Is Outlook Express for Windows 10 still available ?

Sorry to inform you that Outlook express service has been terminated from its parental organization Microsoft; so, there is no option to use Outlook Express on Windows 10.

However, we have gather crucial information on solutions and substitutes that will help you to get Outlook express features on Windows 10 mentioned below:

  1. Virtual Machine
  2. OE Classic 
  3. Use Zinstall
  4. Different Email Client 

Virtual Machine

How to download Outlook express for windows 10 (3)

Initially when Microsoft announced the launch date of Windows 8, for those who didn’t wanted to upgrade or buy new device. It was recommended on forums and comments to stick to Windows XP or Windows 7 for using older compatible software such as Outlook Express.

However with the use of virtual machine you can easily install the older OS and use your preferred email client.

OE Classic

How to download Outlook express for windows 10 (1)

OE Classic run parallel to Outlook express Classic. However, this is a similar service like Outlook Express but it was not design by Microsoft Organization. 

It provides similar features like Outlook express. Although, the service will cost you about $25-30 for a single user.

Use Zinstall

Use zinsatll for Outlook express

Zinstall is an installer that help users to use incompatible applications on the latest Operating System. Moreover, Zinstall does not compress system settings or slow application performance.

However, to use the installer, you need to have two different devices i.e a pc and a laptop both.

Different Email Clients

Use third party application

You can also opt for different email clients like Thunderbird, emClient, Microsoft outlook, Mailbird and other popular email hosting companies. These email client services provide you attractive features similar to Outlook Express. 

Moreover, you can use these services on your default browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox) and use applications on any device since these email client services are compatible and available in various versions.

Wrapping Up:- We have mentioned some of the best alternate solutions to help you access the Outlook express features on Windows 10 as officially Outlook express was discontinue back in April 2014.


Does Windows 10 come with Outlook express?

No, Microsoft Organization discontinued Outlook express services in April 2014; moreover, it was available for Windows XP and Windows 7 OS.

Can I get a backup of Outlook express?

Yes, you can get a backup of your mail and other relevant data using third-party tools available on the internet.

How to move Outlook express mail to

The user can migrate Outlook express data to using the Get Mail Migration add-on available on Microsoft’s official website.

Which is the best alternative to Outlook Express for Windows 10?

Experts recommend using third-party email client services like ThunderBird, MailBird, emClient.

How to install Outlook Express on Windows 10 for free?

Sorry, you cannot install Outlook express as it has been discontinued from the Microsoft, however, you can use the OE Classic service, a clone service of Outlook express and cost about $25-30 for a user.