Xfinity Remote Not Working? Here’s how to fix it!

Imagine you are ready to spend a relaxing evening in front of the television and anxiously await your favorite programs however your Xfinity remote not working.

You reach for it, but when you press the button, nothing happens. No matter how many times you try, the remote will not respond. Familiar?

It is a frustrating situation, but don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will explore the common reasons why your Xfinity remote might not be working and provide easy solutions to get you back to your favorite shows in no time.

We will walk you through the process of resetting your Xfinity remote, from checking the batteries to completing each step.

So, if you are tired of fumbling with an unresponsive remote, keep reading the blog and let’s get started!

How to fix your Xfinity remote ?

Is Your Xfinity Remote Giving You Trouble? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this section, we’ll show you how to fix common problems and have your remote back up in no time.

From checking the batteries to resetting the remote, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Check the Batteries

If you are having trouble with your Xfinity remote not working, the first thing you should check is the battery. Low or dead batteries can often be to blame for an unresponsive remote.

To check the batteries, simply open the back of the remote and replace them with new ones. If your Xfinity remote starts working again after replacing the batteries, you know the original batteries were dead and that was the cause of the problem.

However, if replacing the batteries doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to move on to the next solution to get your remote working again.

Check for Obstructions

Sometimes, your remote may not work because of an obstruction between it and the Xfinity box.

Look around and see if anything is blocking the signal. Common obstacles include walls, doors, furniture, and electronics. If you see any obstructions, try moving them out of the way and see if that solves the problem.

By clearing the path between your remote and the Xfinity box, you may be able to restore its functionality.

Move Closer to the Xfinity Box

Distance can sometimes be a factor when it comes to your remote not working. If you are far away from your Xfinity box, the remote may not be able to send a signal to it.

In this case, try moving closer to the box to see if that fixes the problem. A good rule of thumb is to stay within 20 feet of the box when using your remote.

However, if you’re still having trouble after getting closer, it’s time to try another solution to get your remote working again.

Troubleshoot by Pressing Each Button

If you are experiencing unresponsiveness with your Xfinity remote, it could be due to stuck buttons. Sometimes, this problem may occur when one or more buttons get physically stuck in the down position.

Press the button and look for a flashing LED light to check if it is stuck. If there is no LED light, it might indicate a jammed button.

Try pressing the stuck button a few more times to see if it gets unstuck. If the buttons remain stuck, you may need to consider getting a new Xfinity remote. For a replacement, please reach out to Xfinity support.

If the buttons do not seem to be the issue, you can proceed to explore other potential solutions.

Factory reset each common remote model from Xfinity

If your Xfinity remote isn’t working properly, a factory reset will get it back to working condition. Here are the steps to reset your specific Xfinity remote model:

For XR11, XR2, XR5 with setup buttons

Use the following step to reset XR 2, XR 5 and XR 11 remotes:

  • Firstly, find the Setup button: It is the small button on the back of the remote
  • Secondly, press and hold the SETUP button for 5 seconds until the remote light at the top turns on.
  • Lastly, release the setup button. You have now reset the remote to its factory settings.You will need to reconnect the remote to your cable box, such as Xfinity equipment, for it to work again.

For XR15 remote without setup button

Use the following steps to reset Xfinity remotes that do not have a Setup button:

  • Firstly, locate the Menu and Exit buttons on your remote.
  • Secondly, press and hold the Menu and Exit buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. Remote light must be on.


  • Lastly, release the button to reset your XR15 remote. Reconnect the remote to your Xfinity cable box or DVR to use it again.

You may need to replace your remote if none of these factory reset methods work.

But in most cases, a quick reset helps your Xfinity Clicker control your device again.

Try one of these methods – with a little luck; your remote will be back working in no time!

How to reset the XR16 voice remote?

Use the following steps to reset XR 16 voice remote with the Xfinity Flex:

  • Turn on the Flex box and the TV.
  • Remove the pull tab on the backside of the remote in order to activate it.
  • Point the remote toward the TV and press the Mic (microphone) button.
  • Subsequently, follow the on-screen instructions on your TV to complete pairing.

Check the IR blaster output

To check the IR blaster output, use your mobile camera to detect output from the IR blaster.

Point the camera towards the IR blaster and press any button on the remote.

If you see a violet or purple spot on the IR blaster on the mobile screen, the remote’s hardware is probably working.

If not, the remote may be damaged or the battery power is low. In this case, swap it at an Xfinity store or purchase a new one.

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How to reset Xfinity remote ?

If your Xfinity remote isn’t working properly, it may need to be reset. Resetting the remote will clear its memory and restore the factory default settings.

Here are the steps to reset your Xfinity remote:

  • Firstly, locate the reset button on your Xfinity remote. It’s usually a small pinhole button on the back of the remote.
  • Secondly, press and hold the Setup button at the top of the remote for 5 seconds. The button may say “Set-up” or have the universal remote control icon (three curved lines).
  • Thirdly, while holding the Setup button, press the reset button once using the end of a straightened paper clip or ballpoint pen.
  • Fourthly, release both buttons. The remote will blink twice to indicate it has reset.
  • Then, reprogram your remote to control other devices like your TV, audio equipment, and DVD player by following the on-screen menu prompts on your Xfinity cable box or TV. Alternatively, you can find manual programming instructions in your Xfinity remote user guide.
  • Lastly, if your remote still does not seem to be working properly after resetting and reprogramming, the issue could be with the remote’s batteries or there may be an equipment-related problem. Try replacing the batteries in the remote first. If that doesn’t help, contact Xfinity Support for further troubleshooting help.

Resetting and reprogramming your Xfinity remote should get it working like new again.

Be sure to write down any custom button settings you had so you can reconfigure them after the reset.

How to pair Xfinity remote to your TV ?

So your Xfinity remote has stopped working and you need to pair it with your TV again. No worries, it’s an easy solution. Here are the steps to pair your Xfinity Remote:

Firstly, turn on your TV and cable box

Make sure both your TV and Xfinity cable box are on. The remote must be powered on to locate the devices during the pairing process.

Secondly, locate the pairing button on your remote

The pairing or sync button is usually near the top of the remote. It may say “Pairing” or have a waving stick symbol.

Press and hold this button for 3 seconds until the remote light at the top starts blinking.

Thirdly, hold the remote close to your TV

You now want to hold the Xfinity remote within 3 feet of your TV while the remote key light is flashing. This helps ensure that the remote can locate the TV during the pairing process.

Next, select your TV brand on the remote

Use the arrow keys to highlight your TV brand, then press OK. If your TV brand is not listed, select “Other TV” or “My TV is not listed”.

You may then need to enter the TV code for your brand. The Xfinity website has a Help section with a list of TV codes if needed.

Lastly, test and confirm that the remote is working

Give the pairing a few seconds to complete. The light on your remote should stop blinking.

Then check whether the power, volume and channel controls are working properly with your TV.

If the remote isn’t fully functioning, you may need to repeat the steps to reconnect it. Or it could indicate a problem with the remote, so you may need to contact Xfinity support to have it replaced.

If the Xfinity remote doesn’t pair with your TV or doesn’t work properly after a few tries, it’s best to contact Xfinity for further help resolving the issue.

They can walk you through more advanced troubleshooting or send you a replacement remote if you need one.

With a little patience, your Xfinity remote will be up and running again in no time!

Resetting Xfinity Box

If your Xfinity remote continues to experience issues, attempting to reset your Xfinity box can be a final resort. This action can often resolve problems with the box and potentially fix any remote-related issues.

To reset your Xfinity box, follow these steps:

  • You will have to find the reset button on the back of the Xfinity box.
  • Once you find the same kindly press and hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds.
  • Alternatively, you can perform a remote reset of your Xfinity TV box using the “Xfinity My Account” mobile app and selecting the “long reset” option.

After the Xfinity cable box completes its restart process, try using your remote again. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to seek assistance from Xfinity support to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Contact Comcast Xfinity Support

If you have followed all the previous troubleshooting steps and your Xfinity remote still remains unresponsive, then the problem might be related to your Comcast Xfinity service. We recommend you to get in touch with Comcast customer support team.

You can reach Comcast customer support team by visiting their website. The team will be ready to assist you in resolving the issue with your Xfinity remote promptly.

Why is my Xfinity remote not working?

If you are unable to change channels, turn the TV on or off, control the volume using your Xfinity remote, or if the voice commands are not working, then your Xfinity remote may not be functioning properly.

Here are a few reasons why your Xfinity remote may not be working

Physical or hardware damage to the remote

TV remotes may appear robust and have minimal wired connections inside their body.

The entire circuitry runs on a silicon board that is safely housed in a plastic covering.

However, the remote contains some sensitive components such as an IC (Integrated Circuit), wireless (Bluetooth) module, and IR (Infrared) blaster.

Since IR waves are not visible to the human eye, you can use your mobile camera to check if the signal is reaching the IR blaster and if it is functioning properly.

Follow these steps to check if your IR blaster is working using this simple cell phone camera trick

  • Firstly, open the camera app on your cell phone and point the camera towards the remote’s IR blaster so that you can see it on your phone’s screen.
  • Secondly, press any button on your remote control. If you see a violet-colored dot on the sensor, the remote’s IR blaster and most likely its other components are functioning properly. If not, the remote control may be damaged or broken.

Drained Battery

It is obvious that the remote won’t work if its battery is drained. But how can you tell if the battery is drained or almost drained?

Conveniently, the Xfinity remote has an indicator light that can show you how much battery power is remaining.

Press any button on the remote and observe the indicator light to determine the remaining battery power.

Color of LEDNumber of flashesMeaning
Red5The battery is extremely low and needs replacement
Red1The battery is very low
Red2The battery is low
Green3Battery power is good
Green4Battery power is excellent

If the Xfinity remote control is not working and shows a red light, try replacing the batteries.

Additionally, if the light is not blinking at all, it may also be time to replace the batteries.

Improper set-up or pairing

Properly setting up the Xfinity remote is crucial for its use. If the remote is set up improperly or paired with multiple devices, it may cause issues such as the inability to change channels, control volume, or use voice commands.

To solve this problem, try pairing the remote with the TV again. Additionally, it is recommended to pair only one Xfinity remote with one TV.”

Why is my Xfinity voice remote not working ?

Your Xfinity Voice Remote is a useful feature, but sometimes it can be frustrating when it is not working properly. Here are some things to check if your Xfinity voice command is not working:

Make sure the remote is on and charged

Double-check that you have powered on your remote and that the batteries have sufficient power.

Replace or recharge the batteries and see if that fixes the problem.

If the remote isn’t turning on at all, you may need to reconnect it with your cable box.

Check that the voice command is turned on

Go to the Settings menu on your Xfinity cable box and ensure that you have enabled the ‘Voice Commands’ option.

If it’s off, turn it on and the sound functions on your remote will start working again.

Ensure that you speak with clarity and at an appropriate volume

Speak in a normal tone and articulate your words clearly when giving voice commands.

Mumbling or shouting can make it difficult for voice recognition software to understand you.

Re-pair the remote to the cable box

If the other steps don’t work, you may need to reconnect your Xfinity remote with the cable box.

Press and hold the setup button on your cable box for 3-5 seconds until the status light starts blinking.

Then press and hold the A and D buttons on your remote simultaneously until the light on the remote flashes twice.

You should now have reconnected the remote, restoring its full functionality

Why is my Xfinity remote not changing channels?

If you find that your Xfinity remote is not changing channels as expected, several potential factors might be at play.

First, check the batteries to ensure they have enough power. Weak batteries can hinder remote functionality. If the batteries are fine, try re-pairing the remote with your TV using the setup process.

Sometimes, a simple reconnection can resolve communication problems.

Additionally, ensure there are no obstructions between the remote and the cable box or TV, as this can interfere with the signal. If the issue persists, consider performing a factory reset on the remote to restore its default settings.

If none of these solutions work, reach out to Xfinity customer support for further assistance. Their experienced team will guide you through troubleshooting steps to get your remote functioning smoothly once again.

Remember, a little troubleshooting can go a long way in ensuring a seamless entertainment experience with your Xfinity remote.

Why my Xfinity remote blinking blue light?

Understanding the Blue Blinking Light on Your Xfinity Remote

If your Xfinity remote is displaying a blinking blue light, it typically indicates that the remote is in pairing mode. This means that the remote is ready to establish a connection with your TV or another compatible device.

The blinking blue light suggests that the remote is actively searching for the correct pairing code or attempting to pair with a nearby device. To successfully pair the remote, follow the setup instructions provided by Xfinity for your specific remote model.

If you have already paired your remote but still notice a blue blinking light, it might indicate that the remote is trying to re-establish its connection or encountering communication issues with the paired device.

To address this, try resetting the remote by removing the batteries for a few seconds and then reinserting them. If the issue persists, ensure there are no obstructions between the remote and the paired device, as this can interfere with the signal.

For further assistance or if the blue blinking light continues to be a concern, reach out to Xfinity customer support. Their expert team can provide tailored solutions and help resolve any technical problems you may encounter with your Xfinity remote.

How to control the Xfinity box without a remote?

It is not possible to control the multi-featured Xfinity X1 or Xfinity Flex with just a few buttons on the box.

Fortunately, you can control the device using your smartphone or tablet with the Xfinity remote app. Simply pair the Xfinity remote app with a supported box and you are ready to go.

Use the following steps to set up Xfinity TV Remote app: 

  • Firstly, download the Xfinity TV Remote app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch from the Apple App Store or on your Android mobile device from the Google Play Store.
  • Secondly, then launch the app, and tap Get Started.

  • Thirdly, sign in to your Xfinity account using the Xfinity ID and password.

  • Lastly, now tap the icon in the top left to search for the eligible TVs and subsequently pair it.

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In conclusion, there are a number of reasons why your Xfinity remote not working, but don’t worry, we have got you covered.

From checking the battery to resetting the remote, we’ve got easy solutions to get you back on your favorite shows in no time.

So, if an unresponsive remote is bothering you, follow our step-by-step guide and start enjoying your TV experience.”

Remember, with a little troubleshooting, you can easily get your Xfinity remote back up and relaxing in front of the television.

Whether it’s a simple battery replacement or a factory reset, our guide has all the information you need to get your remote back up and running.

So don’t let a faulty remote ruin your evening, follow our tips and be back enjoying your favorite shows in no time!

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Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Why voice command is not working on my Xfinity remote?

A weak Bluetooth signal between the remote and TV box may cause voice commands to not work. Try moving the Xfinity box out of the cabinet and speaking louder into the remote.

How to unpair or cancel a remote from Xfinity box?

To turn off pairing from all devices, hold the Setup or A+D buttons and enter 9-8-1. For remotes without number keys, hold Home+Info for 3 seconds, then press Power, Left arrow, and Volume down.

How to pair Xfinity remote to the Xfinity box?

Press the Setup button then the Xfinity button, or press Xfinity + info buttons together, depending on the remote model in order to get a pairing code on the TV screen. Thereafter, follow the on-screen instruction to pair the remote.

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