How to record a Google Meet ? (5 Simple Steps)

Have you ever wished you could record a Google Meet call so you didn’t miss any important details?

Currently, the feature to record sessions in Google Meet is accessible exclusively to Workspace editions subscribers as mentioned below:

  • Business Plus
  • Business Standard
  • Essentials
  • Education Plus: This is accessible to individuals who hold either a “Staff” or “Student” license.
  • Enterprise Essentials
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Enterprise Standard
  • Enterprise Starter
  • Subscribers of Google One who have a storage capacity of 2 TB or more.
  • The “Teaching and Learning Upgrade” is accessible to those who possess a license for the “Teaching and Learning Upgrade”.
  • Workspace Individual Subscriber

If you are holding or participating in a meeting through the free version of Google Meet, the app does not allow you to record the meeting directly.

This brings us to the question: What is the procedure to record a Google Meet session without using workspace editions ?

Do not worry in the following parts we have introduce the process to record a Google Meet without any subscription.

How can I record a Google Meet session, as a host or participants ?

Recording a Google meet session as a host or participants is only possible if you are a workspace edition subscriber.

Firstly, for your convenience watch the video and follow below mentioned steps to subsequently record a Google meet session as a host or participants.

How to record a Google Meet

Follow below mentioned steps to record a Google Meet session as a host or participants:

  • Secondly, initiate your meeting and click on the Activities icon to locate the recording feature.
  • Thirdly, click on Start Recording and then select Start. The recording process will commence, and a notification will be sent to all attendees that the meeting is being recorded.
  • Finally, to stop the recording, navigate back to the Recording tab and select Stop recording whenever you wish to conclude your video recording.

The recorded session will be stored in your Google My Drive, specifically in the Meet Recording Folder.

Furthermore, a link to the recording will be sent to both the individual who initiated the recording and the organizer of the meeting.

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Note: Even if you don’t have any workspace editions, you can still record a Google Meet session. Just follow the steps in the next section to record a session on Google Meet without any subscription.

How to record a Google meet on Windows? (Without Subscription)

If you are using a Windows computer, the most efficient method to capture your screen is to use the Xbox Game Bar’s screen recording feature.

Consequently, this tool allows you to record a Google Meets session, even if you do not have the necessary permissions to do so as a participant.

Follow the steps mentioned below to record a Google meet session on Windows:

  • Firstly, launch your Google Meet session and open the window which you want to record.
  • Secondly, navigate to your apps from the Start Menu, or press “Windows + Alt + G” keys together to open the Xbox Game Bar.
How to record a Google Meet - windows
  • Thirdly, select the Record button and the app will start capturing your Google Meet session.
How to record a Google Meet - record button
  • Furthermore, you can record your screen by pressing the Windows, Alt, and R keys simultaneously using the built-in recorder on Windows.
How to record a Google Meet Window+Alt+R

You can find your recorded videos in the Videos folder on your Windows 10 system.

Furthermore, by following the steps outlined above, you can easily record a Google Meet session as a student.

How to record a Google meet session on Mac ? 

Creating a recording on a Mac during a Google Meet call is easier than on a Windows, thanks to the convenience of keyboard shortcuts!

Similarly, contemporary Macs are equipped with built-in recording software that you can use immediately to capture a Google Meet session.

Follow below mentioned steps to record the session on a Mac:

  • Firstly, simultaneously press and hold the Command + Shift + 5 keys on your keyboard.
  • Secondly, choose to capture the entire screen, a specific section, or a single window.
  • Thirdly, your Mac will start recording once you’ve made your choice.
  • Finally, to end recording, click Stop.

A thumbnail of your recording will then be displayed on your screen. You can select this thumbnail to determine where the recording will be saved.

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How to record a Google meet session on Android ? 

Starting a Google Meet recording on an Android device is simple once you’ve made a slight adjustment to your settings.

Follow below mentioned steps to record a Google meet session on Android:

  • Firstly, access your Settings and choose the Screen Recorder option.
  • Secondly, adjust the audio and video recording settings as per your preference and click on done.
  • Thirdly, grant permission to the Android Screen Recorder when it requests access to your device.
  • Finally, to start the recording, simply tap on Start Recording.

If your device does not have a built-in screen recorder, download a screen recording app and follow the instructions outlined above to record a session in meet .

How to record a Google meet session on iPhone ? 

iPhone, equipped with a screen recording feature, allow you to bypass the recording restrictions on the mobile version of Google Meet.

Follow below mentioned steps to record a session on iPhone: 

  • Firstly, navigate to Settings and choose Control Center.
  • Secondly, find the Screen Recording options and tap the + symbol next to it.
  • Thirdly, return to the home screen and open your Control Center.
  • Next, press and hold the Record button.
  • Furthermore, decide on the location to save your recorded file once the recording is complete.
  • Finally, tap Start Recording and your video screen will start recording after the countdown.   

Who is allowed to record a meeting in Google Meet ?

To record a meeting, a Google Workspace administrator must enable the recording feature for their account.

You are eligible to record if:

  • Firstly, you are the host of the meeting.
  • Secondly, even though you are not part of the host organization, they have elevated you to co-host status.
  • Secondly, you belong to the host’s organization and have disabled Host Management.
  • Lastly, you are the teacher or co-teacher for meetings set up through Google Classroom.

What are some alternatives to record a meeting in Google meet ?

While Google Meet provides an easy way to record meetings for later viewing within the platform, there are also some useful alternative options depending on your specific needs and preferences.


alternatives to record a meeting in Google meet - riverside

Riverside is a cloud-based audio recording and editing platform that is popular among podcasters and other audio content creators.


alternatives to record a meeting in Google meet - tactiq

Businesses and individuals use Tactiq as a screen recording and video editing software to create educational and training videos.

Similarly, in addition to the two mentioned, there are several other sites that can record your Google Meet session.


alternatives to record a meeting in Google meet - Vmaker

Vmaker records and edits audio, records screens, and edits and creates videos.

Why recording is disabled in your Google meet session ?

The inability to record may be due to the following reasons:

  • Firstly, the recording feature has been disable by your administrator.
  • Secondly, your Workspace edition does not have recording capabilities.
  • Thirdly, your Google Drive is not enable.
  • Furthermore, you do not have permission to record a specific video conference.
  • Lastly, you’re in a breakout room that doesn’t support recording.

Make sure with your administrator that:

  • Google Meet supports your organization and you to record.
  • The recording feature is enable for video conferencing.

How to find the record button in Google Meet ?

Follow below mentioned instruction to perform the function:

  • Firstly, make sure your administrator has enabled the recording feature for Meet in the Google Admin console.
  • Secondly, make sure you’re using Meet on a computer, as the recording feature is only available on this platform.
  • Furthermore, if you join solely to present, for example from a laptop while you are already in a video conference room, you will not be able to record. You must first join the video conference, start presenting, and then start recording.
  • Additionally, if the meeting was created on a conference room device (such as Meet hardware) or generated using another method, such as a Chrome plugin, you won’t be able to record. To resolve this, schedule the meeting in Calendar or make sure a person (not a device) starts spontaneous meetings.
  • Finally, if you can’t record a recurring meeting that previously allowed recording, check to see if the meeting organizer’s account is disabled, which also disables recordings for meetings you hosted. To rectify this, delete the event meeting from Calendar, save it, and add a new meeting code to recreate the meeting with a new owner.

How to find a Google meet recording ?

Finding a recording of a previous Google Meet session is a simple process.

The following steps will guide you through locating a Google Meet recording, whether you need to review a previous discussion or share the content with others.

  • Firstly, recordings are not available instantly; they must be created first.
  • Secondly, once the recording is prepared, an email containing the recording link is sent to both the meeting organizer and the person who started the recording.
  • Furthermore, the recording link is also incorporated into the Calendar event.
  • Finally, the link is stored in the “Meet Recordings” folder in the organizer’s Drive.


In conclusion, Google Meet offers a simple and effective way to record meetings, webinars, and other events.

Furthermore, this guide provides step-by-step instructions to record a Meet session from various devices such as Windows, Mac, and Android.

Similarly, we also discuss best practices for recording virtual meetings effectively and legally.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to confidently record and save your Google Meet sessions, allowing you to revisit important discussions at any time.

Whether you’re a host or a participant, these tips will ensure you get the most out of your Google Meet recordings.


Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Why can’t I record my Google Meet ? 

The inability to record Google Meet sessions can be due to admin settings, Google Workspace edition, Google Drive status, meeting-specific restrictions, use of breakout rooms, or device restrictions. 

Can I record Google meet for free ?  

Remember, to use the recording feature in Google Meet, a premium Google Workspace account is necessary. You must organize the meeting, be a member of the organizer’s organization, or receive permission from the organizer to record.

How do I record my screen on my laptop ?

To record your laptop screen, use Windows 11’s Snipping Tool or Xbox Game Bar, accessible from the Start menu. Alternatively, install and use Snagit. Select the recording option and the screen area to record. Some methods may not record audio.

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