How to change password on Outlook?

If you are attempting to change password on Outlook to safeguard your account data or if you are trying to recover your password on Outlook then this article would help you out.

It is indeed recommended by experts to change your password after every six months. This will help you to secure your account; moreover, also protect your crucial communication between business lead and potential.

Moreover, we have also covered steps to change password without using old password in the same articulation.

Steps to change password on Outlook:-

Steps to change password on Outlook (2)
  • Click “Sign inand login to your account.
Steps to change password on Outlook (3)
  • Now, go to your account icon available at the right corner of the home screen and click on “My Microsoft account”. 
Steps to change password on Outlook (13)
  • Click on “Change password”.
Steps to change password on Outlook (5)
  •  Here, enter your old Password, then enter your new Password, and re-confirm it. you can also tick the box that says “Make me change my password every 72 days”. Click “Save”.
Steps to change password on Outlook (1)

Note:  If you did not add an alternate email address to your Outlook account then Outlook will ask you to add one for verification code. Moreover, you can add an additional email address or Phone number to receive the code for changing the password.

You can add an email when the prompt appears “Help us protect your account” on your screen while changing your password. Refer to the image below:

Steps to change password on Outlook (11)
  • Choose an option from email/phone number and enter accordingly, click “Next”.
Steps to change password on Outlook (7)
  • Enter received code and click “Next”.   
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How to reset password without an old Outlook password?

In the digital era, remembering password all at once is one of the most difficult job. And in case if you forget one of your password then it becomes more difficult to recover one. Therefore, in this section you would learn how to reset your outlook password if you forgot.

Follow the steps to reset your Outlook password:-

  • Open your web browser and login to outlook website, click on Sign in.
Steps to change password on Outlook (3)
  • Now, enter your email I’d. and when prompt to password page, click on “Forgot Password” option.
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  • Now, click on the box where your alternate email appears and then enter email id and click “Send code” .
Steps to change password on Outlook (11)
  • Enter the received “Code”.
Steps to change password on Outlook (12)
  • Now, create a new password that you have not used before and enter in both boxes, click “Save”. 
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  • Once you complete the steps, the screen will show “Security info updatedstatus.
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Wrapping up: –The walkthrough of the blog will easily help anyone for changing password on Outlook; we have mentioned two methods for changing password on Outlook, one can be performed by using an old password and second by using the received code. Follow the complete blog to update your outlook password.

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Is there any password reminder feature on Outlook?

Yes, Outlook offer users to set a reminder for changing password after an interval of 72 days.

Why my password is not updating on Outlook?

It maybe happen due to slow internet speed, using VPN or Windows Firewall. 

How to change a password on Outlook?

Navigate Outlook, go to My Microsoft Profile> Change password.

Can I use Outlook without a password?

Yes, you can use Outlook without a password by using the Outlook application on your mobile, which controls account action on various devices.

Why am I not able to enter a password on my iPhone?

In case you are trying to re-login Outlook on your iPhone after changing password then you must reset saved password in the iPhone email application to match the updated password.

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