Amazon Prime Customer Service

Amazon Prime is a paid membership program from Amazon which can be accessed in different countries and provides its users access to additional services at a premium price to regular Amazon customers. Additional services include one or two-day delivery of products purchased, streaming of music, videos, e-books, gaming, and grocery shopping services. In January 2020, Amazon detailed that Prime had in excess of 150 million supporters spread across 19 nations around the world.

In other words, there are times when customers have faced problems using the services whether it was related to the delivery of goods or services. Amazon prime customer service never disappoints its users. However, for instant resolutions, users need to wait until issues are completely resolved.

Most of the users search amazon prime customer service phone numbers online, unaware of the fact that amazon prime customer service is also available via chat. So instead of connecting to amazon prime customer service by phone users can get the resolutions to the issues by logging into amazon prime customer service chat.

Problems faced by users using amazon prime services?

As mentioned above since there are around 150 million subscribers of Amazon Prime. It is bound to see that users face issues using services. There can be several problems faced by users however we have tried to mention a few of them below:

  • Registration code sign-in error.
  • The device not getting registered.
  • Amazon prime audio issue.
  • Prime delivery delayed.
  • The fire TV sticks not working.
  • Technical Support.
  • Help with Amazon gift cards.

All the problems or issues are easily resolved by amazon prime customer service phone or amazon prime customer service chat. As users have the option to connect with the executives on call or via chat.

Amazon Prime Customer Service

How to contact Amazon Prime Customer Service?

Users in a general search for “Phone number for Amazon Prime customer service”, or “Amazon Prime customer service telephone number”. However, are simple steps if followed correctly one can easily log in with Amazon prime customer service.

Amazon prime customer service can be connected in following ways:

The most basic is to call the Amazon customer service phone number.
Alternatively, customers can also log in and solve all the issues via Amazon customer service chat.
Log in to the chat link—click here
Click “Start chatting now”.
Enter the password of your Amazon Prime account.
Chat connected, now you can get your queries resolved and get connected to amazon prime customer service chat.
Users can also connect with Amazon prime customer service by logging on to social media accounts. You can connect with them by the comment, tweet, or using #hashtag on their social media accounts. Kindly find the link of below mentioned social media handles of Amazon prime customer service.
Amazon Twitter Account:
Amazon Twitter Account
Official Amazon Facebook Account:
Amazon Facebook Account
Official Amazon Instagram Account:
Amazon Instagram Account

Note: Please don’t include your order and payment details.

Email is another medium where users can write their issues, queries and get an appropriate written reply. For issues with your account, such as a billing dispute, you should email general inquiries, you should email

Type of Issues Amazon prime customer service resolves?

Users are the purest form of quality control. Without the approval of the customers, the business doesn’t grow and succeed. So when users have a complaint it is the bound service of the provider to hear them out because these are opportunities to improve the customer experience.

So Amazon prime service in this regard treats the customer’s issues of prime importance and tries to resolve most of them instantly. There are certainly many types of resolutions given by Amazon prime customer service.

Concerns regarding Amazon Prime account details.

If any users have concerns regarding his/her Amazon prime account, they can surely talk to customer care executives to resolve any issues. Most users have issues related to password recovery or goods delivery on time.

Goods not delivered.

This is another issue for which Amazon prime support helps its users to coordinate between the sole seller of the product.

Shipment of products delayed

Even if the shipment is delayed Amazon has all rights to penalized the seller. Users just have to call and report the same to customer care executives.

Amazon prime video error

Prime Video error is something that creates an urgent need for rectification to continue enjoying movie experience with family members. Users can call amazon customer service phone numbers and resolve their prime video issues instantly.

Defective product received

If anyone has received a defective product, they can generate a request for replacement or refund as per their choice. Amazon Prime service will help users to generate an exchange request.

Cash back not received

If any user has ordered a product under a Cashback scheme, before ordering the same it is important to read all terms and conditions as there is some cashback that is instantly provided before final billing. And in some, it may take a certain number of days as written in terms and conditions of the particular offer.

Payment declined

If your payment is declined due to an error with the amazon prime service, you have the right to get the error resolved however you need to make sure there are appropriate funds from the account you are making the payment.

Kindle service error

Amazon currently has more than 100 million kindle users and if any user is facing an error regarding downloading a digital book or an error in opening certain books on kindle then they can easily call amazon prime customer service to resolve the error.

There were one of the few errors that Amazon prime customer service resolves however in case if you are facing an issue which is not mentioned above, prime customer service will resolve the same as well.

The solution to common problems of Amazon prime video service?

As discussed above there can be many issues that users face however there are possible resolutions for common day-to-day problems faced by customers. Kindly find the resolution to the basic issues mentioned below:

Not working of Amazon Prime on Smart TV(FIXED)

Sometimes the Smart TV creates issues while accessing Amazon’s prime video account. You need to fix the issues immediately if you want to enjoy your favorite shows. The first step to troubleshoot is to restart your TV. If the still problem persists you can call Amazon prime customer service.

Issues in Amazon Prime Video streaming (FIXED)
Amazon Prime Video streaming issues

The most basic thing to check is the internet connection. As mostly due to poor Internet connection amazon prime video service halts. Check your router in the first place if the WAN/WLAN light is blinking then just restart the router once. If the WAN/WLAN light is not blinking, then there is some issue with the internet connection. For that, you need to connect with your Internet service provider. However, restarting the router resolves the speed issues mostly.

Error 7031 in Amazon Prime Video (FIXED)
Amazon Prime Video Error 7031

When Amazon prime video service shows an error/7031 it means that the service is down. This error is typical with Chrome browser, you can resolve the same instantly by logging into another browser such as Microsoft Edge or Firefox. If you cannot use another browser, you can restart the computer/mac once. Most users saw success upon changing the browser instantly.

Connection Problems in Amazon Prime Video (FIXED)
Amazon Prime Video Connection Problems

If any user still can’t fix Amazon Prime video problems using the above-mentioned tips, then you may need to take things up a notch and look for connections manually. If you are using a router for the past 5 years costing $30, then it may not be able to handle streaming videos across the house. Please keep in mind that routers that worked fine in an apartment may not handle a larger area of the house or a bigger apartment. To resolve the same, you need to invest in a whole-home Wi-Fi system or a better router.

iPhone & iPad Amazon Prime Video Problems(FIXED)
Amazon Prime Video Problems

The best way to fix the problem on iPhone and iPad instantly is to re-install the app from the app store. This will help you to reset the app and fix any problems. If any user faces any issue with video synchronization, then restarting the app would be an apt solution. And if it is a downloaded video you need to re-download the video to resolve the issue instantly. However, Amazon prime video customer service number is just a call away to resolve all the problems.

Android Amazon Prime Video Problems(FIXED)
Android Amazon Prime Video Problems

There can be many issues that fit with Amazon prime video problems of Android. However, there is something that you can do on Android that can fix your video problems. Try restarting the device and then if you still face any issue it would be a good idea to clear the app data by following below mentioned steps:

Open your mobile screen and click “Settings”.
Find “Storage” and select the same.
In the “Storage” menu, tap either “Internal Storage” or “Other Apps” depending on your device.
Scroll and Click “Prime Video”.
Now tap “Clear Cache”.

Note: You can also repeat the process for any App you would like to clear cache on. This will solve all the major issues.

Amazon Prime Kindle

Amazon Prime kindle is mostly known for its books. Users have the option to read books anywhere the way they want, it’s just one app to download on android or apple devices. Amazon also launched their Kindle devices for better reading adaptability, it allows its users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital media. Amazon Kindle store content has over 6 million e-books in the United States.

However, there are users who face issues while downloading books or connecting their kindle devices to home Wi-Fi network. All the errors get easily resolved in no time if specific steps are taken to resolve the same. For extra help Amazon Prime customer service numbers are always available but we suggest to troubleshoot the problem on own once.

Amazon Prime Kindle Issues (Resolved 100%)

There can be numerous issues faced by users of Amazon Prime, however, few issues with resolutions are mentioned below for users to self-troubleshoot and rectify any issue instantly.

Kindle Authentication Problem Latest version: 4.1.4.

The most valid recommendation is to Turn the Airplane Mode On and Off. Go to the settings turn on the airplane mode and then turn it off.  Your kindle device will automatically connect after the step. Please watch the below video presentation for detailed step-by-step information. Alternatively, you can also restart your router which can also instantly help in fixing the authentication problem.

Kindle won’t connect to Wi-Fi

To resolve the issue instantly we suggest you restart your kindle device and check the date, time settings on your Kindle device. The settings should be correct. If the still issue persists you can try restarting the router. If you are able to connect your other devices to the router easily then you must reset your Kindle to factory default settings.

Update Failed

To use the Kindle services at their best you need to update the Kindle device from time to time. Many users complain about the “Kindle UpdateFailed” issue with their device. There could be a number of possible reasons due to which issue may occur. For e.g.- interrupted internet connection, wrong update instructions, and a lot more. If you have faced the problem recently or stuck with the issue of Kindle UpdateFailed problem, then you need to update your kindle manually by identifying the Kindle model and downloading the update from the Amazon page.

Kindle stopped working

Amazon Kindle device has grown and evolved a lot in the past few years. However, “Kindle Stopped Working” is still the most common problem faced by a number of users globally. Just follow some basic troubleshooting steps and fix the problem. Most users in this context face Massive battery drain, to resolve this instantly restarting your kindly can help to fix the issue. There could be a possibility due to an application you have installed on your device causing the battery to drain faster. So a factory reset can also resolve this issue. If the device keeps shutting down, then make sure that the battery is fully charged. Try using a different cable or charger to make sure the device is getting properly charged.


This article covered up the major problems faced by Amazon Prime Video users and the cause that led to them. However, we made sure to provide a comprehensive solution to all the issues.

The screen turns black, streaming problems, and connectivity issues can all be solved easily without losing one’s calm, right?

For any other issues users can connect with Amazon Prime customer service, experts will make sure to resolve all the issues.