Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On | Solution Guide

You might had a good experience while using the Kindle fire. However, if it won’t turn on now, there are few things you can try before turning to a technician. Other than saving some bucks, it can help you understand the actual problem and fix it suitably.

If you are using Kindle fire 7, 10 or any other generation that won’t switch on then kindly follow the ways in this article to fix the same.

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What is the correct way to turn on Kindle Fire?

If your Kindle fire won’t turn on even when plugged in before anything else, you need to know the correct way to turn on Kindle Fire.

Users over the internet suggest that you need to press the power button on Kindle for long 40 seconds if it won’t turn on. However the correct way to turn on Kindle fire is to press and hold the power button for as short as 2 seconds in order to turn on the Kindle Fire tab.

Whereas, pressing power and volume up button simultaneously will open the Android recovery menu.

Is your Kindle getting sufficient power?

Insufficient power is the most frequent reason for which users’ Kindle Fire does not turn on.

If the battery has not been charged in a while or you have replaced with an unauthorized low power output battery. Chances are that you can fix the problem simply by charging the battery or changing it with a compatible one.

Before changing the battery, you should check the power rating of the battery. The battery’s rating must match with the device’s requirement.

However, if the problem persists, you need to change the way you charge your device.

How to charge Kindle Fire the right way?

Incompatible chargers may show ‘Charging’ while you connect it with your Kindle tablet but don’t increase the battery level.

Kindle Fire Won't Turn On

You should charge the device using a wall charger than using a USB port with laptops and computers.

Make sure the charging adapter has the power rating that is suitable for your device.

Is charger connecting properly?

Charging ports in electronic devices are fragile. Using the device while charging (which is quite common for e-book readers such as Kindle) damages the charging port and makes it loose.

If the tablet is not charging, try adjusting the charging cable slightly back-forth, right-left, and up-down inside the charging jack. When you find the right position for charging, you can try temporary ways to keep it placed like that all the while device is charging.

One way to hold the charging cable temporarily at the right place is using a rubber band.

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Are software and settings preventing turn on?

Some users complain that their Kindle fire won’t boot past logo. If that is the case with you, we have the solution of it.

Firstly, the reason for Kindle fire not booting up past logo is some software and settings preventing it to turn on. Every time you turn on your Kindle, it loads all the installed apps, softwares and preset settings for smoother experience while using it. Often, these items get damaged or corrupted and do not load up on the device. Because of which, your Kindle is taking too much time in booting up or not booting up at all after the logo appears.

Kindle Fire Won't Turn On

You can fix this issue by resetting the device without actually turning it on from the Android recovery menu. Press and hold the power and volume up button simultaneously when the device is off until Android recovery menu opens. Use the volume keys to move up and down and power key to select wipe data/ factory reset.

Note: A factory reset would delete all the data on your Kindle Fire. However, you can recover the data if you have a cloud backup.

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Isn’t there any internal hardware damage?

Even if the device looks in good condition from the outside, there might be some damage in internal hardware because of which your Kindle Fire won’t turn on.

Kindle Fire Won't Turn On

Battery, display, and connection damages won’t let you even turn on your device.

Damaged display is also the reason for which your Kindle fire won’t turn on but makes sound.

Is it time to turn up to Kindle Fire Customer Service? 

If none of the above methods could fix the problem, consequently the last resort is to reach out customer service. If you tablet is under warranty, you can get it repaired from an authorized service center with no charges.

You can download a copy of the invoice and opt for customer support from Your Account section after logging in on

However, if the warranty period has ended, you have to pay for the repair cost. You can reach out to either authorized or unauthorized (third party) service center for the repair.


This article covers various ways to troubleshoot Kindle Fire tablet that is not turning on. These problems should not worsen the situation. Moreover, it would save you the trouble of reaching out a technician along with some bucks. At the end, if none of these work, you can always reach out Amazon Customer Service or third party service centers.

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Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Why my Kindle Fire don’t turn on?
Your Kindle fire might not be turning on because of insufficient power or charging; or damaged files or hardware.

Why does Kindle Fire won’t turn on even when it is plugged in?
Your charger’s power output may not be sufficient to charge your device or charging cord may be loose in the port because of which it is not turning on even when it is plugged in.

Why does not my Kindle Fire turn on but makes sound?
If your Kindle Fire is not turning on but making sound, the reason behind must be damaged screen or screen connectors inside the device.

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