Gmail address not found! [Quick Fix]

Have you sent an email recently, but it couldn’t be delivered due to email address not being found? The Gmail says ‘address not found’ whenever you try sending an email to a non-existing address.

Know the reasons for address not found in Gmail and fix the issue appropriately.

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What are the reasons for account not found on Gmail and how to solve them?

There are actually not many reasons for the account not being found on Gmail. In fact, there are majorly three reasons behind the problem.

You receive an email from the mail delivery subsystem whenever your email upon bouncing back and getting rejected, along with a text stating the reason.

The text displayed in our case is: Address not found. Your message wasn’t delivered to the recipient email id because the address couldn’t be found, or it is unable to receive mail.
and it looks like:

Gmail Address Not Found

The three reasons for ‘Address not found’ are as follows:

#1 Incorrect email address of the recipient

It is basically the most common reason for the problem.

Many a time, users make a spelling mistake or typing error while writing down the recipient’s email account. Be a little meticulous while noting or entering the email address. Any typo in the receiver’s email address would land your mail straight into the mail delivery subsystem.

Luckily, you can check if an email address is available before sending an email to it.

#2 The recipient email address does not exist anymore

Having previous conversations or verifying the email id from other sources confirms that there is no spelling error in the address.

If the problem exists even with the correct email, then the deletion or suspension of the account might be the reason for it.

The recipient’s email no longer existing is also one of the two reasons for the problem.

#3 Recipient’s email server is down

Gmail may also show ‘address not found’ when the receiver’s email server is down or under maintenance. Moreover, it is the other reason for the not finding Gmail address when replying.

Google servers hardly go down, so there is the least chance of this being the reason while sending an email to a Gmail or Google Account.

However, this issue is substantial while sending emails to a custom email address. It would be best to make sure the server or domain is not under maintenance or down before sending an email.

If you find out the receiver’s server is down or under maintenance, you can schedule an email for the time when you expect it to be back online.

Use the following steps to schedule an email in Gmail:

  1. Firstly sign in to your account on Gmail and click Compose button in the left pane, as shown in the below image.

  2. Enter the recipient’s email address, subject and body of the email.

  3. Instead of clicking on Send, click on the triangular arrow button beside it and then select Schedule send.

  4. Select the date and time, and to schedule the email for that particular date and time.

Note: You can see scheduled emails from the Scheduled tab in the left pane. See the picture below.

How do I know if a Gmail address is available?

Before sending an email address, you can check if an email address is available.

Check if a Gmail address is available for receiving emails using the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser and press ctrl/cmd + shift + N to open an incognito window.
  2. Open Google Account login page in the incognito window or enter the URL
  3. Instead of entering your email id, enter the email address you want to check in the Email or phone field and click next.
  4. If the email address is available to send and receive emails, it will ask for the password. If it is not, it will show Couldn’t find your google account as shown in the below image.
Gmail address not found

Note: This method works only for checking Gmail accounts.


Cross-check the email address you entered in the recipient field if the error ‘Address not found’ appears some time after sending an email.

Moreover, the solution of the three causes can resolve the problem as discussed in the article.

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Why is Gmail saying address not found when replying?
Replying to an email ensures no typing error in the email address. However , ii the problem still prevails it is so because of either suspension or deletion of the account or its server is currently down.

What is mail delivery subsystem in Gmail?
The mail delivery subsystem is a utility in Gmail that lets you know when your email is not delivered, along with an error code. It may also include a response from the recipient’s email server.

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