How to Fix “Yahoo messenger not working on Windows 10″ ?

If your Yahoo messenger not working on Windows 10 then kindly note that since July 2018 Yahoo organization has terminated its messenger service.

Therefore, in this blog, we laid down important information that would assist you in choosing a instant messaging application or Yahoo’s new version.

In July 2018, Yahoo announced to terminate Yahoo messenger service. The instant messenger service as the name suggest was famous for its instant messaging feature across the Globe and initially started back in 1998. 

Moreover, Yahoo Messenger (abbreviated as YM!) was the first choice of oil traders; thus, Yahoo extended Chat download option till December 2018.

Note as per the current scenario there is no possible way to use Yahoo messenger on your Windows 10 or any other device; however, if you already have installed Yahoo messenger; then you can troubleshoot the issue by restarting your device to make it run smoothly.

What can you use instead of Yahoo messenger?  

After Yahoo terminated instant messaging application, users started switching to some of the best available application listed below.

In the list, we have mention ten instant messaging apps, the first five applications are business orient application, and the next five applications for users who are trying to connect people by asking ASL.

Top 5 Professional Instant messaging applications

5 top professional instant messaging apps

Google Chat:- Google chat released in 2017 is a product of Google Organization. This application provides direct and group messaging options. The users can use it on any device, as it is available for Android, iOS and web browsers. 

Microsoft Teams:- Microsoft Teams is also a part of Microsoft organization just like Microsoft 365, it has instant messaging feature; users can use Microsoft Teams on any device. It is available in 45 languages.  

Slack:- Slack is a communication tool design by Slack Technologies, an American software organization; available for all devices in eight different languages.

Discord:- Discord is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that help users to share their screen while texting within the application; it supports, Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, iPad OS, Android and web browser. It is available in 28 languages.

Mattermost:- Mattermost is one of the best messaging portal that offer self host online chat service; moreover, you can also share file and use search and integration feature. Mattermost supports TLS encryption system that secure business chats.

Top-most 5 instant messaging application

Top 5 instant messaging apps

Monthly Active users in millions

WhatsApp:- WhatsApp is the widely in use till date. A freeware app designed by American organization, this application facilitate text, voice-call and video call features. Moreover, WhatsApp has also release it business version that is widely use for bringing traditional business into digital world. 

Facebook:- Mark’s Facebook is an astonishing application that offers same feature as WhatsApp; the user can access Facebook messenger feature by creating Id on Facebook. 

WeChat:- WeChat is an innovation of China’s tech giant organization Tencent Holdings Limited; this application is available for all devices; moreover, users can text into 17 different language. 

QQ:- QQ or Tencent QQ is also product of Chinese tech giant available in 7 different languages, it was initially released in Feb 1999, and as per reports it has reached 606 million active users in July 2021.

Telegram:- By July 2021, Telegram achieved new heights with active users of 505 million. Telegram was launched in August 2013, and now it is available for all the devices. The prime feature of this instant app is file compressing.

Wrapping up:-  

Since, Yahoo has discontinued Yahoo messenger, thus, we are unable to provide you any solution to fix (yahoo messenger not working) issue; however, we have provided alternate information in relation to your Yahoo messenger not working context that would assist you in further execution.

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Will Yahoo messenger come back?

Sorry, there is no accurate information about Yahoo messenger relaunch.

Can I access Yahoo messenger on Windows 10?

No, you cannot access Yahoo messenger on any device since Yahoo organization terminated Yahoo messenger service.

What is the new Yahoo messenger?

Yahoo together, which is also known Yahoo Squirrel and is the new messaging tool. 

How do I find my old message on Yahoo messenger?

It is not possible to access your old message on Yahoo messenger’s message as Yahoo has discontinued it; moreover, December 2018 was the last duration to download Yahoo message.

Is there Yahoo mail application available for PC?

No, Yahoo mail has discontinued application for PC; however, you can use any web browser to access Yahoo mail feature.