Amazon Music on Mac: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a music lover and have a Mac computer, the Amazon Music app is a great option to explore.

Furthermore, with the Amazon Music Unlimited service in the Amazon Music app, you can listen to millions of songs online or offline, create playlists, and more, all from your Mac.

Additionally, you can also discover new music and podcasts based on your preferences and create your own playlists and stations.

However, how do you get and download Amazon Music on your Mac? Is there any app for that? The answer is yes, there is an app for that.

Consequently, in this blog post, we’ll show you how to install and use the Amazon Music app on your Mac, how to create an all-access playlist, and how to import your existing playlists from other music platforms, all while ensuring optimal bit rate for the best audio experience.

Additionally, we’ll also share some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Prime Music and Amazon Music experience on your Mac.

How to download Amazon music app on Mac ?

Do you want to enjoy your favorite songs and podcasts from Amazon Music on your Mac computer in your preferred output format? If so, you need to install the Amazon Music app on your Mac and download the music you want to listen to offline playback.

Subsequently, in this section, we’ll show you how to do it in a few simple steps. Follow below mentioned methods to download Amazon music on Mac:

Download from the App Store

This is the most convenient method if you use the App Store regularly. Furthermore, follow these steps:

  • To begin, open the App Store.
  • Next, click on the search icon in the search bar, type ‘Amazon Music,’ and press Enter.
  • Then, locate the list of Amazon Music apps.
  • Furthermore, click the blue “Get” or “Download” button.
  • Additionally, you may need to sign in with your Apple ID credentials for verification purposes, especially if you’re using services like Apple Music.
  • Finally, once verified, the Amazon Music download and install process will start automatically.

Direct download

If you prefer not to use the App Store, you can download the app directly from Amazon. That is how:

  • Furthermore, on the download page, specify your download location and then click the blue ‘Download’ button below the Amazon Music icon
  • In addition, the DMG file will download automatically.
  • Next, once downloaded, open your Downloads folder and double-click the DMG file to mount it.
  • Then, drag the Amazon Music app icon from the mounted disk image to your Applications folder.
  • After that, installation, eject the mounted disk image.
  • Finally, you can now launch Amazon Music from your Applications folder. ​

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How do I download any song from Amazon Music ?

Do you want to enjoy your favorite Amazon Music songs on any device, even without an Internet connection, and with the best sample rate quality? Furthermore, if so, you must learn how to download any song from Amazon Music to your device.

Similarly, downloading Amazon Music on Mac depends on whether you want to download purchased music or stream it on the platform, ensuring you get the optimal sample rate and sound quality for your listening pleasure.

Likewise, in this section, we’ll show you how to do it in a few easy steps, using the Amazon Music app or web app.

Download purchased music

Amazon Music App:

This is the easiest option if you already subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited or have purchased individual songs or albums.

  • Firstly, sign in with your Amazon account.
  • Secondly, go to the Amazon music library to explore your choice of music or search for specific songs/albums or music tracks.
go to the library to download song from amazon music app to the mac
  • Thirdly, click the Download button next to each music track or album you want to download.
click on three dots on front of songs and click on it then select download to download the songs on the amazon music app to your mac
  • Furthermore, downloaded music tracks will be saved to your Mac’s default Downloads folder or a custom location you choose in the app’s settings.

Amazon cloud player

If you don’t want to install the app, you can download music directly from the Amazon cloud player.

  • Secondly, sign in with your Amazon account.
  • Thirdly, go to Amazon music library or search for specific songs/albums.
  • Furthermore, click the Download button next to each track or album you want to download.
  • Likewise, choose “No thanks, just download the music files directly” when prompted to install the app.
  • Finally, downloaded files will be saved in your web browser’s default Downloads folder or music folder.

Stream Music from Amazon

Amazon Music App

  • Firstly, sign in with your Amazon account.
  • Secondly, search for songs, albums, playlists or stations.
  • Furthermore, click the Play button to start streaming.
  • Likewise, offline downloaded content will have a download icon to play without an internet connection.

On Amazon cloud player

  • Similarly, use the same Amazon cloud player or music player as above.
  • Furthermore, search for songs, albums, playlists or stations.
  • Additionally, click the Play button to start streaming.
  • Finally, use the Download button next to individual tracks or albums to download them for offline playback (limited to specific Amazon Music subscription types).

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Why is the Amazon Music app for Mac not working ?

Are you frustrated because the Amazon Music app for Mac isn’t working properly, especially when you’re looking forward to offline listening and using the convert button to change songs to mp3? Furthermore, if so, you are not alone

Similarly, many users have reported problems with the Amazon Music app on their Mac computers, such as crashing, freezing, not playing songs, or not opening at all, which can disrupt your offline listening experience and your ability to enjoy Amazon Music Free content.

Likewise, in this section, we will explain why the Amazon Music app for Mac may not be working and how it affects offline listening. Follow below mentioned steps to fix Amazon music app not working for Mac:

There can be several reasons why the Amazon Music app for Mac is not working, such as:

  • Firstly, your Internet connection is unstable or slow.
  • Secondly, Amazon servers are down or undergoing maintenance.
  • Thirdly, the Music app has a cache files issue or software glitch.
  • Furthermore, your app version is outdated or incompatible with your version of macOS.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Firstly, check your Internet connection to rule out a bad internet connection and make sure it is working properly.
  • Secondly, visit the Amazon Music website or app on another device and see if it works. Otherwise, wait for Amazon to resolve the server issue which may also affect Amazon Music Free users..
  • Furthermore, exit and reopen the Music app or restart your Mac.
  • Additionally, check for updates to the Music app and macOS, and install them if available.
  • Likewise, clear your app’s cache by going to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Clear Cache.
  • Finally, for additional assistance, contact Amazon Music Support and then reinstall the Music app from the App Store or Amazon website.

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In conclusion, as you can see, Amazon Music is a powerful and versatile music streaming service that offers many features and benefits for Mac users.

“Furthermore, you can easily download and install the Amazon Music app on your Mac and enjoy your favorite online music, songs, and podcasts online or offline

Likewise, you can also import your existing playlists or custom playlist from other music platforms and discover new music and podcasts with Amazon Music.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, you can also access some tips and tricks to improve your experience with Amazon Music on Mac.

Frequently Asked question’s (FAQ’s)

Is there a desktop app for Amazon Music ?

Yes, there is a desktop app for Amazon Music. You can download it from the Microsoft Store or Amazon website for Windows 10, or from the App Store for Mac.

Does Amazon Music have a Mac app ?

Yes, Amazon Music has an app for Mac. You can download it from the App Store1 or from the Amazon for Mac website.

How do I get apps on my Mac desktop ?

Download them from the Mac App Store by clicking the Get or Download button.
Download them from the developer’s website by clicking the Download button and dragging the app icon to your Applications folder.

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