Outlook not connecting to server ( Problem Solved)

Outlook not connecting to server can be fixed by performing the mentioned solutions. As Outlook is the most preferred email service provider among the Global experts and have more than 400 million active users as per recent reports. 

Due to high-usage, server incompetency or server outage creates issue sometimes; moreover issues also arise due to faulty system connection and settings. We have updated the most possible factors and solutions of Outlook not connecting to the server in this blog.

Let’s dive into the plethora of solutions.

  1. Check for Internet Connection
  2. Enable Outlook Connection
  3. Check for Outlook Update
  4. Restart your device
  5. Create a new Profile
  6. Remove Add-ins
  7. Reinstall MS Outlook 

Detailed information of all the above pointers is mentioned below.

Check for internet connection 

Initially, you should not worry on fixing the issue by trying technical solution instead you should calmly check your internet connection and internet speed. Most of the time issues disappear by connecting to a stable internet connection; therefore, check for the internet connection by following guidelines below.

  • Open your web browser, type “internet speed test”, click “Run Speed Test” and perform the test by following the prompt. This test will display the speed result.
steps to run internet speed test

If you are not getting accurate speed, you can ask your Internet service provider for assistance and try boosting your internet connection. However if you have a stable connection, then follow the below solutions to fix the issue.

Enable Outlook Connection 

Enabling Outlook connection is mandatory task to do before proceeding with any other solution. So, please check your Outlook connection; if you did not enable it before, please enable it.

To Enable or disable Outlook connection, follow the below graphical representation.

  • Open the Outlook application and check for “Work Offline option. If it is Offline, turn it On.
Auxiliary 1 (1)

Check for Outlook Update

Updating systems is one of the perfect solutions for any problem you are facing. Moreover, it is considered that a new update always comes with more features and secured aspects.

So, it is better to check for Outlook updates before performing other solutions listed here.

To update, check for Outlook follow the below guidelines.

  • Open the Outlook application and click File.
Auxiliary 1 (2)
  • Now, click on “Office Account” and on “Update Options, finally click on Update Now“. If you have not updated before.
Auxiliary 1 (3)

Restart your device

Steps to restart your device

Sometimes issues disappear by restoring the system to default settings i.e in the previous mode in case you did not try restarting your device to fix the issue yourself. Do restart your system; we hope this would work for you as it is a Universal solution and preferred solution among the industry experts.

Create a new Profile

Are you facing any issue from operating Outlook? To fix the issue and reconnect again to the server, you can create a new profile. Follow steps below:

  • Go to the search bar of Windows and type “Control Panel”. 
Steps to fix Outlook not connecting to server (1)
  • On the Control Panel page, click the “User Accounts.”
Steps to fix Outlook not connecting to server (2)
  • Now, click on the “Mail 32-bit” option then click on the “Show Profiles…” on the prompt box.
Steps to fix Outlook not connecting to server (3)
  • Now, click on the “Add” option, type your “Profile name” in the box and  click “OK”.
Steps to fix Outlook not connecting to server (4)
  • Enter your name, email account, password, re-type password, and tap on the “Next”. 
Steps to fix Outlook not connecting to server (5)
  • Now, click the “Next” option and follow the directions on your screen.
Steps to fix Outlook not connecting to server (6)

Remove Add-ins

Add-ins are helpful elements that help users to create emails and much more. Although, it is not a direct part of Microsoft Outlook but a third-party innovation and efforts that are associated with Microsoft Outlook to give you best mailing experience. 

However, these add-ins sometimes create problems; therefore, Microsoft Outlook experts recommend users to remove add-ins for a while to resolve their issues.

In this case, add-ins can be a factor; thus, you should try connecting to Outlook platform after removing add-ins.

  • Navigate to the Outlook application on your system and go to Files>Help>Check for Updates.
Auxiliary 1 (5)
  • Select the “Add-insoption then click on “Microsoft Exchange Add-in”. Now choose “Disable” from the drop-down menu, and click the OK button.
Auxiliary 1 (7)

Reinstall MS Outlook 

Outlook application (AM)

If you are still unable to connect to the Outlook server after following the above solutions, then we would recommend you to repair or reinstall Microsoft Outlook program as it may have problem itself that can only be resolved by reinstalling Microsoft Outlook.

The process will be performed in two phases. In the first phase you have to uninstall Microsoft package using the Control Panel. In the second part, you will have to reinstall the package from CD, Drive, Cloud.


With the help of the following information, one can easily connect to Outlook and exchange server. Moreover, we have also answered frequently asked questions that would help you in the case.

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Can I repair Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, you can repair Microsoft Outlook follow the steps provided below.
Open Control Panel>Programs and Features>Microsoft Office > Change>Select Repair>Click Continue.

Why this message appears “You cannot connect to Outlook server”?

This error appears when the user is not connected to Outlook server or working in Offline mode available on Outlook.

How can I connect on Outlook server manually?

To fix the issue, you can try solutions listed below.
Remove add-ins, creating a new profile, repair Outlook files, repair Outlook program. 

Why Outlook not connecting to the exchange server?

There are many factors, which prevent your system from connecting to the exchange server. If you have not customized your Protocol and settings, then it can restore in a while.

Why Outlook not connecting after password-change?

If you are not able to connect on outlook server after changing the password, it may be due to the fact that password has not been updated. To resolve the issue you need to clear old credentials using Windows Central manager.

How can I boost Outlook performance?

You can increase Outlook performance by clearing cache, removing add-ins, updating the program and repairing supported files.