How to check Junk Mail in Gmail ?

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In the beginning, we would like to inform you that in IOS devices it is called Junk box and in Android and windows it is called as Spam folder. Yes, Gmail does not have a Junk mailbox for all devices (Like Windows, Android); although, it has a Spam box, which is listed in the Gmail Menu.

After covering steps to check the Spam folder on Gmail and learning to move spam emails to other labels, we would like to update your knowledge “what is Spam in Gmail and what are the reasons of spamming?

Steps to check Junk email in your Gmail account :-

  • Open the browser and login to your account.
Check Junk mail on Gmail (1)
  • Click the Menu bar available at the left of the home screen and now, click the “More” option.
Check Junk mail on Gmail (2)
  • Click “Spam” folder.
Check Junk mail on Gmail (3)

Now you can see all your spam mails.

How to move emails from Spam (Junk Mail) to inbox ?

It is not possible to move email from Spam box to the primary inbox; however, you can move a spam email under Social or Update label, to move your spam email to social or update labels follow the below guideline.

  • Open Spam box select mails that you want to move under social or updates label; click on “Move to” option and select the label. Once you select a label, all emails will automatically be moved under the selected label.
Move spam to another label

Note:- You can also delete spam emails right from the same home screen by clicking Delete Forever.

Why is my spam folder not showing in Gmail ?

Some users search for missing spam folders in Gmail; it may happen due to customize settings in Gmail. You can enable it by performing the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Open Gmail, click Settings, then “See all settings“.
Setting for showing Spam box (1)
  • Click on the Labels, now find Spam and click the “Show” option.
Setting for showing Spam box (2)

How to permanently delete spam emails in Gmail ?

The users can delete spam emails in Gmail after selecting required emails in Spam folder by clicking “Delete forever” option or incase if all spam messages to be deleted then click “Delete all spam messages now“.

Delete Spam mail

What is Spam and why does emails move to Spam box ?

Spamming is an aspect of phishing and hacking that is why Gmail and other popular email services keep spam folders separate to protect users from scam.  

Reasons for Spamming emails on Gmail:-

  • Receive email from flagged IP address server’s users.
  • If the user is getting an email from any suspicious source.
  • The attachment has a malicious link and URLs.
  • Receiving email for the first time from any user.
  • Emails are marked Spam if you have low engagement rates.
  • If the sender uses Misleading subjects, then it also goes to the Spam folder as per the CAN-SPAM act.

Wrapping up

We hope you have learned on steps of how to check, move and delete Junk mail or Spam in Gmail. Furthermore, we have also mentioned information on Spam and the reasons of spamming. 

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Where is the Junk folder in Gmail?

Junk mail is known as Spam folder in Gmail, you can open the same by following Menu>More>Spam.

How to find Junk mail in Gmail application?

Open Gmail application, click on the menu; there, you will see “Spam” folder right above the “Trash” folder.

Can I move junk email to another label?

Yes, you can move junk email by following the below steps:-
*Open Gmail on your browser. 
*Go to the Menu.
*Click More.
*Click Spam.
*Select mails. 
*Click “Move to”.
*Select Label.

How to delete spam mail for forever?

To delete spam emails, Open Gmail> Go to Menu> More> Spam> Select Mails> Delete Forever.

Where is Gmail Junk folder in iPhone?

To check Gmail junk mail in iPhone, follow below mentioned steps:-
*Navigate, Gmail application.
*Login to your account. 
*Click on Menu.
*There you will find the “Junk Mail” option.

Why am I not able to find Spam folder on Gmail?

If you cannot check your Gmail folder, go to Gmail settings>Labels>Spam and click on the show option.