How to fix Comcast packet loss?

To fix Comcast packet loss, you need to perform below-mentioned steps:

a. Check the Comcast packet loss.

b. Steps to fix lost Comcast packet.

How to check Comcast packet loss?

To check the Comcast packet loss users need to perform the following test as mentioned below:

Ookla for Comcast packet test:-

  • Open Chrome or your default browser, type “Ookla speed test” in the search bar.
Steps to test internet speed from Ookla (1)
  • Click the website which appears as shown in the image.
Steps to test internet speed from Ookla (2)
  • Now, click the Go button as shown in the image.
Steps to test internet speed from Ookla (3)
  • After testing, the Ookla result will be shown in the below image.
Steps to test internet speed from Ookla (4)

Comcast packet test with CMD tools:-

  • Press Windows + R on your keyboard, type “cmd” and click “OK” button.
Steps to run cmd for internet speed test (1)
  • Type “ipconfig” to know your IP configuration and then type “ping (your IP address will be shown as per 2 in the image below)” (Example: 192.168 1.1). You can check loss in the percentage marked in the image.
Steps to run cmd for internet speed test (2)
  • Now, type “ping” (you can use another website too) and check the report.
Steps to run cmd for internet speed test (3)
  • Last type the command “ping -t  Your IP address” and check the report of total Comcast packet loss.
Steps to run cmd for internet speed test (4)

Note: The user can use any third-party website or application to test Comcast packet loss; however, we have used Windows command tools for the demo and also provided steps for speed testing using the Ookla website in the above section.

Recommendation: – We strongly recommend our readers to use CMD tools as it fetches accurate results and shows the percentage of packet loss if any.

Steps to run cmd for internet speed test (5)

How to fix the “loss Comcast” issue?

There are some universal methods to fix lost Comcast issues as listed below:-

Steps to fix comcast packet loss (1)

Use VPN: –  The user can use any VPN that offers Private Internet access; it may help users in testing Comcast packet loss; moreover, the user would also get assistance in getting better internet speed with a secure connection.

Steps to fix comcast packet loss (2)

Check your devices: If you face any issue with your internet connection, you should first check your device settings and internet wire; sometimes, you face internet problems due to your device setting and configuration. Kindly check the internet device and peripherals like Router, Cable, drivers, PC.

Steps to fix comcast packet loss (3)

Restart Router: – Restarting Router is a universal method that will help users in resolving the “Xfinity packet loss” issue; you should restart your Router from the main power point connection to get a refresh internet connection.

Steps to fix comcast packet loss (4)

Direct connection with Router: If you are using WiFi, at times there are more chances to get stuck in the “High packet loss Comcast ” issue; you should try to reconnect your device directly to the router with a LAN cable to check the issue.

Steps to fix comcast packet loss (5)

Write to Customer Support: – Getting assistance from a customer support executive is an option that will help you in improving a slow/non-working internet connection. A customer support executive will help you technically to alleviate the issue because Internet connections vary and it also depends on the location.

Steps to fix comcast packet loss (6)

Upgrade your Data Plan: –   If the user is facing a low-speed issue with the internet connection after performing the above methods, the user should upgrade the data plan for better network performance.

Wrapping up: – This blog consists of information on how to resolve the “Comcast packet loss” issue with universal methods. We are assured that users can easily fix the internet issue with the above solutions.


How to report packet loss on Comcast?

To report on the “Comcast dropping packets” issue, you can visit the Xfinity website and ask them for assistance regarding Xfinity packet loss via social media handlers like Messenger and Twitter.

Why am I getting packet loss on Comcast?

Several factors can result in network failure or packet loss like using inefficient components, faulty Router, loose cable connection, bad WiFi signal.

Can you fix major packet loss?

Yes, you can fix major packet loss if the problem occurs from your end; however, if the problem is occurring from the Internet Service provider’s, you should talk to your ISP to resolve the issue.

How do I fix Comcast packet loss?

You can fix minor Comcast packet loss issues by checking your device and restarting the Router, which is a universal fix for packet loss issues.

How to explain packet loss on Comcast?

The user can explain packet loss on Comcast by attaching a screenshot of the Internet speed test in email or texting on social media handlers with the attachment.