How to fix “Gmail Filters not Working” issue?

Have you come across the issue of your Gmail filters not working? Are you still receiving unnecessary emails in your inbox instead of your spam folder? 

Gmail filters, as we all know are quite useful when it comes to sorting out emails as per the importance. But, if the filters won’t work properly, then it would be difficult for users to differentiate between important and spam emails. 

So, if you are facing this issue, then you are heading the right way as you’ll be able to resolve this problem by sticking to this article and following the steps mentioned. 

Why my Gmail Spam Filter isn’t working?

Have you used the Gmail spam filter but still receiving 100s of spam mails in your inbox? This usually occurs when the spam filter isn’t working properly. 

There could be various reasons where your spam filter would not be working. Although, we have searched the most known 2 main reasons due to which this problem arises. We have discussed in detail below.

  1. So, the first reason having a compromised Gmail account.
  2. The second most common reason is maybe the Gmail is not syncing properly.  

Manytimes the spam folder does not work due to inccorect settings. Therefore, we would recommend you to go to Gmail settings to check that you have used filter accuretly.

How to resolve the issue of “Gmail skip the inbox filter” ?

Have you created a Gmail filter not to receive emails from a specific sender but still you are receiving their emails? This usually occurs when you have not used the filters correctly. 

For resolving the issue, follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • First, go to the “Settings” of your Gmail account and click on the“See all settings”.
Fix gmail filters not working
  • Now, click the Inbox option from the grid, choose “Default” then select “Don’t override filters” and  press “Save Changes”.


  1. Here, you will have to check for the option that says, “Override filters include important messages in the inbox that may have been filtered out”.
  2. If the settings are selected as mentioned then you will be receiving emails from the users you have used filters on.


We would like to conclude with the fact that Gmail filters often do not work due to some improper settings. Sometimes, the filters don’t work when the Gmail isn’t syncing or because of having a compromised Gmail account as mentioned in the blog. So, you need to check the issue and act on it accordingly.

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How can I edit Gmail filters?

You need to go to your Gmail settings, click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses”, and then edit the filter you want.

What is the role of a Gmail spam filter?

The Gmail spam filter usually filters your emails by sending some mails into your spam folder which it considers unnecessary.

How can I stop my emails from going into the spam folder?

You can enable the spam filter in Gmail and add a particular email address you don’t want to see in your spam folder.

Why does Gmail have filters?

Gmail has different kinds of filters that let you segregate your emails as important and not so important ones.

Can I fix Gmail filters not working using settings?

Yes, you can resolve the issue by clicking Settings>See all settings>Inbox>Don’t override filters> Save Changes.