All About Google Voice Number-Activate|Delete|Edit

Google, as we all know, has a wide range of products and services. Google voice number is a UCAS (unified communication as a service) feature in Google’s services. Launched on March 11, 2009, for both personal and business usage. It allows you to make international calls at a low cost so that you can manage your calls from anywhere.

As of now, It works only in the US and Canada or for some local and international calls throughout these two countries. Google is planning to launch the same for other countries in the world, till now a confirmed time period has not been announced yet. So, If you want to shift your calling to a single worldwide number you can opt for Google Voice. This can sync your communication on all your devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile phone or PC.

How to get a Google Voice Number on PC?

Follow below mentioned image based pointers to set up a google voice on your PC:

1. Open any browser and type and sign in over there.

google voice number

2. After signing click on the option on the left bottom showing “Get a number”.

google voice number

3. Now search by city or area code to choose your google voice number.

4. Now you will see the list of available numbers in the selected area, you can choose any number you like.

5. After selecting a number, now click on “Verify”.

6. Now, fill in the selected phone number and click on “Send code“. Because Google will send you a six-digit OTP to verify your number.

7. Fill in the OTP and click on “Verify”.

8. At last click on the finish option.

That’s how you can apply for google voice on your pc. Google Voice provides some very meaningful services in the communication sector.

How to delete a Google Voice Number?

Just go through these ethical steps to delete your voice number on Google:

1. Open, and sign in with that same google account from which you are registered.

delete google voice number

2. Once logged in click on settings option at top right corner.

delete google voice number

3. Then click on the account at the top left corner.
4. In “Google Voice number“, find the number you wanted to delete.
5. Click click on “Delete“.

How can I change my Google Voice number?

As per the guidelines you will not be able to get a new number but you can reclaim your current or old voice number. For this, you will have to use a different mobile phone to vary your account. Because you cannot reclaim your current number from the same mobile phone you have verified from. So, to reclaim your old google voice number you can follow these steps underneath.

1. Go to and Sign in with your old google account.

google voice number

2. To the upper right corner, click on “Settings”.

3. Then click on “Account” at the top left corner.

4. A message will be visible on your screen showing “You don’t have a Google Voice number“.
5. Simply click on an option below he same as “Get a number“.

6. Then find by city or area code and select the particular number you want to reclaim.

7. At last to verify your number just follow the instructions visible on your screen.

NOTE- You can only reclaim your old number within 45 days of deleting the same.

Huge number of users are using Google Voice regularly because it keeps you in touch with your friends and colleagues easily from a single number.

However some users found that their Google Voice started showing some errors and then they didn’t know what to do, how to find a solution or resolve them instantly. Also having some queries about this Google Voice Services. So, here is another most searched query with some FAQs.

Why is my Google Voice not working?

A very huge number of people started facing some issues while using their Google Voice numbers and most common issues are:

  • User’s cannot sign in their account.
  • Sone of the user’s are not able to listen to incoming calls.
  • Also user’s cannot make phone calls through Google Voice, and much more.

So, here are some troubleshoot methods that you can follow to resolve Google Voice not working issue:

  • Make sure your Google Voice app or web version is up to date.
  • Your internet connection should be very strong.
  • Clear your browser cookies and caches because it occupies too much space.
  • Make sure your browser is supported by Voice. E.g. – Firefox, edge, chrome or safari.
  • If you are having too many voicemails or recordings, erase them and refresh your browser or app.
  • Run an antivirus to clear any kind of malware or virus.

Follow the above pointers to make sure your Google Voice works trouble free.

What are the benefits of using Google Voice?

There are multiple advantages of using Google Voice over traditional calling. Few of the many benefits of using Google Voice are:

  1. Syncing with all your devices
    You can sink calls, texts, and other correspondence data on Google Voice by logging into Google Voice with the same account on all your devices.
  2. Context
    Voice App tries to give as much context possible when you send or receive calls. The context is mostly based on latest text conversation, voice call.
  3. Minimizes interruptions
    Spam calls automatically get filtered out in the app. It identifies and moves spam calls into a spam folder even before your phone rings.
  4. Transcription of Voicemails
    With Google’s speech recognition, your voice mails get transcriptions that are quite accurate.
  5. Easy to manage
    Voice numbers are easy to manage. You issue a phone number to a new employee or migrate an old number online within minutes.


Our information will help you in getting your own Google voice number easily. You have to just follow the mentioned steps as listed. After following the steps with graphical visuals it is easy for anyone to activate his own Google voice number instantly and also can troubleshoot the same.

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For what google voice number is used?

It can be used for placing and receiving calls anywhere in the world. Also, you can configure your incoming calls from any other device. It could be a wonderful tool to manage your business.

Is it important to get a virtual number from third-party websites to get a google voice number?

No. It’s not essential to purchase any virtual number from other websites. All you have to get a voice number is you should have an existing US-based number. But intentionally if you want to get a voice number only through a virtual number then you can.

Do we have any other platform through which we can use Google voice easily apart from the web and app-based platforms?

Mainly there are two genuine ways to use Google voice but If you want to use voice with another platform then yes you can use voice with your telephone connected with your broadband.

Is there any age limit to use Google voice or not?

No. There is no age limit to use Google voice. But yes you should use it wisely. This is a tool to manage your multiple incoming calls personally as well as for business purposes.

Is there a monthly fee for Google Voice?

Yes Google has fixed subscription rates for the type of license you are using. You can see your bill in Google Admin Console