Recall message Yahoo mail [Explained]

Often users make typos and other mistakes while writing emails that they want to correct later. One can recall a message sent by Yahoo mail, Outlook, Gmail, etc., by taking timely action.

By recalling an email, you can edit the contents and recipients of it or delete it from their inbox.

However, you can recall emails in certain conditions only, so we recommend you to be careful while sending one.

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Can you recall a message in Yahoo Mail ?

The answer is ‘yes, you can!’ However, there is a catch.

You can edit or delete sent emails only within a few seconds of sending it that too from the Yahoo Mail mobile app.

Both Android and iOS versions of the Yahoo Mail app let you undo sent emails within two seconds of sending.

Moreover, you cannot recall a message from the Yahoo Mail website on either mobile, laptop, or desktop.

The undo option can be a life saver if you have missed out on an attachment or made some mistake(s) in drafting the email.

How to recall an email in Yahoo mail?

The method to recall an email in Yahoo is much similar to what we see on Gmail.

You can delete a Yahoo email sent to the wrong person from the mobile app within two seconds. You can get back the sent email into the drafts folder by pressing the Undo button just after sending it.

The ‘Undo’ option appears only in the mobile app unless you have disabled it.

Use the following steps to unsend and edit a sent email in Yahoo:

  1. As soon as you click send for an email in the Yahoo Mail app, the ‘sending’ message will appear at the bottom. Tap the Undo button quickly before it disappears.
    Recall message in yahoo mail

  2. The unsent email will now be converted into drafts. To edit or delete it, open the Inbox categories tab from the bottom left.
    Recall message in yahoo mail

  3. Then select Drafts.

  4. There you will find the unsent email. From there you can delete or edit the email and send it again.

If you don’t see the Undo button after sending an email. Make sure it is not disabled in the settings.

Use the following settings to enable Undo button for unsend emails in the Yahoo mail app:

  1. Firstly open the Yahoo Mail app on your mobile phone and open the Profile tab shown at the top left.

  2. Then tap Settings.

  3. Finally scroll down and enable the Allow undo send toggle button.

If you often make mistakes sending emails, maybe you should try Outlook for Windows.

Outlook for Windows is a little more lenient when it comes to un-sending emails.

How to recall messages in Outlook?

You can recall Outlook emails sent to Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 servers as long as you are on the same server. Of course, being on the same server is the first thing you should have.

Use the following steps to recall a message in Outlook:

  1. Firstly open Outlook on your desktop.

  2. Then go to the Sent Items folder and double click on the email you want to recall.
    Recall message in yahoo mail

  3. Click on the More actions or Actions button as shown in the below image the select Recall this message.

  4. Select either you want to only delete the message or also want to replace or edit it. Tick the Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient then click Ok.
    Recall message in yahoo mail

  5. Subsequently the recall status will appear at the top of email body.
    Recall message in yahoo mail

How to undo send any email?

Many email clients let you undo sending emails within a few seconds of pressing the ‘Send’ button.

You will see an ‘undo send’ button just after sending an email. This feature is available in Gmail for web, Gmail for mobile, Outlook for mobile, etc.


Recalling an email is a life-saving feature. Yahoo email having the feature to recall even old emails would have been amazing. In place of that, you can undo sending an email from the Yahoo Mail app for Android & iOS.

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Can you recall an email sent from Outlook to Yahoo?
Since Outlook and Yahoo have different servers, you cannot recall an email sent from Outlook to Yahoo. Contrastingly, you can unsend or undo an email sent from Yahoo to Outlook till the email is not transferred to Outlook servers.

How to delete Yahoo email sent to wrong person?
You can undo the send within 2 seconds and change the recipient from the drafts. However, you cannot delete a Yahoo email that is sent more than 2 seconds ago from Yahoo mail.

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