How to remove Yahoo search engine from Google Chrome ?

Picture yourself browsing the internet, seeking information about your favorite subject. You enter your query and hit Enter, expecting to view a collection of relevant search results.

However, you encounter the familiar purple Yahoo Search logo. Feeling frustrated, you attempt again, only to receive the same outcome.

Luckily, you are not alone in facing this relatable predicament. Many individuals find themselves stuck with Yahoo Search as their default search engine, despite their preference for an alternative option.

Nevertheless, there is no need to worry, as a solution exists. Within this blog post, we will demonstrate how to effortlessly eliminate Yahoo Search and switch to the search engine of your choosing.

By following our straightforward, step-by-step guide, you can take control of your browsing experience indefinitely.

How to get rid of yahoo search on Chrome ?

Before you begin, we recommend watching our instructional video on how to get rid of Yahoo Search.

This will provide you with a visual guide to the process and help you better understand the steps involved.

Afterwards, Once you have watched the video, simply follow the steps mentioned below to remove Yahoo Search from your browser.

Users can simply disable yahoo search engine from Chrome by following simple image-based steps mentioned below:

      • Firstly, open Google chrome, and click on the “three dots” icon at the top right of the screen, also known as Customize and control Google Chrome.

    get rid of yahoo search

        • Secondly, go to the Settings.

      get rid of yahoo search

          • Thirdly, scroll down, under Search engine select “Google“.

        get rid of yahoo search

            • Fourthly, click “Manage search engines” and write “Yahoo” in the search bar.

          get rid of yahoo search

              • Lastly, once you see Yahoo’s URL; click on the three dots and select “Remove from list” as shown in the image below.

            Disable yahoo search engine on Chrome 5

            Disable installed chrome extension

            Some extensions do not update automatically, which can cause issues in Chrome. It can be difficult to identify the extension causing the problem.

            In this case, we recommend disabling all extensions and then enabling them one by one as needed.

            Steps to disable extensions

                • Firstly, open Chrome and click on three dots as mentioned in image below.

              get rid of yahoo search

                  • Secondly, click on More tools and then select Extensions.

                disable chrome extension step2

                    • Lastly, disable all the extensions using the toggle option as shown below in the image.

                  Disable chrome extension 3

                  Reset Google Chrome

                  Resetting Google Chrome can help users remove Yahoo Search from the browser. To reset Google Chrome, follow the steps mentioned below

                    get rid of yahoo search

                        • Secondly, go to the Settings.

                      reset google chrome

                          • Thirdly, scroll down, and go to the bottom of the screen; click on the Advanced.

                        Reset Google Chrome (1)

                            • Fourthly, go to the last option, “Restore settings to their original defaults”.

                          Reset Google Chrome (2)

                              • Lastly, click on the “Restore settings”.

                            Reset Google Chrome (3)

                            Note: This action will disable all extensions, reset Chrome settings and shortcuts, and delete temporary site data and cookies.

                            However, saved passwords, history, and bookmarks will not be affected.

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                            Scan with Windows Defender

                            Microsoft Windows defender is an inbuilt service of Microsoft Windows that helps in scanning malware, virus, spyware and removes them automatically.

                            Follow below steps to perform the action.

                                • Open Run option using command Windows + R button.

                              Scan with Windows Defender

                                  • Now, type “ms-settingswindowssecurity” in the command box, and click “Ok”.

                                Scan with Windows Defender 2

                                    • Go to the “Update & Security”.

                                  Scan with Windows Defender 3

                                      • Click on the “Windows Security”.

                                    Scan with Windows Defender 4

                                        • Click on the “Virus & threat protection”.

                                      Scan with Windows Defender 5

                                          • Now, click “Quick scan” option.

                                        Scan with Windows Defender 6

                                        Uninstall Yahoo program

                                        To uninstall the recent installed yahoo program from your PC follow below mentioned steps:.

                                            • Open Run command using Windows  + R button on the keyboard.

                                          Scan with Windows Defender

                                              • Now, type “appwiz.cpl” and click “OK” button.

                                            Uninstall Yahoo program 2

                                                • Enter “Search Provided by Yahoo” in the search box.

                                              Uninstall Yahoo program 3

                                                  • Double click on Search Provided by Yahoo, and uninstall the programme.

                                                Uninstall Yahoo program

                                                Note: If you are unable to find ‘Search Provided by Yahoo’, then look through the programs for anything named ‘Yahoo Search’. The five solutions mentioned above will help anyone achieve their goal.

                                                In the next section, we provide reasons why Yahoo Search may appear on Google.

                                                Change your default search engine

                                                The first step is to choose a new default search engine like Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo. For most browsers, you can change this in the Settings menu.

                                                    • In Chrome, navigate to Settings > Search engines. Choose your new default from the list or add a custom search engine.

                                                      • In Firefox, go to Options or Preferences > Search. Choose another search engine from the given options.

                                                        • In Safari, go to Preferences > Search. Select your new default search engine from the list.

                                                          • In Edge, open Settings More > View advanced settings. Under “Choose the default search provider,” select your new search engine.

                                                        Once you have chosen your new default search engine, it will be used whenever you search in that browser from the address bar or search box.

                                                        To apply the changes, it may be necessary to restart your browser.

                                                        Remove Yahoo from search options

                                                        To fully remove Yahoo as a search option, you will need to delete it from your browser’s list of available search engines.

                                                            • In Chrome, navigate to Settings > Search engine. Find “Yahoo” in the list and click the “Remove” option next to it.

                                                              • In Firefox, go to Options or Preferences > Search. Highlight “Yahoo” and click “Remove.”

                                                                • In Safari, there is no option to remove specific search engines. You can only choose one default.

                                                                  • In Edge, go to Settings and more > View advanced settings. Under “Search providers,” find “Yahoo” and click “Remove.”

                                                                Removing Yahoo from your search engine options ensures that you won’t accidentally use their search results.

                                                                The default search engine you choose will be used for all web searches going forward.

                                                                Take back control of your online privacy and experience – opt out of Yahoo Search today.

                                                                Disable any Yahoo extensions and programs

                                                                If you have Yahoo Toolbar or other Yahoo extensions installed, uninstall them. They only slow down your browser and set yahoo as default.

                                                                Set Google to open at startup

                                                                In your Chrome, Firefox or other browser settings, find the “On startup” or “Homepage” option.

                                                                Select “Open a specific page or set of pages” and enter as the homepage URL. This will open Google whenever you launch your browser.

                                                                Reinstall Chrome

                                                                As a last resort, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the Chrome browser. When reinstalling, do not enable any Yahoo extensions or toolbars.

                                                                Once Chrome is installed, repeat the above step to set Google as your homepage.

                                                                    • Firstly, check for and remove any Yahoo plugins, add-ons or extensions. They can re-enable Yahoo as the default search.

                                                                      • Secondly, make sure that “My Yahoo” or a Yahoo page is not listed as one of your browser’s “Most Visited” or “Frequently Visited” sites. If so then remove it.

                                                                        • Thirdly, consider using an ad blocker to block Yahoo ads which may also reset your search engine defaults.

                                                                          • Lastly, for mobile devices, check your default apps and disable the Yahoo Search app. Select Google or any other search engine app as the new default.

                                                                        By setting Google as your browser’s default search engine and homepage, as well as disabling the Yahoo extension, and even reinstalling Chrome if necessary, you can effectively eliminate unwanted Yahoo results when you search or open a new tab.

                                                                        Your browsing will be powered by the search engine you actually want to use – Google!

                                                                        How to get rid of Yahoo search on Mac ?

                                                                        Are you tired of Yahoo Search on your Mac again and again? Want to switch to a different search engine but don’t know how? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

                                                                        In this blog post, we will show you how to easily get rid of Yahoo Search on your Mac and take back control of your browsing experience.

                                                                        Follow our simple step-by-step guide and say goodbye to unwanted search engines forever

                                                                            • Firstly, open Safari on your Mac. To change your default search engine, go to the Safari menu, select ‘Preferences’, and then navigate to the ‘Search’ tab. Currently, it is probably set to Yahoo.

                                                                              • Secondly, click the drop-down menu next to “Default search engine” and choose virtually anything — Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, whatever search engine floats your boat. As soon as you choose a new default, Yahoo Search will disappear from your Safari browser forever.

                                                                                • Thirdly, check the box next to “Show search engines in the Smart Search field.” This will change the search field in your Safari toolbar to match your new preferred search engine. So if you chose Google, it will now say “Google Search” instead of just “Search”.

                                                                                  • Fourthly, you might also want to clear your Yahoo search history and cache. To do this, go to Safari > Clear History and Website Data. Choose the ‘All time’ option and make sure to tick the ‘Search history’ and ‘Cache’ checkboxes. Then click “Clear History” to delete.

                                                                                    • Lastly, if the Yahoo Search website appears there, you can remove it from your Safari Top Sites. Simply hover your cursor over the Yahoo search icon and click on the “x” that appears in the top left corner. Confirm that you want to delete it.

                                                                                  How to get rid of yahoo search virus ?

                                                                                  Getting rid of the Yahoo search virus on your computer can be frustrating, but with some patience you’ll be back to your regular search engine in no time.

                                                                                  Check your installed browser add-ons

                                                                                  Sometimes browser add-ons such as toolbars, extensions or plug-ins get installed without your knowledge or consent and change your default search engine to Yahoo.

                                                                                  Check your add-ons and uninstall anything suspicious you don’t recognize. You should disable or uninstall any add-ons that have access to change search settings.

                                                                                  Reset your browser settings

                                                                                  Resetting your browser to its default settings is an easy way to get rid of the Yahoo Search virus.

                                                                                      • In Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced > Reset & Clear.

                                                                                        • In Firefox, go to Options/Preferences > Advanced > Reset.

                                                                                          • In Edge, go to Settings & More > View advanced settings > Choose what to clear > Reset settings. Select “Reset Search Engines” and any other search or toolbar options.

                                                                                        Scan for malware

                                                                                        Malware such as browser hijackers can also change your search engine without permission. Run a scan with your antivirus program to check for any infections.

                                                                                        You can also use a free tool like Malware bytes to scan for threats that your antivirus may have missed. Remove anything found and then reset your browser as described above.

                                                                                        Check your DNS settings

                                                                                        Your DNS or “domain name server” settings can sometimes be changed by software such as browser hijackers to redirect your search engine queries to Yahoo.

                                                                                        You will need to check your Wi-Fi router and each network adapter on your computer. See your device manual for how to access the DNS settings.

                                                                                        Make sure they are set to automatically obtain DNS server addresses. If any custom DNS addresses have been entered, remove them.

                                                                                        Uninstall Yahoo browser extensions

                                                                                        If any Yahoo browser extensions, add-ons, or apps are installed, uninstall them.

                                                                                        They may have been added without your consent and may be manipulating your search engine preferences.

                                                                                        Delete them from your web browser and you may need to reboot your computer to completely uninstall them.

                                                                                        By combining the above steps, you will be able to eliminate Yahoo Search virus from your computer and choose whatever search engine you prefer as default.

                                                                                        What are the reasons behind yahoo search pop-up on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox?

                                                                                        Have you ever been browsing the web on Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and suddenly seen a Yahoo Search pop-up?

                                                                                        This can be a frustrating and confusing experience. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind why Yahoo Search may appear on these browsers.

                                                                                        Malware: – Malware is one of the main reasons for this issue. If your PC or MacBook is infected with malware, you may experience these problems.

                                                                                        Unwanted Changes: – If a user shares their PC with colleagues or classmates, it is possible that someone may have changed the default settings of Google Chrome and selected Yahoo as the search engine.

                                                                                        Random App installation: – If a user installs random apps using multiple web browsers, Potentially Unwanted Applications may gain access to the device and change browser settings.

                                                                                        Browser Extension: –Browser extensions can add valuable features to your workflow, but they can also malfunction. If your system automatically installs extensions, this may be the reason for the Yahoo Search pop-up.


                                                                                        Are you looking to get rid of Yahoo Search? Tired of seeing unwanted Yahoo Search pop-ups when browsing the web? You’re not alone.

                                                                                        Many people find themselves stuck with Yahoo Search as their default search engine, even though they prefer to use something else.

                                                                                        But don’t worry – there is a solution. In this blog post, we’ve shown you how to easily get rid of Yahoo Search and switch to the search engine of your choice.

                                                                                        From disabling extensions to resetting Chrome, our step-by-step guide has got you covered.

                                                                                        Don’t let Yahoo Search hold you back any longer – make the switch today and enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

                                                                                        With our simple solutions, you’ll be in control of your browsing experience forever.

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                                                                                        Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

                                                                                        How do I permanently remove Yahoo search from Chrome?

                                                                                        To remove Yahoo from Chrome, click the “three dots” button, go to Settings, then Search engine. Select Google, go to Manage search engine, find Yahoo, click the three dots next to its URL and select “Remove from List

                                                                                        Why does my search engine keep changing to Yahoo?

                                                                                        If Chrome automatically redirects you to a Yahoo search page, then your PC may have been infected with malware.

                                                                                        How to disable yahoo search on Chrome?

                                                                                        To disable Yahoo search on Chrome, open Chrome and click the “three dots” icon on the top right. Go to Settings, scroll down to Search engine, and select Google from the menu.