Comcast Hacked [What to do now?]

Are you wondering why there are emails in your outbox that you don’t remember sending? Are you having trouble while logging in or one or more settings have been change recently? The probable reason for all of these is your Comcast email being hacked.

After hacking, hackers can use your email account to steal your data or carry out unlawful activities.

While you are speculating if your Xfinity Comcast email is compromise; we will share everything you need to know about hacked Comcast emails in this article. Read further to know if your email security is under compromise. If it is, what should you do then?

What shall I do if my Comcast email is hacked?

Comcast hacked

If you don’t take corrective measures, hackers will keep hacking your Comcast email again and again. Moreover, you may face problems in sending and receiving emails upon blacklisting of your account.

Kindly follow the below mentioned pointers if your account security is compromise:

1. Change Password

Change your Comcast email password as soon as you suspect that someone else is accessing your account. However, the hacker might have already changed your old password to a new one. If that is the case, run a password recovery by clicking Forgot Password.

2. Change auto-forwarding (if-any)

Email service providers offer an auto email forwarding utility that users can use to send a copy of the received email to any other email account. Disable or change the auto-forwarding destination address if you see your emails are forwarding to an account you don’t recognize.

3. Set up recovery options

Recovery options are the game changer for both hacking and recovering emails. Remove recovery options that are accessible by others. Add as many as possible recovery options accessible by you only for easy recovery emails in the future.

However, if you don’t change recovery options, the hacker can get access to your account again and again. Moreover, you may also lose access to your Comcast email account permanently.

4. Change security questions

Change the security questions you use to recover your account upon forgetting your login password. Choose the security questions that are difficult to answer for others but are easy for you to not forget the answer.

5. Contact customer support

If someone is accessing your account unauthorized, it becomes essential to report it to Comcast for protecting it. Send an email regarding suspicious activity on your account at with a clear subject such as “Comcast email security breach”, “Suspicious activities on my email”, etc.

How do I know if my Comcast email has been hacked?

Have you received a Comcast security email? Comcast sends security updates whenever there is suspicious activity on your account. However, if someone gets access to your Comcast email address, they can delete these updates. Consequently, it becomes hard to detect hacking.

No matter how clever the culprits are, there are at least some clues that can tell you of the suspicious activity if you are attentive enough.

Follow the below mentioned pointers to know if your Comcast account password is compromise or not:

1. Alteration in email password

Has your Comcast password changed? A changed password is a hint of unlawful activities on your account. If there is an alteration in your login password, this is a sign of someone using your account unauthorized.

2. Emails in your outbox that you don’t remember sending

Periodically checking outbox can tell you when someone sends emails from your account. If you see an email you don’t remember sending; your account has probably been under hackers’ attack.

3. Alteration in recovery mail and other options

Once you suspect that your Comcast Xfinity email account is or was under attack, head straight to the recovery settings to check the enabled options. If you see one or more recovery options different or new, then someone was sneaking into your account for sure. However, if there is no alteration in recovery settings, that doesn’t guarantee that your email is not accessible by anyone else. The hacker might not have changed the settings.

4. Check email auto-forwarding

Often, hackers’ focus is on stealing your information and peeking into your emails. The easiest way for them to see your emails is to set up auto-forwarding your emails to their account. This will send all your new emails to their email inbox without notifying you. Check email auto-forwarding to detect illegal access.


Hacking of your Comcast email can get you into trouble. Detect unauthorized access to your account and take corrective measures.

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Can Comcast Xfinity email be hacked for real?
Hacking Comcast email is not an easy task for anyone. However, Comcast Xfinity email can be compromised if you don’t take security precautions. Also, taking precautions does not guarantee the security of your account.

What happens with hacked Comcast emails?
Hacked Comcast emails are used for stealing data and fraudulent messaging. Once hacked, the email account can also be used to hack other accounts and profiles linked with it.

Why does my Comcast email keep getting hacked again and again?
It is happening because of one or more of your recovery options are accessible to people other than you who are using it to hack into your account again and again. The other reason can be setting up passwords that are too easy to guess.

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