How to fix “Sync error Gmail” manually?

Sync error Gmail can be a big issue for some users as it is a crucial component of email service that help users to access their email on all devices with backup. Although, sometimes users heckle into the “Sync error Gmail” issue, which result to not accessing their mail on time. Therefore, we have curated this article to assist users in recovering Gmail performance in error-free mode.

Before going further, Gmail sync error issue is a temporary issue and fixed easily; therefore, there are chances your problem can be resolved by performing initial solutions. 

Follow the below mentioned solution to fix Sync error in Gmail:

  • Internet connection 
  • Check Gmail’s dashboard
  • Restarting the device
  • Re-enable Sync option
  • Clear Cache 
  • Upgrade Storage
  • Update Application

A detailed information of above pointers are mentioned below.

Internet connection 

Sync feature works with stable internet connection; in your case it may be possible that you are not connected with a stable internet connection. Therefore, check your internet connection and try again.

To check your internet connection speed; open the browser, and type internet speed test and then check internet speed. (We have provided demo using Cell-phone’s graphic)

Check internte on Phone

In case you are getting low speed then try to reconnect with other accessible connections. 

Check Gmail’s dashboard

We would recommend you to check Google Service status. If there is any problem from Google’s end you cannot fix the issue yourself; however, you can wait till the issue gets resolved from Google’s end.

To check the Google service status Dashboard; you can check it using a browser or click on Dashboard.

Follow the below guideline to check status manually.

  • Open, Google or default search engine; enter Google Service Status in the search bar and see the status.
Check dashboard

If you find everything perfect on Google page; then try the listed solutions to resolve the issue.

Restarting device

Many problems of mobile and PC resolve using the restart option; therefore, you can try this solution. There is a possibility that it can fix your issue and help you in resolving Gmail sync error.

Steps to restart your device

Re-enable Sync 

If you have already checked that your Sync option is enabled; then re-enable it. As we have observed this issue can also be resolved by re-enabling the option once again.

To re-enable the Sync option; we have put up a demo below. 

  • Open Chrome browser and login your Gmail account on Google Chrome. Now, click on the Profile icon, then tap “Turn on sync” option.
Steps to fix Sync error gmail issue
  • Click “Yes, I’m in” option.
Steps to fix Sync error gmail issue

To enable Sync settings on android device; follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Search for “Settings” on your phone.
Fix Sync error in Gmail (1)
  • Now, type “Sync” in the setting search bar and click on Accounts & sync. Under the option enable the toggle button of Auto-sync data.
Fix Sync error in Gmail (2)
  • Click “OK”.
Fix Sync error in Gmail (3)

Clear Cache 

Cache is a type of burden on your system as well as browser; so, it is better to consider clearing cache  to get an error-free system. Google chrome, opera and all other browsers or applications maintains cache that can be cleared using settings.  

In this demo-session, we have covered steps of clearing cache for both browser and cell phone application.

  • Click on Menu “three vertical dots” then clickMore toolsand “Clear Browsing Data”. 
Steps to remove unwanted program on Chrome (1)
  • Now,select the time range from the last hour to “All time”, then click “Clear data and then click “Advanced”.
Steps to clear Cache data (2)
  • Follow the same procedure as performed above for time range and then scroll down the page and tick all the boxes, then tap on “Clear data”.
Steps to clear Cache data (3)

Clear cache on Android device to fix “Sync error Gmail”

Here, we have also provided steps to clear cache for android phone users.

  • Hold the application till the screen shows “App info” once, the option appears click on it.
Steps to clear Gmail cache (1)
  • Click “Clear data” and then click “Clear cache”.
Steps to clear Gmail cache (2)
  • Now,click “OK”.
Steps to clear Gmail cache (3)

Upgrade Storage

Device storage is one of the main component that plays a crucial role in running applications. You may have seen Low storage space warning on your cell phone device. If your phone is running out of space; you can upgrade the storage or delete unwanted data, application and other folders.

Gmail Sync Error

Update Application

Updating framework and applications would be a better option as it comes with upgraded features and bug fixes. Moreover, we have observed that users using the old framework from longer time, suffers from these issues. 

To update your browser follow the instructions mentioned below. Moreover, we have also provided a demo to update pre-installed applications to the latest version on Android.

Important Note:- We all know pre-installed applications gets updates automatically; however, sometime, the update gets stop due to low storage space or other related factors.

  • Open Chrome browser and input the mentioned command on the search bar and then check the status; if you have already updated your browser; then ignore.

Command:- chrome://settings/help

Update your browser to fix Sync error Gmail

Update pre installed application to fix “Sync error in Gmail”.

  • Hold the application till the screen shows  “App info” once, the option appears click on it.
Steps to clear Gmail cache (1)
  • Click “Uninstall updates” then “OK”.
Steps to uninstall update (3)

To Update pre installed application on Android device

  • Open Play store, type Gmail and click on the Update button.
Steps to check gmail update


Following the blog, you can resolve the “Sync error Gmail” issue; moreover, we would like to inform you that this is a temporary issue which also gets resolved automatically. However try following the complete steps as mentioned will solve your issue in no time.

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Why am I getting Gmail syncing mail notification?

It shows your data and mails are moving on the server that can be accessed by each logged device.

Why am I getting notication “Sync Now” on my cell phone?

The notification grants your permission to move your data or activities on the server.

Should Auto Sync on Gmail Off or ON?

Auto Sync should be enabled as it help users to access Gmail activity on all devices simultaneously.

Why is Gmail continuously syncing?

Gmail continuously Syncing was a glitch and got fixed by the backend team; still, if you are facing this problem; then update your system or force stop the application for a while.

How to fix Sync error in Gmail?

To fix “Sync error Gmail” ,restart your device, re-enable the sync option, update your browser or application.