How to fix Gmail attachment failed issue hassle free ?

Gmail attachment failed issue is one of the most frustrating issues among industry experts, as it does not rely on the aspect of its showcase for cause; “Attachment failed. This may be due to a proxy or firewall” because it is not always right. So, what is next?

In this article, you will learn the things which causes Gmail attachment failure issue by knowing the exact issue it will become easier to resolve.

Factor and solution of Gmail attachment failed

Here, we have provided reasons of the issue with the solution in the same heading; so, please start by performing the first solution till you successfully resolve your issue.

Firewall and Proxy

Firewall and proxy are the first objects that restrict users from attaching files on Gmail. So, the user can restore Gmail in it’s previous mode by disabling firewall and Proxy following mentioned steps.

  • Use your keyboard and press Windows + R.
  • Use this Command:- control firewall.cpl and RUN the same.
Fix Gmail attachment failed (1)
  • Here, click on the “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off“ option.
Fix Gmail attachment failed (2)
  • Now, click turn “Off” in both of the options as indicated in the image and click “Ok”.
Fix Gmail attachment failed (3)

Note: The steps of disabling Firewall ends here, in the next parahgraph you will learn the steps of turring off Proxy of your device.

Turn Off Proxy

Turn Off Proxy by following the command mentioned below.

  • Use your keyboard and press Windows + R.
  • Use this command to open Proxy settings in Windows 10 or old version:- ms-settings:network-proxy
Disable Proxy (1)
  • Now, Turn Off the setting using the toggle button.
Disable Proxy (2)

Executable file

Fix Gmail attachment failed

Goggle organization offer malicious free environment to each user, hence Gmail does not offer users to upload .exe extension file; if you are also trying to send the same file, then sorry for this time Gmail will not dispatch your attachment to the sender.

There is no option to send a .exe file to any Gmail user; moreover, if the Gmail user receives a exe file from another email I’d then Gmail warns and restricts from opening such files.


Sometime browser does not support Gmail functionality that result to Gmail temporary issue and Gmail attachment failed that why industry’s experts recommend users to use compact browser that support Google functionality like Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft edge e.t.c.

Fix Gmail virus scanner

Moreover, sometimes this issue occurs due to old versions of browsers, so check for browser updates and always use updated browsers.

If you are using Chrome, follow the steps provided below to update your browser.

  • Navigate to Google Chrome browser type  “chrome://settings/help” on the search bar and check the version of your Google Chrome. 
steps to update Chrome browser

Flash Plug in 

Flash player was playing a crucial part of each browser before 2020. However, Flash player terminated its services for each browser. Although, there is a chance that you were using an old version of Chrome that still works with flash player and now flash player has been out-dated that’s why you are facing this issue. 

Here we have demonstrated an image that will show you, where the flash player existed. Although there is no option to get up-to-date flash player. So, you have one choice left and that’s reinstallation of Chrome on your device.

By using the command mentioned below; you can get information for components that are incorporated with Google Chrome.

Command:- chrome://components

Fix Gmail attachment failed (4)

Quick fixes for Gmail attachment failed

Use incognito mode or Guest Mode:-

Incognito mode becomes an amazing feature if the user is stuck in any kind issues with the browser, it help users to get a fresh page for using any services. 

  • Use Ctrl + Shift +N to open incognito mode in Chrome browser, you can also apply the same keys for opening Microsoft edge’s Private tab. Alternatively once you open the Chrome click on three dots at extreme right to open “New Incognito window”.
Steps to use incognito mode

Clear cookies

Many time, issues are resolved by clearing cookies and history of browser. So, you can try to resolve your issue by clearing cookies and history of the browser. If you are using Chrome follow below steps that will lead you to clearing cookies of your browser with image oriented guidelines.

  • Open Chrome and paste the mentioned command below. Select “All time then tick all boxes, and click “Clear data” and then Advanced.

Command:- chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

Steps to clear history on Chrome (2)
  • Now, select All time, tick all the options and click “Clear data”.
Steps to clear Cache data (3)

Disable extension:-  Extensions help users to use features that are not allowed in web-wraps; although, sometimes extensions also restrict users from doing the same practices what they are doing on their browsers in common. So, if any user faces problem, industry experts recommend disabling the extension and try again. In this case, you can apply the same method for resolving the issue.

Follow the below command for disabling extensions on Google Chrome.

Command:- chrome://extensions/

  • Open Chrome web-browser type “chrome://extensions/” in the new windows then disable all extensions.
Steps to disable all extensions

Wrapping up:- We hope this blog assisted you in resolving the issue while learning the factor of Gmail attachment failed; moreover, we have also added most important FAQs, that would help you in learning more about the issue and its solutions.

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How to fix the Gmail attachment failed issue?

To fix Gmail attachment failed issue, Turn off proxy, Use incognito mode, Clear cookies.

Why am I not able to attach files to Gmail?

It may occur due to file size, format. Please go through it. Check for error code like, ; “Attachment failed. This may be due to a proxy or firewall”. If you are finding this error, turn Off firewall and retry.

Does extensions prevent Gmail from attaching file?

Yes, sometimes extensions prevent Gmail from attaching file; that is why, we recommend you to disable extensions to resolve the issue.

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