Google LLC Background: What is Google LLC and How to remove it ?

To provide some context, Google LLC is a background process that allows certain Google software or services, such as Chrome, to start automatically when you sign in to your Mac. Furthermore, it also helps these programs manage updates or synchronize data when they are not open.  

Some users may like Google LLC to auto-start and sync their Google apps on Mac. However, others users may dislike it for being added without permission or for its potential data tracking.

Consequently, these users may want to remove the Google LLC background element from their Mac or disable its automatic startup. As a result, here are few simple steps you can try to remove Google LLC running background:

  • Click Apple logo > System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items.
  • Uncheck Google LLC from Login Items.
  • Open your browser and remove any Google LLC or Google Updater extensions or plugins.
  • Restart your Mac and verify Google LLC is removed

In this blog post, we will show you how to do it, as well as how to check if the Google LLC background element is malicious or not. In last, we’ll also give you some tips on how to protect your privacy and security when using Google software or services on your Mac.   

What is Google LLC ?

Google LLC is the name given to one of the background apps that some Google products, created by app developers at Google, install on your Mac, such as Google Chrome, Google Drive, or Google Photos. Furthermore, this app is added to a list of items that start automatically when you start your Mac and sign in to your user account.

Google LLC background added

This list is called Login Items and you can view or modify it from System Preferences. In addition, the purpose of Google LLC is to allow some Google products to perform certain tasks in the background without requiring your intervention or attention.

For example, Google LLC may search for new versions of Google products and download them if they are available, or may synchronize your data between different devices using Google services.

Similarly, Google LLC runs silently and does not display any icons or notifications on your Mac, but it may use some of your Mac’s resources, such as memory, CPU, or network bandwidth.

Consequently, if you don’t want Google LLC running on your Mac, you can remove it from the list of login items by following a few simple steps.

How is Google LLC automatically added to my Mac ?

Google LLC is one of the background apps that may be automatically added to your Mac if you have installed or updated Google Chrome or other Google software or services like (Google Drive, Google Hangouts or, Google Earth).

Some users may be concerned about the presence of Google LLC on their devices and wonder: Is Google LLC a virus or a tool for illegal activity? The answer is NO, it is not a virus or malware, nor a tool for illegal activity, but rather a legitimate component that allows Google to perform tasks such as managing updates or synchronizing data when the parental program is not open.

​However, some users have expressed concern about this automatic addition, suspecting it may be a sign of malicious activity. Furthermore, Google installed this new login item without explicit user consent, and macOS allowed it to happen.

“The real problem lies in the fact that this element was not part of the original contract when users installed Google software in the past. Basically, Google, one of the tech giants, unilaterally modified the contract, nullifying it.

Additionally, some users specifically disable background activities and automatic updates for certain apps, so adding this item to your preferences raises questions about macOS role in allowing such changes.

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How to remove Google LLC running background ?

If you use a Mac and have installed any Google products, you may have noticed a process called Google LLC running in the background. Furthermore, in this section, we will show you how to remove Google LLC from your Mac with simple steps.

Follow the steps below to remove the Google LLC background that was added to your Mac:

Use Activity Monitor

  • Firstly, open Activity Monitor: Go to Applications > Utilities and launch Activity Monitor.
use activity monitor to remove Google LLC from background
  • Secondly, search for processes: In the search bar, type “Google LLC” or “GoogleDrive.”
  • Then, identify relevant processes: Look for processes like “GoogleDrive File Stream Helper” or “GoogleDriveSync”. Check your CPU and memory usage to assess the impact.

Quit or Force Quit:

  • Firstly, for a temporary deactivation, select the process and click “Exit”. It may restart in the background.
  • Secondly, for a more persistent stop (until restart), select the process and click “Force Quit”.
click on force quit

Disable Google Drive Notifications

  • First, open Google Drive preferences: Right-click the Google Drive icon in the menu bar and select “Preferences.”
  • Next, go to the “Synchronize” tab: Click the “Synchronize” tab.
  • Then, disable background syncing: Uncheck the box next to “Use Google Drive file streaming”. This will disable background syncing and notifications.

Stop Google Software Reporter

  • Firstly, open Launchpad: Click the Launchpad icon on its dock.
  • Secondly, search for Google Software Reporter: Type “Google Software Reporter” in the search bar.
  • After that, open the application: Click the “Google Software Reporter” icon to open it.
  • In last, exit the application: Click the Google Software Reporter menu in the top bar and select “Exit Google Software Reporter.”

Note: You must remove all Google products from your Mac if you want to get rid of Google LLC completely.

Remove Google Products

  • Firstly, open Finder and navigate to Applications.
  • Secondly, search for apps like “Google Drive,” “Chrome,” or other Google products that you may not use regularly.
  • Next, drag unwanted Google apps to the Trash.
  • Then, right click on the Trash icon and select “Empty Trash”.

Alternatively, you can also do this if you just want to prevent Google LLC from running in the background when you start your Mac:

  • Firstly, go to the Apple logo at the top left of your Mac and select System Preferences > Users & Groups and then Sign in Items from your user account.
  • Secondly, deselect Google LLC in Sign-in Items so it can’t run in the background when you start your Mac. If you have any further issues, you can contact apple support for assistance.

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How to remove Google LLC background item in web browser on Mac ?

Are you tired of seeing the Google LLC name in all your browser windows? Learn how to remove the background app that Google LLC displays in your web browser on Mac.

Furthermore, follow below mentioned steps to remove added Google LLC background from your default web browser:

Removing the Google LLC background element from Safari background processes:

  • Firstly, open Activity Monitor. Go to Applications > Utilities to locate it.
  • Secondly, search “Google” or “background” in the search bar.
  • Next, look for processes with names like “Chrome Helper (Renderer)”, “Google Chrome Canary”, or any other Google-related background elements.
  • Then, select the process you want to abandon and click the “X” button in the left corner of the toolbar.
  • Finally, to prevent these processes from restarting automatically, hold down the “Option” key while clicking the “X” button. This will open a confirmation window with the option “Exit anyway.”

Note: This will only stop Safari-specific background activities associated with Google, not system-wide functions. To disable Google LLC completely, you need to change your browser settings and remove it from the login items.

Manage Google Account sign-in in Safari

  • First, open Safari Preferences. You can access it from the Safari menu.
  • Next, go to the Passwords tab.
  • Then, find the Google accounts listed and delete them by clicking the “Delete” button if you don’t need them to be automatically signed in to specific sites.
  • After that, go to the Extensions tab and disable any Google-related extensions that you don’t want active.

Clear Safari caches and website data

  • First, open Safari Preferences.
  • Next, go to the Privacy tab.
  • Then, click “Manage Website Data.”
  • After that, search for “Google” and delete data from specific Google websites or delete all website data.
  • Finally, click “Delete all website data” if you want to clear all browsing data.

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How to check if google LLC is running on a Mac ?

You can check if Google LLC is running on your Mac in several ways, depending on what you’re trying to confirm:

Check login items

  • First, open System Preferences.
  • Next, go to generals.
  • Then, click the Login Items tab.
  • After that, look for any entries that mention “Google LLC.” If you see any, it’s an indication that Google-related background tasks are running when you sign in.

Check Activity Monitor

  • First, open Activity Monitor. Go to Applications > Utilities to locate it.
  • Next, search “Google” or “background” in the search bar.
  • Then, if you see any processes with names like “Chrome Helper (Renderer)”, “Google Chrome Canary”, or any other Google-related background items, they are currently running.

Checking specific settings of the Google app

  • Firstly, individual Google apps like Chrome, Drive, and Backup & Sync may have their own settings for background processes.
  • Secondly, check the app’s settings menu to see if any background tasks are enabled.


This blog post aims to help you understand what Google LLC is, how your Mac got it, and how to delete it if you want. Firstly, Google LLC is neither a virus nor a threat, but rather one of the background apps that allows some Google products to run smoothly and efficiently on your Mac.”

However, secondly, some users may have privacy or security concerns. Google LLC security, or they may simply prefer to have more control over their Mac’s startup items.

Therefore, as an internet user, you can easily remove Google LLC from your Mac by following the steps we described above. Furthermore, you can also check your Mac’s Activity Monitor to see if Google LLC is still running or not.


What is Google LLC used for ?

The Google LLC background is a feature that allows certain Google software or services to start automatically when you sign in to your Mac. This may include items related to Google Drive, Google Chrome, or other Google applications.

How do I remove my LLC from Google ?

To remove your LLC from Google, you must close or delete your business profile on Google My Business. You can also uninstall any Google apps or extensions that you don’t use or want.

Is Google LLC trustworthy ?

Google LLC is a technology company with various artificial intelligence, advertising, search, and cloud products and services. Trusting Google LLC is a matter of opinion and judgment. Some people trust Google LLC for its usefulness, reliability, and innovation. ​

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