user can edit contact by following the same steps that he performs for saving contacts.

Where is Google apps in Chrome browser?

Google apps are available at right top of the home screen.

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