How to fix “Gmail virus scanner temporarily unavailable” issue?

Gmail virus scanner offered by Google is one of the prime features of Gmail; this feature is helping users to avoid getting caught in the risk of phishing and malware.

Although, sometimes users complain of the unavailability in the service as it is a temporary issue and can be resolved in no time.

However, if you are looking for ways to troubleshoot or want to enhance security then following the blog will help you in performing the easiest steps.

Solution to fix Gmail virus scanner

There are six solutions that you can follow to resolve Gmail virus scanner temporarily unavailable” issue.

  • Use different browser
  • Reset customize settings
  • Enable Java script
  • Remove Unwanted Program
  • Edit Registry
  • Anti-virus

We have provided a detailed summary of all the key points below.

Use different browser

Fix Gmail virus scanner

Using a different browser can help you in detecting the issue at first place as most of the issues are temporary and gets automatically fixed. However if you are having trouble, you need to use a different browser to check if the issue is still occurring on the alternate browser as well. 

We recommend you to use Microsoft Edge and Opera. Both browsers are compatible and secure for surfing and using Google services.

Reset customize settings

If settings are changed from default it is a possibility that you are facing the issue. So, it is important that all settings should be reset to their default settings.

To reset customize settings to their original default value, follow the below guidelines.

  •  Open the Chrome browser, input the command mentioned below, click on the Reset option, and confirm it.

Command: chrome://settings/reset

Reset Google Chrome

Enable Javascript

JavaScript is an important  part of web-development. If it is disabled on your browser then enable it by following the graphical representation using the below mentioned command.

  • Enter the command on Chrome browser chrome://settings/content/javascriptand then click on the Sites can use Javascript.
Steps to enable javascript

Remove Unwanted Program

Most of the time temporary issues also arise from unwanted programs. You might have heard about Yahoo hijacker or Yahoo-powered which also gets installed from unwanted program. Thus, it is possible that any unwanted program may prevent Gmail virus scanner from performing the tasks.

To remove unwanted programs, you will have to follow two mentioned steps.

  1. Google Chrome Clean up tool

Google Chrome Clean up tools is a feature of Google that help users to find the suspicious and unwanted program on their system.

Follow the below steps to find the unwanted program:-

  • Open and input the command on your Chrome browser and tap Clean up computer in the next screen.

Command:- chrome://settings/reset.

Quickfixes for Google Performance (4)
  • Click on the Find option.
Quickfixes for Google Performance (2)

Once you have followed the above steps and found a suspicious program. Follow the Control panel steps to remove the unwanted program mentioned below.

2. From Control Panel

  • Use keyboard press Windows + R.
  • Type Control panel, and click OK.
Use control panel to remove unwanted program (2)
  • Click Program and Feature.
Use control panel to remove unwanted program (3)
  • Right-click on the unwanted program, click uninstall.
Use control panel to remove unwanted program (4)

Edit Registry 

There are options to accelerate the virus detector feature in Windows. You can easily follow the below graphical representation mentioned here.

  • Use keyboard press Windows + R.
Fix Gmail Virus scanner
  • Type, “regedit” press “Ok”.
Fix Gmail virus scanner issue (2)
  • Click on View and then address bar option available on the screen.
Fix Gmail virus scanner issue (3)
  • Enter the command into the address bar.


  • Now, right-click on the “ScanwithAntivirus” file and click “Modify”.
Fix Gmail virus scanner issue (4)
  • Set Value data from 3 to 1 and click on the Ok button.
Fix Gmail virus scanner issue (1)

Note: We recommend following the same steps as indicated in the graphical representation. In case you missed or selected another file to edit. It may create a severe problem on Windows OS.


Anti virus

To enhance virus protection on Gmail, you can use third-party antivirus programs available on the internet. Before installing third-party anti-virus, check Windows preinstalled antivirus.

Please check on preinstalled Windows antivirus and threat protection feature; if it is disable then kindly enable it.

Wrapping up: – We have listed the solution with graphical presentations, which will assurely help you in resolving the “Gmail virus scanner” issue.

Moreover, we have also answered some of the frequently asked questions on the internet relevant to the issue. You can refer below for more information.

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How to fix Gmail virus detector issue on Android/iOS? 

To fix the issue, you can try universal troubleshooting steps like restarting and rebooting your device; moreover, you can also uninstall unwanted applications or opt to reset your device after taking backup.

Does Gmail scan each email for virus?

Yes, Gmail scans each email for virus if Gmail finds any malicious or suspicious link it warns the user before sending or receiving email.

How to fix Gmail virus scanner issue?

To fix a gmail virus scanner on PC; you can set up antivirus or edit the Windows registry for a permanent solution.

Does Gmail carry virus?

No, Gmail does not carry virus; Gmail warns the user when it detects any malicious attachment in the email.

How to scan Gmail for virus on PC?

If your Gmail scanner is not working, then you can detect and remove the virus of the email using third-party website

How to check if the attached file has a virus on Gmail? 

While attaching the file, if the error message is prompt, you can click on the help option to learn why the file is blocked.

How does Gmail virus scans the outgoing Gmail messages? 

Gmail has the capacity to detect the virus or a prohibited files type. The detection works before the file is sent and if Gmail detects an error the message is prompted on screen. 

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