Why is my Xfinity WiFi not working?

Is your Xfinity WiFi not working? or Comcast internet service has no internet access?  Both of the issues are the same which can be resolved by following the tutorial.

The Internet holds a very crucial part in our today’s live’s. It is one of the prime sources of operation these days. Whether related to e-commerce shopping , browsing information on Internet or attending virtual meetings in this Covid -19 pandemic, everyone needs a stable internet connection.

However, sometimes an unstable internet connection creates pesky moments. To resolve Xfinity WiFi not working and solve internet issues, follow the below mentioned solutions.

  1. Check Internet outage
  2. Fix loose wires
  3. Check your data expiration 
  4. Disconnect and Reconnect 
  5. Restart Xfinity Gateway
  6. Restart Modem (Manually) 

 Let’s dive into a plethora of solutions to fixComcast internet connection problems”.

1. Check Internet outage

Check internet outage on Comcast

Internet outage is one of the peskiest problems; it occurs due to overload of users attempting to connect internet services at same time.

The problem is most common in overcrowded places like libraries or offices, and as a result web page does not load.

Recommendation: – Kindly note that users cannot fix the internet; however, it will help you in sorting factors behind unstable or poor internet connection.

There are two options to check for Internet outage on Comcast; the user can check the internet outage using the Xfinity application or via sending a text message to Comcast.

We have updated both the methods for your help below:

To check internet outage on Comcast connect your device with an alternate WiFi and perform the following steps: ( In case you don’t have the option to connect on alternate WiFi follow the step to send text message from your registered mobile phone.

  • Sign in to your Xfinity account.
  • Click the “Service tab” at the top of the home screen. 
  • Click the “Status Center” link.
  • If you are experiencing an outage, a prompt will be displayed on the top of your phone’s screen.
  • Click on the “Text when it’s resolved”.

Send text message to check Internet outage:-

If you have registered your mobile number with Comcast, then you can send a text to Comcast to check Internet outage.

  • Text “OUT” to 266278.
  • Once Comcast restores the internet outage, it will notify you.
send text to know outage status

Note: This service is not free; the text messaging rates may apply as per your mobile service provider.

2. Fix loose wires

Check for hardware connection

Loose or faulty hardware cables may become a factor resulting in poor internet connection or network disconnection.

The user must check their hardware device and wires of the Modem, Ethernet portal and connected PC.

3. Check your data expiration

check for monthly bill

Many times users search for solutions like “Xfinity Wi-Fi connected but no internet”. This error may occur due to the expiration of your data plan.

So, be sure you have an extended data pack for using the internet. Check for your last payment date on the plan.

Follow the below steps to check your Internet data pack on Comcast:-

  • Sign in to your Xfinity application> Account information.

4. Disconnect and Reconnect

disconnect and reconnect device

If a user is facing a temporary internet issue like “Comcast has no internet access”, then the user should try to disconnect the network and reconnect the same.

5. Restart Xfinity Gateway

Restarting the internet gateway will also help users in resolving internet connection issues. If you have checked your network outage status, kindly  go through the below guidelines to restart the Xfinity gateway.

  • Sign in to your Xfinity Gateway.
Steps to reset xfintiy wi fi (1)
  • Scroll down, select the “Manage Internet” option.
Steps to reset xfintiy wi fi (2)
  • Now, select the “Restart Modem” option.
Steps to reset xfintiy wi fi (3)
  • Now, click on the “Trouble shoot” and choose “Restart” option.
Steps to reset xfintiy wi fi (4)

Note: – This process will restart your Modem and will take up to seven minutes. While processing, the user will not be able to use internet service.

6. Restart Modem (Manually) 

The user should also attempt a manual reset of the  Modem to resolve Comcast internet service issues. Moreover, this is a universal quick-fix solution for resolving internet issues. 

To restart Modem manually, one can go through the below guideline.

  • Unplug the power cable of your router or turn off the electricity switch that is connected with the Modem.
  • Wait for a few minutes to refresh.
  • Plug the power cable or turn on the electricity switch of your Modem.
Unplug wifi to resolve internet problem

These are the major and most important six pointers to rectify Xfinity WiFi not working, try to follow them in manner to get your issue resolved.

Pro Tip: Xfinity Advanced Tool (For severe Internet issues only)

Xfinity also offers advance features which consist of five steps, including Manual reset too. The user can use these five steps to reset  and login to the Admin login tool page.

Follow the below steps to resolve severe internet issues.

Note: Admin tool Id and password are different from Wi-Fi password; if you have not changed the same before then format is the only option mentioned  below:-

xfinity id and password for Advance tool

To login into the Admin tool portal, the user needs to stay connected from the home network.

  • Now, open the browser and type to open the Admin tool and login to your Admin tool by using I’d and password.
How to reset xfinity wifi (1)
  • Once you get logged in to your account, go to Troubleshooting > Reset/Restore Gateway.
How to reset xfinity wifi (2)

Here you can see five options.

  1. Reset (Normal reset, will not change any settings)
  2. Wi-Fi Module Reset (For turning off Gateway’s Wi-Fi and then turning it back on)
  3. Reset Wi-Fi Router (It’s a simple reboot of your Gateway)
  4. Restore Wi-Fi settings (Everything will be restored to its default settings.)
  5. Restore Factory settings (Restore as a new device)

Recommendation: – We have mentioned the advanced steps for severe internet problems only. So, please connect with your internet service provider before proceeding with the steps.

Wrapping up:- Users will easily be able to rectify Xfinity WiFi not working issues after carefully following all the solutions provided. However if you are still facing problems, connect with customer support and go through the FAQ once.

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Why is my Comcast internet not working?

There may be an issue of hardware connection, internet outage, or data expiration; that is the main reason for facing a Comcast internet issue.

How do I activate Xfinity Wi-Fi without the app?

The user can get access to Xfinity service via web browser. So, if you did not install the Xfinity application on your mobile, you can activate Xfinity Wi-Fi using a web-browser.

Is the Xfinity modem a router?

Yes, the Xfinity Modem also includes an inbuilt router in the same device.

How do I fix Xfinity Wi-Fi with no Internet connection?

Try to reconnect your device; if you are not able to connect, then restart your system and try again to connect to the internet connection. 

Where is the reset button on the Xfinity modem?

The Xfinity modem reset button is placed on the back of the modem, which can be used for resetting internet service to resolve issues.

Why is my phone not connecting to Xfinity Wi-Fi?

Firstly check for airplane mode on your device; if that’s off, then try to reconnect your device by choosing forget the network option and then reconnect to the network using Wi-Fi password.

Why is my Comcast internet connected but not working?

Remove other devices from the network to free up the load on Internet connection. However, you may contact customer support or have to upgrade your network if problem persists.