Com-cast Blocking VPN (Error Resolved)

Why is Comcast blocking my VPN?

Kindly note that VPN Xfinity issue and Comcast blocking VPN issue can be resolved following the blog.

If you are also facing Comcast blocking VPN issue or VPN Xfinity issue then you are at the right place to get your problem resolved since most of the users are searching for resolutions on Xfinity VPN issues.

The most common reasons for issues to arise is because of VPN dropping, since Comcast routers does not support VPN and are always criticized in the industry for geo-restriction and throttling internet speed.

So, we have gathered some of the practices that would surely help users to fix the “VPN Xfinity issue”, or “Comcast throttling VPN.”

Let’s dive and follow the below guideline practice pitch to fix the issue:-

  1. Use Private VPN
  2. Update your router framework
  3. Enable Bridge Mode in your Private Router
  4. Disable xFI Advance security
  5. Change VPN encryption 
  6. Change Xfinity router’s Protocol
  7. Switch to another IP server

Detailed information on all six points are mentioned below.

Change VPN to use Xfinity (1)

Use Private VPN:-

Most times, we have seen this issue for using freeware or basic version VPN; however, premium VPN service easily works with Xfinity routers.

Industry experts recommend users to use a premium VPN service for using Xfinity or comcast routers.

Update your router framework:-

Experts recommend updating the router framework since some of the official reports mentioned that certain models of Xfinity router had an issue with the PPTP security protocol.

The problem will be resolved by updating the router’s framework. Follow below pointers to update:

  • Login to the Xfinity router using your IP address in the search bar of your default browser or Google Chrome.
Steps to perform bridge mode 1 (2)
  • Click on “Connection” and then on the “Software.”
disable xFI Advance (2)
  • If you did not update it before, kindly update to the latest framework.

Note: We have provided this solution as per expert recommendation; however, we did not find any review from Xfinity users regarding framework updates to resolve the “Xfinity router VPN” issue.

So, please confirm with your Internet service provider before upgrading the framework or switching to another model of Xfinity router.

Enable Bridge Mode in your Private Router:-

Xfinity offers advanced range of routers that consist of modem and router in one piece.

So, if the user wants to fix the “Comcast VPN setup” issue, the user should use his private router or another router service. Users can connect private internet router by enabling bridge mode on the Xfinity modem.

Follow below guidelines to enable Bridge mode on Xfinity modem:-

Steps to perform bridge mode 1 (2)
  • Click on Gateway and then tap on the “Enable button.”
Steps to perform bridge mode 1 (1)
  • Click on the “Okay.”
Steps to perform bridge on Xfinity (3)
  • It will take 90 secs to complete the task, then restart your system and connect with a Private router connection.
Steps to perform bridge on Xfinity (3)
  •  Now, click on the “SAVE CURRENT CONFIGURATION”
Steps to perform bridge on Xfinity (5)

Note: The user cannot use Xfinity router service when Bridge mode is enabled; moreover, if the user had purchased a plan with xFI Advance security, then the user cannot access bridge mode.

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Disable xFI Advance security: –

Disabling xFI Advance security help users to resolve “Comcast throttling VPN issue”.

Follow the steps to disable xFI Advance security:-

  • Open the Xfinity application on your mobile, click on the “xFI Advanced Security” and click on the “Turn Off” button. 
disable xFI Advance (1)
Change VPN to use Xfinity (2)

Change VPN encryption:- 

Sometimes VPN encryption create problems and result in issue related to Comcast throttling VPN. Thus, we recommend users to change the encryption level of their VPN.

The user should change the VPN encryption level from PPTP to Open vpn or LT2P/IPsec.

Note: Each encryption level is reversely proportional to Internet speed; so, try to set “Openvpn” as it is the middle level of encryption.

Change VPN to use Xfinity (3)

Change Xfinity router’s Protocol: –

Router systems work with two protocol suits; however, both protocol suits cover the same configuration in a different manner.

One is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and the second is the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). So, we recommend users to change their Protocol from TCP to UDP for resolving the “Comcast router VPN” issue.

Change VPN to use Xfinity (4)

Switch to another IP server: –

Switching to another IP server is not possible without Server administrator rights, so, in this case, you should email or talk to your Internet service provider regarding the IP server.

It may resolve the Xfinity VPN issue on your system; however, if the server is overcrowded, you may face the issue again.

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Wrapping up: – We have gathered assured solutions to fix “VPN Xfinity issue” or “Comcast blocking VPN” issue in this blog; please follow the above guideline to resolve the issue. Moreover, we have also gathered crucial information in the FAQs’ section.

Note that if your Comcast is hacked and you are looking for ways to resolve the same then kindly follow the common steps mentioned.


How to put a VPN on the Xfinity router?

Comcast’s Xfinity router supports VPN for accessing its service and the user can put a VPN on Xfinity router by enabling bridge mode on the wireless gateway.

Can I unblock VPN on my router?

Yes, you can unblock VPN on your Xfinity router.

How do I stop Comcast from blocking sites?

Reset your router, or check for blocked sites in Xfinity’s router settings.

Should I enable PPTP on my router?

Yes, users can use PPTP on their router; however, if you want to resolve the Comcast VPN issue, you should change PPTP to Openvpn encryption.