8 ways to fix Amazon Fire Stick home screen not loading

Struggling with the Amazon Fire Stick home screen not loading? No worries! We have tried and tested solution that works. The Amazon Firestick is a versatile device that can transform any TV into a smarter entertainment center. Simply connect it to your TV, and start streaming your preferred services with ease.

Additionally, you can also connect to the internet and enjoy a large amount of free and paid online content.

However, no device is perfect and you may encounter some problems with your Amazon Firestick.

For instance, one of the most common problems that many users have reported is that the home screen of Amazon Fire Stick does not load.

Consequently, this is a serious problem, since the home screen is the main interface you use to interact with the device. As a result, without the home screen, you can’t access any of the features or apps on your Amazon Firestick.

Therefore, this problem requires an urgent resolution. To help you with that, we have created this troubleshooting guide for you, with the steps you need to follow to resolve the home screen not loading issue on your Amazon Firestick.

How to solve Amazon Fire Stick home screen not loading ?

amazon fire stick home screen not loading

In this section, we will provide you with various troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue of your Amazon Firestick Home not loading properly.

Sometimes, you may encounter this problem when the home screen does not appear on your TV.

Furthermore, we will help you fix this problem and restore the functionality of your home screen. Consequently, the following steps will guide you on how to troubleshoot the issue:

Is the Device Connected Properly ?

amazon fire stick home screen not loading- is device connected properly

The Amazon Firestick allows you to stream different services on your television. However, it must be connected to a special port on your TV called HDMI.

Additionally, if this port is broken or the Firestick is not plugged in properly, you will not see anything on your home screen.

As a result, and that means you won’t be able to use your home page. Therefore, that’s not good, is it?

And we recommend that you follow the steps mentioned below.

Firstly, make sure the Firestick is plugged in properly and you have chosen the correct HDMI port on your TV. For instance, sometimes this can solve the problem easily.

Plug and Unplug Device

Plug and unplug device

Your Amazon Firestick may encounter a temporary bug that prevents the home screen from loading properly.

Additionally, in this case, the best solution is to disconnect the Firestick from the TV and the power outlet.

Furthermore, allow the device to power off completely by leaving it unplugged for a minute or two. Then, consequently, plug it back and turn it on again.

This soft reset should clear any temporary errors and allow the Amazon Firestick to boot up smoothly once again.

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Check Fire Stick Power Cable

Check Fire Stick Power Cable

You need to connect the Amazon Fire Stick to a power source to work with your TV.

Furthermore, sometimes, the power source can cause problems for the device. Consequently, you should check the power cable for the Firestick to see if it is damaged or worn out.

Additionally, if you notice any problem with power cable, you should get a new power cable for your Amazon Fire Stick.

Alternatively, if not, you should try plugging the Fire Stick into a different power outlet.

You should not use your TV’s USB ports to power the Fire Stick, as they may not provide enough power. Therefore, you can use a power adapter to connect your Amazon Fire Stick.

Check Internet Connectivity

Check Internet Connectivity

You must connect your Amazon Fire Stick to the Internet to work properly.

Consequently, if your internet is bad, too slow, or not working properly, this may cause the home screen not to load on your Amazon Fire Stick.

Furthermore, you can test if the Internet is the problem by using your mobile device’s Wi-Fi hotspot to connect your Amazon Fire Stick.

As a result, if the home screen loads properly after switching to another Wi-Fi network, then the problem for not loading the home screen of Amazon Fire Stick is your Internet connection.

Fire Stick Could Be Getting New Updates

amazon fire stick home screen not loading

Sometimes the home screen not loading because your Amazon Fire Stick may be updating its software and installing the new version on your device.

Additionally, this may cause the Amazon Fire Stick home screen not to load or to load slowly.

Consequently, therefore, you need to be patient and wait for the Amazon Fire Stick Home screen loading on its own if it does not load immediately. For this reason, this means that your Amazon Fire Stick is receiving some updates.

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Check for Software Updates

It is important to keep your Amazon Fire Stick updated. Furthermore, updates can bring new features, security improvements, and bug fixes that can resolve some issues with your Fire Stick, such as the home screen not loading properly.

Amazon Fire Stick home screen not loading

Follow below mentioned steps to check for updates on your Amazon Fire Stick:

  • Firstly, use the remote control to go to the Settings icon. You will have to remember what the home page of your Fire Stick looks like.
  • Additionally, if you see the Settings menu on your screen, choose the My Fire TV option.
  • Furthermore, then, choose the option that says Check for updates.
  • Consequently, if your Fire Stick is connected to the Internet, it will begin searching and download any updates that are available for your Amazon Fire Stick.

Clear Cache on your Amazon Fire Stick

Clear Cache on your Amazon Fire Stick

One of the ways to fix the home screen not loading issue on your Amazon Fire Stick is to delete the cache files.

Furthermore, these are files that store certain information on your device, but sometimes they can become corrupted and cause problems.

Consequently, by removing them, you can make your device run better. However, the problem with Amazon Fire Stick is that you can’t delete the cache files of all the apps at once.

Alternatively, but you can force restart the Fire Stick, which will also clear the cache files.

Follow below mentioned steps to force restart your Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Firstly, take the remote and press and hold the Select (OK) and Play/Pause buttons at the same time.
Amazon Fire Stick home screen not loading
  • Furthermore, continue holding them for about five seconds.
  • Consequently, you will see a black screen for some time. This is normal because the device is rebooting.

Reset Amazon Fire Stick

If above outlined steps not works for you, then the only option left to resolve the home screen not loading issue on your Amazon Fire Stick is to reset your device to its original settings or contact Amazon customer support.

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Why is my Amazon Fire Stick Have a Black Screen ?

amazon fire stick home screen not loading

A simple solution to fix the issue is to change the source of your TV Screen. Since there is a great possibility that the source where Amazon Fire Stick is connected to a HDMI input of your TV and by mistakenly the source could have been changed using the remote.

So click the Source/ Input button once and try to see if it works.

Another major issue could be that due to lack of sufficient power which may cause the error with a black screen. For the same we recommend not to use any third party attachments to connect Fire Stick to your TV. If the Fire TV stick power’s up try changing the OTG cable and use compatible attachments.

Also try changing the HDMI connected devices to see if the ports are properly working. And if it still not works try plugging your Fire Stick into a different TV.

After changing the HDMI connection the solution worked for us for the issue we had with our Amazon Fire Stick as it was stuck having a black screen. We also simple left it overnight by the morning and our Fire Stick was back at the home screen.

Give your Fire Stick some time to complete its task; it might currently be stuck in processing, but it should eventually move past it. Leave it for at least a few hours or overnight if you can when you see the issue of having a Black Screen.


We hope this guide helped you fix the Amazon fire TV Stick home screen not loading issue.

Furthermore, as you can see, there are several reasons why this problem can occur and different ways to fix it.

Additionally, you should check the device connection, power cable, internet connectivity, and software updates.

Consequently, you should also try restarting or resetting your device if nothing else works.

Therefore, if you follow these steps, you will be able to enjoy your Amazon Fire Stick and its features without any problems.

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Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Do fire sticks need to be updated ?

Yes, You need to update Fire Sticks periodically to ensure optimal performance and security. Updating your Fire Stick can also give you new features and bug fixes.

Why is my firestick stuck on the fire TV stick logo ?

Low power, overheating, crashes, connection problems, or HDCP incompatibility can cause your Firestick to get stuck on the logo. You can try different power supplies, HDMI ports, TVs or restart your firestick to fix it.

Do Firesticks go bad ?

According to some users, fire sticks can last between 3 and 5 years on average, but this can vary depending on how you use and maintain them.

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