How to reset Google Chrome? | Easy Method

If your google chrome has got some snag and you can’t figure out any feasible solution of it, then you can reset it to troubleshoot the problem.

Continue reading this article to know the easy ways to reset chrome on all devices.

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How to reset Google Chrome on Windows?

Follow these steps to reset chrome on your Windows PC:

  1. Firstly, open Google Chrome and click on the options menu as shown in the image below.

  2. Subsequently, from the options menu, select Settings.

  3. Click the Advanced pin-down menu in the left

  4. Scroll down and click Reset and clean up.

  5. As shown below in the image, click Restore settings to their original defaults option.

  6. In the confirmation pop-up window, click Reset Settings.

  7. Then the Chrome will start with default settings.

How to reset Google Chrome on Mac, Linux and Chromebook?

Follow these steps to reset Chrome on Mac, Linux and Chromebook PCs:

  1. Firstly ,open the options menu and click Settings.
    Reset Chrome Mac

  2. After that, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click Advanced.
    Reset Chrome Mac

  3. Scroll to the bottom now and click Reset settings to their original defaults.
    Reset Chrome Mac

  4. Lastly, confirmation window will pop-up, click Reset Settings.
    Reset Chrome Mac

  5. Finally Chrome will start afresh with default settings.

How to reset Google Chrome on iPhone & iPad?

Follow these steps to reset Chrome on iOS devices (iPhone & iPad):

  1. Firstly, open the Options menu in Chrome shown as three dots in the below picture and select Settings.
    Reset Chrome iOS

  2. In the settings, go to Privacy.
    Reset Chrome iOS

  3. Then tap Clear Browsing Data at the top as shown in the below image.

  4. Select the data you want to clear and subsequently tap Clear Browsing Data positioned at the bottom in red coloured text.

  5. Finally you will see that chrome will start with default settings.

How to reset Google Chrome on Android?

Follow these steps to reset Chrome on Android:

  1. Firstly, open phone settings and go to Apps.
    Reset Chrome Android

  2. From the list of Apps, scroll to find and tap Chrome.

  3. Tap Clear data.
    Reset Chrome Android

  4. Then select Manage Space.

  5. Lastly select CLEAR ALL DATA to reset Chrome to default.

    Note: This method to reset Chrome browser in Android varies from device to device.


Resetting Google Chrome will clear all the setting you have made within the app. However, you can keep your bookmarks and saved passwords intact while resetting.

After reading this article, you can easily reset Google Chrome on any device but if facing any concerns connect with Google customer care representatives.


What happens when you reset Chrome?
When you reset Google Chrome, all your homepage, extensions and search engine settings get restored to default. Also, you can keep your bookmarks and saved passwords intact even after a reset.

How do I go back to old chrome on Android?
To go back to old chrome, you have to uninstall updates of Chrome. To do so, go phone settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Chrome > Uninstall Updates.

How can I clear Chrome cache on iPad?
To clear Chrome cache in iPad or any iOS device, go to Chrome App > Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data. Now mark the checkbox against cached images and files and tap Clear Browsing Data.

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