Comcast RDK 03033 | Complete information with solution

Comcast Xfinity is operating for around 50 years. But, the recent Comcast RDK 03033 error has put the viewers in a problem.

The TV just shows that it is not working along with the code RDK 03033 but no information about the reason. So, we had to dig up and find the root cause of the problem.

Despite having a responsive customer support and an active forum, there is no clear information about the rdk-03033 error code. Consequently, we had to merge our experiences and that of all other Xfinity users around the US to give you the correct information that can suffice your need.

We searched forums, contacted customer support and even used our contacts with the executives. After this much effort, we have brought to you this article that will solve your RDK-03033 problem so that you can enjoy the uninterrupted viewing experience again.

This article will tell you the reason behind error, What does RDK mean and how to get rid of the problem.

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What is Comcast RDK 03033 error code?

Comcast RDK 03033 is a streaming error code pertaining to the hindrance in internet and co-axial/cable connection to the Xfinity set-top box.

The error message looks as shown in the image below:

Comcast RDK 03033

Since there is not much reliable information about the error code, it is difficult to predict the exact reason of interruption.

There can be number of reasons behind the Error, some of them are:

  • Improper wired connections
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Damage and bends in co-axial cable
  • Xfinity service outage
  • Or it can just be a Glitch

What does RDK mean in Comcast RDK error?

RDK stands for ‘Reference Design Kit’.

RDK is a set of software designed by Comcast to run hybrid set top boxes for the development of next generation video services.

In the next section, we have compiled a detailed list of possible reasons for interruptions with the error code RDK-03033 along with their solutions.

What are the reasons for Comcast error code RDK-03033 and their solutions?

So far, we are sure that the reason for the error is network interruption. Here is a list of issues that are leading to disruption while watching the TV with appropriate solutions:

#1 Loose and faulty connections

Loose connection at any wiring point can result in interruptions while watching TV.

Improper connections at the router may lead to internet discontinuity and at the set-top box may lead to hindrance in audio and video signal.

How to check and fix faulty connections?

Make sure all the wired connections are finger tight i.e. made as tight as possible by hand. If the error persists, it is better to unplug or disconnect all the wires from the modem and set-top box and connect again in the right ports.

#2 Instability in internet connection

You need an active internet connection to watch shows on Xfinity or Comcast. So, if the internet is not stable, it will lead to errors time and time.

How to stabilize internet connection?

Ensure that the TV Box is not in a cabinet or concealed by other objects that might obstruct the wireless signal.

Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for a stable internet connection. If needful, upgrade to a network of higher bandwidth. However, before upgrading, we recommend you to contact Comcast Customer Support to know the system requirements.

#3 No service from Xfinity

System outages can interrupt your watching experience. Outages can be from either server or client side.

How to check service status and resume Xfinity service?

Make sure your subscription has not ended. And to check system interruption, go to, or you can also use Xfinity My Account mobile application to check for system outages.

#4 Bends and damage in co-axial Cable

As the name suggests, co-axial cables must have a common axis for the core and the outer lining and must be round-shaped. Kinks in the line, both internal and external, interrupt the signal.

It is quite normal for cables to develop abnormalities with time and external conditions, even if they are not visible outside the cable.

How to detect and remove kinks in the co-axial cable?

If there is a visible kink in the co-axial cable, remove the damaged part and connect the ends again or replace the entire line with a new one.

If there is no visible sign of kinks, contact the Xfinity or any other technician to detect kinks (if any) and do the needful.

#5 System glitch

It doesn’t matter if you have changed any setting or not, glitches can develop in the set-top box and modem that can hinder the smooth flow of signal.

What to do in case of Xfinity system glitches?

Turn off the modem, TV and set-top box and then restart them after a few seconds to fix the problem.

If the problem still exists, you can try resetting devices to resolve the issue.

In case you want to restart or reset Xfinity box, you may take help of the below video:


In this article, we have shared troubleshooting methods for error code RDK-03033 in Xfinity or Comcast.

After reading this article, you can get rid of the interruptions in your TV watching experience caused by hindered networks.

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What does the Comcast error code RDK-03033 mean?
It is a message displayed on the TV screen when there is an interruption due to the non-receiving of signals.

What is the message displayed in Comcast code RDK 03033 error?
Comcast code RDK 03033 error displays the following message: Something’s not working. Sorry about that. We’ll have this fixed shortly so please try again later. RDK-03033

How do I fix Comcast RDK 03033 error?
You can fix Comcast code RDK 03033 by securing a stable connection from the service provider to the TV. To do so, tightly plug in all the wires in the correct ports, replace the faulty cables, and check if there is not any system outage.

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