How to unblock someone on Gmail ?

Want to unblock someone on Gmail whom you have blocked due to regular irrelevant emails or you were receiving unwanted mails.

Although, now the same sender is sending crucial mails important to you and you want to unblock the ID now.

Therefore, the information in the article has the steps that would help you in unblocking someone on Gmail; moreover you will also learn how to transfer mails in your inbox by using Gmail filters.

How to unblock someone on Gmail from inbox/spam?

One can easily unblock mail users from the inbox by performing the guideline mentioned below.

  • Open Gmail, navigate inbox or spam, wherever, you see the last mail of the person you want to unblock.
How to unblock someone on gmail (1)
  • Here, you will see an option to “Unblock sender” another “Move to inbox” hit on the “Unblock sender” option.
How to unblock someone on gmail (2)
  • Click “Unblock”.
How to unblock someone on gmail (3)

Note: You can also use an alternate way; if you are not getting the option “Unblock Sender” in the mail”. 

  • Open the mail you want to unblock, tap on the “three vertical dots” and click on  the “Unblock” option.
How to unblock someone on gmail (4)
  • Click “Unblock”.
How to unblock someone on gmail (3)

If you are not able to find mail directly from the mail Inbox/Spam then you can check the Blocked address to unblock the user.

We have mentioned the same steps in the next paragraph.

How to unblock someone on Gmail using settings?

Go through graphical representation and the guideline provided below to unblock gmail users.

  • Go to “Settings” and click “See all settings”.
alternate steps (1)
  • Click on the Filters and blocked addresses” then find mail and click “Unblock” option available on the right. Click “Unblock” once the prompt appears for asking your permission. 
alternate steps (2)

Note: To unblock multiple users at once, you can use the guideline indicated in the below graphic.

  • Select email addresses, click on the “Unblock email addresses” then click “Unblock”.
alternate steps (3)

Why am I not able to unblock an email on Gmail?

Sometimes users report about an issue that they are not able to unblock Gmail addresses after following the accurate steps.

Therefore, there is a reason that can prevent the user from unblocking someone after following the accurate steps and that’s filters. 

Yes, filters play a crucial role in bifurcating emails of your inbox and other labels. That’s why the user will have to check and edit the filter.

Steps to edit the filter are mentioned below.

  • Open Gmail, click on “Settings” then “See all settings”.
alternate steps (1)
  • Now, click “Filters and blocked addresses”  and go to the filter section click “edit”.
Edit filters (1)
  • Remove the email I’d from the filter, click “Continue”.
Edit filters (2)
  • Click “Update filter”.
Edit filters (3)

Note: You can also delete all the filters by clicking on the box, then “Delete” and “OK”. A graphical representation is attached below.

Edit filters (4)

In the next part of this blog, we are mentioning how to create a filter for receiving someone’s mail direct to your inbox.

How to receive mail directly into the inbox on Gmail?

Follow the steps to create a filter for receiving mail directly into your inbox.

  • Open Gmail, click on the Filter option available in the search bar of the Gmail as indicated in the image.
Creating a new filter (1)
  • Enter the email you want to give priority or make important for the future, click “Create filter”.
Creating a new filter (2)
  • Now, click on the “Always mark it as important” click “Create filter”.

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Wrapping up:-  

We hope the above mentioned information would assist you in learning the steps of unblocking on Gmail using different methods.

Moreover, the information also included the steps of creating a new filter for receiving mail directly to your inbox.

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Does Gmail notify the sender, if I block?

No, Google does not inform or notify the user, if you block someone.

Will the mail bounce if I block someone?

No, block mails do not bounce; although, those mails go to Spam box which is also known as Junk Mail.

How to unblock a mistakenly blocked user?

To unblock someone who has been blocked accidentally. Open his mail, click on “Unblock sender” click “Unblock. 

Where is the block list of Gmail?

Gmail’s block list available in the settings, you can check by following the steps mentioned below.
Navigate Gmail> Settings>See all settings>Filters and Blocked Addresses.

Can’t able to unblock an email ID?

This issue may occur due to filter restriction. Maybe you have blocked the email Id by creating a filter, like “Skip the inbox”.

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