Cancel a return on Amazon (3 Simple Steps)

Have you ever returned an item to Amazon and later changed your mind? If so, you must be wondering whether it is possible to cancel a return already issued.

The good news is that Amazon makes it easy to cancel return request option, giving you more flexibility on items purchased through their site.

As one of the largest online retailers, Amazon strives to provide customers with simple and convenient return policies.

While they want returns to be a seamless process, they also understand that circumstances change. This is why Amazon allows a return request to be canceled until it is received at one of their facilities.

This guide will provide you with a step-by-step process to easily cancel an Amazon return request from beginning to end.

We’ll explain where to find the cancellation option and how to use it. By learning how to cancel a return, you can make sure that you only return items that you’re absolutely sure you don’t want, especially if the wrong item was sent to you.

How to cancel a return on Amazon ?

“If you’ve initiated a return request on Amazon or by a third-party seller but changed your mind, don’t worry! You can easily cancel the return request by following these simple cancellation methods:

  • Secondly, find the item for which you want to cancel the return request and select ‘Cancel Return’ or ‘Do Not Return Item’ next to its listing. This option may appear under ‘Your return requests’ or a similar section, where you can view details about the return.
  • In last, Amazon will ask you to confirm that you want to cancel the return. Select “Yes, cancel return” to proceed“.

Now, your return request will now be canceled, and the item list will show its refund request status as “Return Canceled” or something similar.

Canceling the return request will also cancel the refund request for the item. The charge will reappear on your credit card within a few business days when you cancel the return.

Or, canceling the return will reduce the gift card balance or account balance used for the purchase again within the same business days period.

Note: Double-check that your payment method shows recharge and that the item now appears in your order history or return history as “Return Canceled” to confirm that the cancellation request went through correctly.If for some reason the cancellation doesn’t take effect, contact Amazon’s customer service or contact seller for assistance in manually canceling your return.

How to cancel a return on Amazon Mobile App ?

If you’ve decided to cancel an Amazon return within the return window, you can easily do so using the Amazon mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

Follow below mentioned step by step guide to cancel a return on Amazon from mobile app:

Checking your return status

Follow below mentioned steps to check your product return status:

  • Firstly, open the Amazon app on your phone and tap the menu button.
  • Secondly, tap on “Your Account” in the menu and choose “Your orders“.
How to cancel a return on Amazon
  • Thirdly, tap on the order containing the item you want to cancel a return for.
How to cancel a return on Amazon
  • Then, this will show you the details of the order, including each item’s return status.
How to cancel a return on Amazon
  • Finally, verify that the item still displays a status of “Return Initiated” or “Return Pending”, indicating that the return has not yet been processed.
How to cancel a return on Amazon

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Canceling the Return Request

Here are the steps to cancel a return on Amazon using the Amazon app on your phone:

  • Firstly, confirm the return status of the item.
  • Secondly, tap “Cancel Return” or “Do Not Return” to cancel your active return request.
How to cancel a return on Amazon
  • Thirdly, Amazon will send you a confirmation letting you know that your return cancellation was successful.
  • Next, the item status will now appear as “Return Cancelled” in your order details.
  • Lastly, at this point, you are free to keep the item.

If for some reason you cannot cancel returns on the app yourself, you may need to contact Amazon customer service directly to request cancellation and stop returns.

Provide your name, order number and reason for cancellation the return. An agent should be able to assist with the cancellation of a return unless it has already been processed.

But be sure to act quickly to complete the official cancellation while the item still shows up as a pending return; otherwise, it may be too late to stop the return process.

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What to do if you cannot cancel your return ?

If you are unable to cancel your return, the next step is to wait for an update from Amazon regarding the status of your return.

An email notification should arrive within a few days of shipment, informing you whether an Amazon warehouse has accepted or rejected your item.

In the meantime, it’s important to double-check the following:

Return Method: Make sure that you have selected the correct return method as per the instructions provided by Amazon.

Packaging & Shipment: Ensure that you have safely packaged your item and shipped it on time. 

Return Guidelines: Verify that your return meets Amazon’s return guidelines, including basic eligibility requirements.

Contact Amazon Support

If the Returns Center lists your return as “Invalid” or for any other reason, you should contact Amazon Customer Service for further assistance.

Follow below mentioned steps to reach out for help from Amazon customer support:

  • Specify the product you are returning and the reason for the return.
  • Mention the actions you’ve already taken to cancel the order, such as sending the item back or initiating a return process.
  • If available, provide a tracking number as proof of return.
  • Ask if any additional documents or information are required to complete the return cancellation.
  • Ask for a confirmation email responce to be sent to your email address once the cancellation process is successfully processed

What are the reasons a buyer might want to cancel a return request ?

It’s not uncommon for shoppers to cancel request returns initiated while shopping online. There are many possible reasons why a buyer may choose to cancel an Amazon return, including:

Complicated return process: The buyer may find the return process too complicated or time-consuming and may decide to keep the item rather than go through the hassle of returning it.

Incentives from the seller: The seller may offer an incentive to the buyer to keep the item instead of returning it, such as a discount or partial refund on a future purchase.

Change of mind: The buyer can change their mind about returning the item and decide to keep it.

Resolution with the seller: The buyer and seller can come to a Quick solution, such as the seller sending a replacement item or offering a repair, making it unnecessary to return the item.

Return Shipping Cost: The cost of return shipping can be very high for the buyer, making it more cost-effective to keep the item than to return it.

How much time do I have to cancel a return on Amazon ?

According to Amazon’s return policy, customers can return most relevant products purchased from Amazon within 30 days of receiving them, provided that the products are unused and undamaged.

If you have initiated a return and wish to cancel it, you may do so by visiting the Returns Support Center.

It’s important to note that return cancellation deadlines can vary depending on the item and seller, so it’s always a good idea to check the specific return policy for the item you’ve purchased.

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What is an Amazon Refund and Return ?

An Amazon refund return occurs when a customer returns an item they purchased and requests their money back.

The seller issues a refund process through the Amazon platform, and the customer receives their refund in the same way they paid for the item.

Various reasons, such as damage to the item, the customer changing their mind, or the item not matching its description, can cause this to happen.

Alternatively, an Amazon return is when a customer sends back a product they have already purchased, requesting a different size, color, or repair if the item is not as expected.

In this case, the seller replaces the item instead of issuing a refund.


In conclusion, canceling a return on Amazon is a simple and straightforward process. If you’ve changed your mind about returning an item or found a solution, you can cancel your return. Follow the steps outlined in this blog post to do so easily.

With our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to navigate the Amazon return process like a pro and keep the items you want.

Make sure to verify that your payment method displays a recharge. Check if the item is listed as ‘Return Canceled’ in your order history to confirm successful cancellation.

If you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to contact Amazon’s customer service for assistance.


Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Can you decline an Amazon return ?

Yes, you can decline Amazon returns, but there are exceptions. You cannot decline returns for items that are defective, damaged, misdescribed, late, or ordered in error.

Can I reschedule my Amazon return ?

Yes, you can reschedule an Amazon return . However, you can only reschedule once. If you need to reschedule again, you will need to contact Amazon customer service.

How do I replace instead of return on Amazon ?

Navigate to the ‘Your Orders’ section and select the desired item.
Select the ‘Return or replace items’ option and indicate the reason for the return.
Observe the on-screen instructions to complete the replacement process.

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