5 Ways to fix Yahoo Mail Error 14

Yahoo mail doesn’t get errors easily, however, it sometimes gets temporary errors. Temporary error 14 is one of the temporary Yahoo mail errors.

In this article, we will tell you the reasons and solutions for Error 14 on Yahoo mail that looks like this:

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What are the reasons for Yahoo mail Error:14?

Generally, error 14 is temporary and gets repaired itself. However, if it doesn’t fix itself, there can be a few reasons behind it.

See the detailed list of reasons for Error 14 on Yahoo:

The web browser is not supported for Yahoo mail

Yahoo has a list of supported browsers that work best with its products. Therefore, you might have problems or may not get the latest features if you are on an unsupported browser.

Even if the Yahoo mail doesn’t tell you directly that your browser is outdated or unsupported, the problem can still be in your browser.

Here is a list of supported browsers for Yahoo mail and other Yahoo products:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge

Note: Internet Explorer IE is no longer a supported browser for Yahoo mail and for other Yahoo products.

To download and update to the latest version of a Yahoo-supported browser, click here

Yahoo mail is active on 2 or more devices simultaneously

You may face a temporary error if your Yahoo mail is active simultaneously on two or more devices.

Yahoo, not always, but mostly avoids one account to be active on multiple devices simultaneously to avoid confusion and mistakes.

Yahoo mail is logged in on multiple devices

There is a limit on how many devices you can log into your Yahoo mail. However, Yahoo hasn’t declared the limit, but, of course, you can’t log into an unlimited number of devices.

You might have logged into your account on your old device and never logged it out. Once this thing piles up, you might face problems while using Yahoo.

How to fix Yahoo mail temporary error 14?

As the name suggests, the error is temporary and can be fixed by the user or by itself in a short time.

Use the following methods to fix temporary error 14 on Yahoo mail:

#1 Restart your internet browser

Restart the browser you are using to free up the load on the browser. Even if no other tabs are open in the browser, your browser has loads of files saved after continuous usage.

Moreover, restarting the browser gives it a quick fresh start to reload websites and web pages.

#2 Clear your browser’s cache before using Yahoo mail

If restarting the browser doesn’t solve the problem, your next step might be clearing the browser’s cache. A cache is the data stored by apps and browsers to load content faster.

However, when the cache data piles up, it results in slower processing and a lower refresh rate. Clear your browser cache time to time to avoid temporary errors.

#3 Use supported web browser and operating system (OS) for Yahoo mail

Other than keeping you from using the latest features, unsupported web browsers and operating systems cause frequent errors on any website. To make things easier, Yahoo has laid a list of supported browsers for using its products.

#4 Sign out from all other devices

Sing out of Yahoo on all your devices and try using Yahoo on a single device. The easier way to log out of all other devices at once is to change the Yahoo password.

The number of devices you can sign in on Yahoo is not unlimited. So, don’t forget to sign out of Yahoo on the device you no longer use. Try to access your Yahoo account in incognito mode if you know that you are going to use it only once on that device.

#5 Use mail application to avoid mail errors

If the problem persists, it’s time to turn up to the Yahoo mail app. Download the Yahoo Mail app on Android or iOS or use the phone’s native mail app to access Yahoo with the least errors.

However, Yahoo has discontinued its app on Windows, so you have to rely on your web browser or native mail app for using Yahoo mail on the same.

You can also use third party mail applications to use Yahoo mail on your device. Click here for more information.


Temporary errors generally go away without doing anything. However, if the error doesn’t go away or come up frequently, you can fix it after reading this article. One such error on Yahoo mail you can fix yourself after reading this article is Temporary error: 14.


What is yahoo temporary error 15?
It is a temporary error on Yahoo mail that may arise due to an unsupported browser or simultaneously logging in to multiple devices.

How do I fix yahoo mail errors?
Yahoo mail errors are generally temporary as the Yahoo employees fix them for you. However, you may run the troubleshoot for the respective error error code if the problem persists.

Why is my Yahoo mail not working on Laptop?
Yahoo has discontinued its mail app on Windows laptops and PCs; that is why it is not working.

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