The Complete Guide to Importing ICS/iCal Events to Google Calendar

ICS/iCal files are files that contain calendar events in a standard format that can be shared between different platforms and programs. Furthermore, if you use multiple apps or calendar accounts, you may have encountered them and want to import ics to google calendar.

For example, you may receive an ics/iCal file as an attachment in an email invitation. In addition, you may download an ics/iCal file from a website that offers public calendars.

However, how do you import these ics files to your Google Calendar? 

  • Firstly, on your computer, open Google Calendar.
  • Subsequently, at the top right, click Settings.
  • Then, in the left menu, click Import and Export.
  • Next, select File from Your Computer and select the file you exported. Likewise, the file must end in “.ics” or “.csv”.
  • Then, choose which calendar to add the imported events to. Similarly, by default, events are imported to your main calendar.
  • Finally, click Import.

​Furthermore, in this blog post, we’ll answer these questions and show you how to import ics files to Google Calendar in few easy steps.

Following that, we’ll also share some tips, tricks, and troubleshooting to help you get the most out of your imported calendar entries and events.

How to import ICS file in to Google calendar ?

Do you have events stored in iCal files that you want to add to your Google Calendar? If so, you might be wondering how to import an ics file to Google calendar using various calendar programs.

Firstly, in this section, we’ll demonstrate how to import an ics file to Google calendar in few easy steps.

Import ICS file in to Google calendar

Subsequently, below are the specific steps to import ics files to Google calendar:

Access Google Calendar

  • Then, sign in to your Google account if you haven’t already.

Open configuration

  • Next, click the gear icon (⚙️) in the upper right corner of the calendar interface.
  • Subsequently, select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
select settings from your calendar to import ICS file to Google calendar

Choose Import and Export

  • Following that, in the Settings panel, look for the “Import and Export” section.
select import and export from the settings menu to import ICS to google calendar
  • Thereafter, click “Import.”

Select the ICS file

  • Now, click the “Select file from your computer” button.
click select file from your computer to select ICS file to import
  • Afterwards, locate the ICS file you want to import on your device storage.
  • Then, click “Open” to choose the file.

Choose the destination calendar

  • Subsequently, if you have multiple calendars, select the calendar where you want to add the imported events.
select the calendar where you want to add the imported events
  • By default, events will be imported to your main calendar.

Start import

  • To begin the process, press the “Import” button.
click on import to import the file

Review imported events

  • Then, once the import is complete, you will see a confirmation message.
  • Finally, check your calendar to make sure events have been added correctly.

Note: ICS and iCal files are the same; they are both calendar files that use the universal calendar format known as the iCalendar file format standard. The only difference is the file extension, which is “.ics” for ICS files and “.ical” for iCal files. Both files can store and exchange calendaring and scheduling information, such as events, tasks, and free/busy times.

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How to import ICS file to Google calendar on mobile ? (Android and iPhone)

To begin with, importing ICS files to Google Calendar on mobile devices is not as easy as on a computer. However, there are some possible ways to do it.

Watch the video on how to import an ICS file to Google Calendar, or follow the steps below to import an ICS file on different devices (Android and iOS).

Import ICS file to Google calendar on mobile

Android devices

  • Firstly, you can use a third-party app, such as ICS Importer, to import ICS files to your Google Calendar.
  • Secondly, follow the instructions to select the ICS file and destination calendar.

iPhone devices

  • Firstly, one option is you can use the built-in Mail app to import ICS files to your Google Calendar.
  • Secondly, you can open the email attachment containing the ICS file and tap “Add to Calendar.”
  • Furthermore, then, you can choose the Google Calendar account where you want to add the event.


  • Initially, as an alternative you can use a web browser, such as Chrome or Safari, to access the Google Calendar website on your mobile device.
  • Secondly, you can switch to desktop mode and follow the same steps as on a computer to import ICS files to your Google Calendar.

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How to create or edit .csv or ICS files for importing to Google Calendar ?

Are you looking for an easy way to import events from a .csv or ics file to Google Calendar?

Furthermore, in this section we will show you how to create or edit those file types so you can add events in bulk.

Consequently, follow below mentioned steps to create or edit .csv or ics files for importing on Google calendar:

CSV files

Creating a CSV file using a spreadsheet application:

  • To begin, open a new spreadsheet (for example, in Excel, Google Sheets, or LibreOffice Calc).
  • Next, enter the following headers in the first row: Summary, start date, start time, final date, ending time, all day event (TRUE or FALSE), description (optional)
  • Finally, fill in the event details for each row below the headings.

Use a text editor

  • Firstly, open a new text file (for example, in Notepad or TextEdit).
  • Secondly, manually type event headers and details, separating values with commas.
  • Finally, save the file with a .csv extension (for example, “events.csv”).

Edit a CSV file

  • Firstly, open the CSV file.
  • Secondly, use a spreadsheet application or text editor to view and modify the content.
  • Thirdly, make changes: Add, delete or edit events as needed.
  • Furthermore, make sure the format is consistent (comma separated values).
  • Finally, save changes: overwrite the existing CSV file or create a new one.

ICS/iCal files

Creating an ics/iCal file using a calendar app

  • Another option is creating an iCal file using a calendar app. Many calendar apps allow you to export events as iCal (.ics) files. Alternatively, find websites that create iCal files based on your data.

Edit an ICS/iCal file

  • For basic edition, firstly open the iCal file in a text editor to modify text information such as descriptions.
  • For advanced editing, secondly use iCal dedicated editing software for more complex changes.

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​What are the benefits of importing ICS files to Google Calendar ?

Are you looking for an easy way to keep all your schedules organized in one place? If so, importing ics files provides a simple solution.

First of all, importing ics files allows you to add multiple calendar events to Google Calendar with just a few clicks.

Additionally, this process demonstrates how easy it is to consolidate all your schedules into one centralized calendar.

Efficiency and organization

Add Events in Bulk: Firstly, save time by importing multiple events at once instead of manually adding them individually. Furthermore, this is especially useful for recurring events or importing schedules from other sources.

Maintain data integrity: Additionally, ICS files preserve event details accurately, eliminating the risk of typographical errors or errors during manual entry.

Centralized scheduling: Moreover, combine events from various sources, such as work, personal life, and subscriptions, into one central calendar for better organization and overview.

Flexibility and sharing

Import from multiple sources: Furthermore, ICS files are universal and work with multiple sources, such as email attachments, online calendars, and event invitations.

Easy Migration: Moreover, migrate events from other platforms or conveniently backup calendars via ICS files.

Share events with ease: Additionally, share events with others by sending them the corresponding ICS file, allowing them to easily add it to their calendar.

Improved functionality

Google Calendar Features: Furthermore, imported events integrate seamlessly with Google Calendar features such as reminders, notifications, and event customization.

Cross-platform sync: Moreover, access your imported events across all your devices with Google Calendar’s sync capabilities.

Offline Accessibility: Furthermore, imported events are stored in your Google Calendar and can be accessed even offline, unlike some online-only schedules.

Overall, importing ICS files into Google Calendar streamlines your scheduling process, improves organization, and promotes flexibility in managing your time and commitments.

How to troubleshoot ICS file import issues ?

There are several possible reasons why you may encounter problems importing ICS files into your calendar application. Furthermore, some common causes and solutions are:

Compatibility issues

  • Firstly, make sure your calendar application supports ICS files.
  • Secondly, not all applications can read or import this format.
  • Consequently, you may need to convert the ICS file to another format, such as CSV, before importing it.

Formatting issues

  • Firstly, check that the ICS file is formatted correctly according to the iCalendar specification.
  • Secondly, you can open the ICS file with a text editor, such as Notepad, and look for errors or missing information.
  • As a result, you may need to edit the file manually or use a tool to correct the formatting.

Software issues

  • Firstly, update your calendar app to the latest version.
  • Secondly, sometimes, outdated software may have bugs or compatibility issues that prevent ICS files from being imported.
  • As a result, you may also need to clear your cache or restart your app.


In this guide, we show you how to import ICS/iCal files to Google Calendar in a few easy steps.

Primarily, ICS/iCal files are a standard format for sharing calendar events between different applications and devices.

Consequently, by importing these files to your Google Calendar, you can access your events from anywhere and stay organized.

Furthermore, we also show you how to create or edit CSV or ICS files to import events in bulk. Alternatively, CSV and ICS files are easy to create and edit using spreadsheets or text editors.

Ultimately, you can use them to add multiple events to your Google Calendar at once.


Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Can you Import ics file into Google Calendar ?

Yes, you can import ics files to Google Calendar on a computer. You need to go to Settings, then Import and Export, then select the file on your computer and choose which calendar to add the events to.

Why won’t my CSV file Import into Google Calendar ?

There may be several reasons why your CSV file is not importing to Google Calendar, such as incorrect format, unsupported file type, or file size that is too large.

How do I Import my Microsoft calendar into Google Calendar ?

Export your Microsoft calendar as an iCalendar (.ics) file
In Google Calendar settings, select “Import calendar”
Choose the .ics file you exported from Outlook
Click “Import”

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