How to Recall an Email in Yahoo: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever sent an email by mistake and wish you could recall the same ? You must be wondering how to recall an email in Yahoo ?

In Yahoo Mail mobile app for Android or iOS, there is an unsend feature that allows you to recall an email within two seconds of sending it.

In this guide, we’ll show you steps on how to recall an email in Yahoo.

How to recall an Email in Yahoo ?

In this section, we will show you how to recall Yahoo mail from mobile, so you can take back control and fix any email blunders.

The method to recall Yahoo mail is much similar to what we see on Gmail.

Follow the below mentioned step to recall Yahoo mail from mobile:

  • After you click “Send” in the Yahoo Mail app, a “Sending” message will appear at the bottom of the screen. You have two seconds to tap the “Undo” button before it disappears.

Recall message in yahoo mail

  • The unsent email will now be converted into drafts. To edit or delete it, open the Inbox categories tab from the bottom left.

Recall message in yahoo mail

  • Then select Drafts.

  • There you will find the unsent email. From there, you can delete or edit the email and resend it.

If you don’t see the Undo button after sending an email. Make sure it is not disabled in the settings.

Use the following settings to enable Undo button for unsend emails in the Yahoo mail app:

  • Firstly open the Yahoo Mail app on your mobile phone and open the Profile tab shown at the top left.

  • Then tap Settings.

  • Finally scroll down and enable the Allow undo send toggle button.

How to recall an Yahoo Email on iPhone ?

If you’ve linked your Yahoo account on the Apple Mail app of your iPhone, you can take advantage of the Recall feature in Apple Mail to unsend emails sent through your Yahoo account.

With the release of iOS 16, Apple has introduced an Undo Send button that appears at the bottom of the message screen for 10 seconds after sending a message using the Apple Mail app.

In case you realize you made a mistake or want to make changes to the email, you can tap on the Undo Send button within 10 seconds.

As a result, this will remove the message from your Outbox and change its status back to Draft.

From there, you can then make any necessary changes to the email and resend it, or you can choose to cancel it entirely.

Alternatively, you can exit the app and come back to the draft message later.

What are the alternate options to unsend Yahoo Email?

After you’ve sent an email, it may seem like there’s no way to get it back. However don’t worry, with the help of some third party apps you can recall Yahoo mail.

To do this follow the steps mentioned below:

Unsend with Mailbird

Mailbird is a popular email client that works with Yahoo Mail. It has a feature called “Unsend” which allows you to recall an email up to 10 seconds after you send it.

Simply click “Unsend” next to the message and it will be recalled from the recipient’s inbox.

However, the problem is that the recipient has to be using Mailbird as well for this to work.

Unsend with Spike

Spike is an alternative to Mailbird that allows you to consolidate your mailboxes from multiple email clients into one place.

To get started, head over to the Spike website and sign up for an account. Once your account is set up, you can use Spike to send and receive email.

If you need to unsend a message with Spike, just right-click on the message or select the 3 dots next to it and choose ‘Unsend Message’.

Unsend Yahoo Email using Edison mail

Edison Mail is an email app available for iOS and Android that provides an “Unsend” feature for Yahoo Mail and other providers.

Once you’ve connected your Yahoo email to Edison Mail, you’ll have up to 30 seconds after sending a message to tap “Unsend” and recall it from the recipient’s inbox.

However, the downside is that the other person has to use Edison Mail for this to work as well.

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How to avoid incorrectly sending Emails ?

It is important to avoid sending email the wrong way. Here are some tips to help make sure your emails go to the right recipients:

Firstly, double-check the recipient’s email address:

Before pressing the send button, check carefully whether the address is typed correctly or not. If your email client doesn’t auto-check, try a manual check.

Secondly, add the recipient’s address at the end:

First type the message and add the email address and name just before sending.

This way you avoid accidentally auto-filling the wrong contact information and prevent your email from going to the wrong person.

Use Instant Messenger App:

Email continues to be a useful tool for communication. However, for daily conversations with coworkers, family, and friends, many people prefer instant messaging applications such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Telegram, or Viber.

These apps have the advantage of allowing you to delete messages even hours after sending them. Additionally, many of these apps also support sending attachments.

Fourthly, proofread for typo errors or unclear phrasing:

Go through your email once again to catch any mistakes that may have caused confusion or miscommunication.

If you write your email clearly and concisely, it is less likely to be misinterpreted or sent to the wrong person

Lastly, double check the subject line:

The subject line is the first thing the recipient sees and helps determine whether the email is for them.

Make sure the subject clearly and accurately reflects the content and purpose of your email.

Following these best practices for email communication will help reduce the chances of your email going to the wrong recipient.

With a little extra care and caution, you can avoid the hassle and embarrassment of a misdirected email.

Organizing your email system and contacts with attention to detail will make a big difference.

Let’s suppose you’ve configured your Yahoo email account on the Outlook app and accidentally sent an email that you wish to recall.

Don’t worry, it’s possible to recall the email in Outlook. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the next section.

How to recall messages in Outlook ?

In Outlook, it is possible to recall emails sent to Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 servers, provided that you are on the same server. This is the first requirement for recalling a message.

To recall a message in Outlook, follow these steps:

  • Firstly open Outlook on your desktop.
  • Then go to the Sent Items folder and double click on the email you want to recall.

Recall message in yahoo mail

  • Click on the More actions or Actions button as shown in the below image the select Recall this message.

  • Choose whether you want to delete the message or replace it with a new one. Select the option to be notified if the recall is successful or fails for each recipient, then click OK.

Recall message in yahoo mail

  • Afterwards, the email body will display the recall status at the top.

Recall message in yahoo mail

How to undo send any email?

Many email clients, including Gmail for web and mobile, as well as Outlook for mobile, offer the option to undo sending an email within a few seconds of pressing the ‘Send’ button.

After sending an email, an ‘Undo Send’ button will appear, allowing you to cancel the sending of the email.

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In conclusion, Yahoo Mail gives you the ability to recall an email after sending it.

This can be a lifesaver if you’ve made a mistake or forgotten an attachment.

In this guide, we’ve shown you step-by-step how to recall an email in Yahoo, as well as alternative options like Mailbird, Spite, and Edison Mail.

With these tools, you can rest easy knowing that you have the power to correct any email mistakes and avoid potential embarrassment.

You no longer have to worry about sending an email to the wrong person or forgetting an important attachment.

With the ability to recall an email in Yahoo, you can take control of your email communications and ensure that your messages are always accurate and professional.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Can you recall an email sent from Outlook to Yahoo?

Since Outlook and Yahoo have different servers, you cannot recall an email sent from Outlook to Yahoo. Contrastingly, you can unsend or undo an email sent from Yahoo to Outlook until the email is transferred to Outlook servers.

How to delete Yahoo email sent to wrong person?

You can undo the send within 2 seconds and change the recipient from the drafts. However, you cannot delete a Yahoo email from Yahoo Mail if it was sent more than 2 seconds ago.

Can you recall a message in Yahoo Mail ?

The Yahoo Mail mobile app allows you to undo a sent email within two seconds. This feature is not available on the Yahoo Mail website. The undo option can be useful for correcting mistakes or forgotten attachments.

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