Why is my Gmail not receiving emails?

Having trouble receiving emails in your Gmail inbox? It can be incredibly frustrating when important messages seem to disappear into the virtual ether. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many Gmail users have encountered this issue at some point.

There could be several reasons why your Gmail account is not receiving emails as expected. It might be a simple settings issue, or perhaps a more complex problem with your internet connection or email server.

Whatever the cause, we’re here to help you troubleshoot and get your inbox back on track.

Here are some methods you can try to fix Gmail not receiving issue:

  • Internet Connection: Ensure your Wi-Fi or data connection is strong.
  • Restart Everything: Reboot your device and router.
  • Check Folders: Look in Spam and Trash for missing emails.
  • Storage Space: Ensure your Gmail storage isn’t full; free up space if needed.
  • Email Filters: Review your filters to ensure they aren’t misdirecting emails.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common culprits behind missing emails in Gmail and provide step-by-step solutions to help you resolve the problem.

Read the blog further to learn detailed methods to fix the issue of Gmail not receiving emails.

Use a different browser to use Gmail

Sometimes, the default browser does not support Gmail features due to technical reasons. In this case, we recommend users switch to another browser to resolve issues with Gmail not receiving emails.

Ensure your email address and email provider settings are correctly configured as well.

Example: If you are using Chrome, then log in to your Gmail via Firefox, Safari or other browsers.

log in to your Gmail via Firefox, Safari

Check Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is crucial for Gmail to function smoothly and receive emails reliably. If you’re experiencing issues with Gmail not receiving emails, check your internet connection first.

Slow or unreliable internet can cause delays or interruptions in email delivery. When your connection is weak, Gmail may struggle to sync and fetch new messages from the server, exacerbating internet connectivity issues and potentially leading to emails not appearing in your inbox.

To troubleshoot:

  • Check Internet Speed: Use an online speed test tool to ensure your internet speed meets expectations. Contact your ISP if speeds are lower than expected.
  • Restart Modem and Router: Power cycle your modem and router by unplugging them for a minute and then plugging them back in. This can fix temporary connectivity issues.
  • Check for Outages: Visit your ISP’s website or contact customer support to verify if there are any internet outages in your area affecting Gmail.
  • Ensure Stable Wi-Fi: If using Wi-Fi, move closer to your router or connect via Ethernet cable to eliminate signal interference or connectivity problems.

By addressing your internet connection, you can often resolve Gmail not receiving emails and ensure smooth email functionality.

Check your Gmail cloud Storage

Gmail offers 15 GB of cloud storage for every email user; if you have surpassed the limit, it may be the reason for not receiving emails. Check your Google Drive and email address storage usage. If you exceed the limit, contact your email provider for further assistance.

Solution:- The user can buy extra Gmail cloud storage by paying the Monthly fees as per Google, or the user can also delete the non-important data under the “Manage Storage” option.

To check your Gmail cloud storage, follow the below steps:-

  • Firstly login to your Gmail and click on the “Google Apps” as shown in the image.
Steps to check gmail storage (1)
  • Then click the “Account” option.
Steps to check gmail storage (2)
  • Scroll down; now check the “Account storage”.
Steps to check gmail storage (3)

Note:- Gmail cloud storage stores Photos, calendars, emails, doc, sheets, and other format files.

Delete Email Filter and change the settings to Default

Many times, due to custom filters and settings, Gmail may not allow users to receive email messages because of altered settings. If you have also changed the settings on Gmail, you should revert the settings to default.

Ensure your email clients and email service settings are correctly configured, then it will work.

Follow below settings to clear the filter settings on Gmail:

  • Firstly login to your account, click on the “Show search option”.
step to manage gmail storage
  • Click on the “Create filter” option.
method to fix gmail not receiving email (1)
  • Now, untick all the filters one by one.
method to fix gmail not receiving email (2)

Turn Off Firewalls on your PC

Turning off the firewall of your windows can help you achieve your goal because an updated version of the Windows firewall and Protection system refrains users from receiving emails that include attachments and sometimes the firewall detects it as malware.

To disable the firewall follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Click start on windows and then click the “Settings” option.
method to fix gmail not receiving email (6)
  • Then click on the “Update & Security” option.
method to fix gmail not receiving email (7)
  • Afterwards, click on the “Windows Security” > “Firewall & network protection” > “Domain network”.
method to fix gmail not receiving email (8)
  • Lastly turn off, “Microsoft Defender Firewall”.
method to fix gmail not receiving email (9)

Turn Off Email Forwarding option

If you are sharing your emails with someone else using the forwarding option of Gmail, then there is a chance that incoming emails may stuck. We recommend users turn off the email forwarding option to resolve the issue.

Follow below-mentioned steps to turn off the Email forwarding option:

  • Click on the “Settings” then click on the “See all settings”.
method to fix gmail not receiving email (3)
  • Now click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”, and subsequently select the “Disable forwarding” option.
Disable forwading

We have provided the top five solutions for the Gmail not receiving email issue; moreover, we have also mentioned a few keynotes to fix the problem.

Why am I not receiving gmail emails on my phone?

There are some key notes to fix the issue that will work either for Android or iPhone. Let’s start and fix it easily.

key solution for gmail not receiving emails (1)

Restart your device: Most of the issues are eliminated by restarting a device; if you are also facing any minor issue, you should also apply this to achieve results.

key solution for gmail not receiving emails (3)

Update the Gmail App: Old version apps may cause issues; users should check for the latest update to resolve Gmail not receiving issues.

key solution for gmail not receiving emails (2)

Clear your device storage: Many times if the device is loaded fully, because of which it becomes difficult for the device to function trouble-free and to avoid unwanted issues experts recommend cleaning the unwanted files from the device storage.

key solution for gmail not receiving emails (4)

Clear Gmail Information: Check out your profile status and details you have already entered on your Gmail I’d; moreover, try to clear unimportant emails from your email box.

key solution for gmail not receiving emails (5)

Turn on Email notification: If you are not getting Gmail notifications, you must turn on the notification setting from your mobile.

key solution for gmail not receiving emails (6)

Check the “Sync” option on Gmail: Do check for the “Sync” option; if the “Sync” option is OFF, kindly turn “On”, and try to do it manually.

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What are the reasons behind Gmail not receiving emails?

Many reasons may cause issue while receiving mails on Gmail, some of the factors are listed below:

Email size: Large attachments or emails may not be received due to size limits.
External email clients: Settings in external email clients may affect Gmail’s reception of emails.
Legitimate emails: Ensure that legitimate emails are not mistakenly marked as spam or filtered out.
Unnecessary emails: Clear out unnecessary emails to prevent inbox overload.
Default settings: Check default settings to ensure they aren’t inadvertently blocking or filtering incoming emails.
Server outage: Temporary interruption in Gmail’s server availability.
Security features: Settings or features in Gmail that enhance email security.
Spam message: Unsolicited or unwanted emails that Gmail filters into the spam folder.
Gmail sync issue: Difficulty syncing Gmail across devices.
Using wrong credentials causes the problem: Incorrect login details preventing access to Gmail.
Gmail storage limit: Full storage preventing new emails from being received.
Connectivity issue: Problems with internet connection affecting Gmail’s functionality.
Blocked users: Users who are restricted from sending emails to your Gmail account.


This walkthrough will help users get detailed information on fixing the major issue of “Gmail not receiving emails.” We cover common reasons for this issue and provide keynotes to resolve it on Android or iPhone.

Use the search bar in Gmail to look for specific emails, whether they’re in your inbox or in spam, promotional, or unwanted email folders.

Ensure your inbox settings are correctly configured and check your Google Workspace settings if applicable.

Additionally, consider cleaning up your email by deleting unnecessary messages or attachments, and ensure your mail server is functioning properly.

For mobile app users, ensure you have the latest updates installed. Also, check if Google Photos or other integrated services are affecting your Gmail’s functionality.


Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Is there a problem with Gmail today?

No, Gmail is working well; however, you can check Gmail current status using the “Downdetector” website.

Why am I not receiving gmails emails on my iPhone?

Maybe, you have disabled IMAP on your iPhone; that is why; you are not able to receive Gmail emails on your iPhone.

Why does my email take so long to arrive?

Mainly, the late arrival of emails can occur due to internet connectivity problems; the sender and the recipients should check their internet connection and email status.

What is the solution to Gmail not receiving emails?

There are several methods to fix Gmail not receiving emails issue; some are listed below:-
1. Restarting your phone or the device you are using for receiving emails.
2. Deleting unimportant emails.
3. Refresh the browser or the app.

Can I use Gmail with a slow internet speed?

Yes, you can use Gmail with slow internet speed by clicking on the link “Load Basic HTML (for slow connections)”.

How to fix Gmail no connection error?

To fix no connection error, check your internet connect. If the problem is not solved, try reopening the app and re-adding the email account subsequently.