How to change Snapchat AI gender ?

We tested a new chatbot on Snapchat. At first, however, we didn’t like the chatbot. He had the wrong name and appearance.

Therefore, we look at the chatbot configuration. As a result, we could change the chatbot to be like us! We changed the name to our name.

Furthermore, we choose a gender for the AI chatbot (a boy or girl look). This is how we can change Snapchat AI gender for our chatbot. In addition, we also changed other things. We chose the colors we liked. We choose our favorite things.

You can change the chatbot too! Therefore, you can change the name and gender for your chatbot .

Here we’ve mentioned a quick answer to change Snapchat AI gender and other options in :

  • First, launch Snapchat and go to the Chat tab.
  • Then, tap the My AI profile photo at the top.
  • Next, tap Customize and then Avatar.
  • Furthermore, select the gender you want.
  • Finally, change facial features using the tabs, such as skin tone, hair and eyes.

How to change the Snapchat AI gender and look ?

Snapchat is a popular social media app that allows you to chat with your friends and share photos and videos.

However, did you know that you can also chat with an AI chatbot on Snapchat? Furthermore, you can customize the gender of your AI chatbot and find it to match your preferences?

Therefore, in this section, we will show you how to change Snapchat AI gender and how to search for it in a few simple steps:

  • To begin, open the Snapchat app on your phone and tap the Chats icon at the bottom of the screen.
tap on chat icon to change the snap chat ai gender
  • Then, find the My AI chat and tap your profile photo.
now click on my ai chat and tap on your profile photo to change the snapchat ai gender
  • Next, tap Customize on the next screen.
tap Customize to change snapchat ai gender
  • Following that, tap Avatar. You’ll see two options to choose from, usually a male or female avatar.
tap Avatar to change the snapchat ai gender
  • Finally, to change the appearance of your skin, hair, eyes, and other facial features, you can use the tabs that appear on the screen and finally, click save
change the appearance to change snapchat ai gender

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How to change Snapchat AI name ?

One of the features of Snapchat is the AI chatbot, which is a virtual assistant that can chat with you and help you with various tasks.

Furthermore, did you know that you can also change the name and gender of your Snapchat AI chatbot ?

Follow below mentioned steps to change Snapchat AI name:  

How to change Snapchat AI name
  • Secondly, tap the My AI icon at the top of the list.
tap the My AI icon
  • Then, in the upper right corner of the screen, click the three-dot icon.
click the three-dot icon
  • After that, select Manage Friendship.
select Manage Friendship
  • Furthermore, tap Edit display Name.
tap Edit display Name
  • Finally, enter a new name for your AI and tap Save.
enter a new name ans tap save

How do I reset my AI on Snapchat ?

Resetting your Snapchat AI gives you some flexibility, allowing you to choose an approach based on your desired outcome.

Furthermore, whether you need a hard reset or just a few changes, there are a few options to consider to reset your AI on Snapchat.

Clear Data

If you want to clear the data that your AI has learned from your previous interactions, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Firstly, tap the profile icon.
  • Then, scroll down to “Privacy Controls.
  • After that, tap “Clear data.”
  • Furthermore, tap “Clear my AI data.”

Remove your AI from Chat

If you want to remove your AI from your chat, you’ll need to subscribe to Snapchat+, which is a premium service that gives you access to new and expanded features.

Furthermore, only Snapchat+ subscribers can unpin or delete their AI at this time. Follow below mentioned steps to remove AI from your chat.

  • Firstly, swipe right from the camera screen to chat.
  • Secondly, hold down My AI.
  • Then, tap “Chat Settings.
  • Finally, tap “Delete from chat feed.

Delete chat history

If you want to delete your chat history with your AI, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Firstly, tap the profile icon (or Bitmoji) in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Secondly, press the “Settings” symbol (gear gear) in the upper right corner.
  • Then, scroll down and select “Clear data“.
  • Finally, to erase the AI queries from your chat, touch the “Delete AI queries from my chat” option and follow the confirmation instructions.

How does Snapchat use AI to create a gender filter and a chatbot ?

Snapchat has a fun tool to change your AI friend. It’s called the “My AI” filter.

Furthermore, the filter allows you to choose whether your AI friend is a boy or a girl.

Furthermore, that means you can change Snapchat AI gender for your chatbot and see how it affects the conversation.

Your AI friend’s name is “My AI”. You can talk to him within Snapchat. Subsequently, he/she will listen to you and try to understand how you feel. Additionally, you can change the appearance of “My AI” to match who you are.

“My AI” is very intelligent. Consequently, it uses ChatGPT to talk. ChatGPT was created by OpenAI to have good conversations.

My AI wants to be your best virtual friend. Therefore, it will joke with you and make Snapchat more fun.

Imagine having an AI friend who knows what you like. You can change to suit you and your preferences.

Similarly, you can change it to look and act however you want. You have multiple options to communicate with “My AI”

Ultimately, Snapchat artificial intelligence technology allows you to immerse yourself in a magical world of AI technology.   

Snapchat continues to push the boundaries with innovative features, including enhanced capabilities for its AI chatbot.

Furthermore, in one of the most interesting recent developments, Snapchat introduced 3D Bitmoji integration.

Additionally, this innovative update takes the user experience to a new immersive dimension. As a result, instead of simply responding to text messages, the AI chatbot now comes to life through the user’s 3D Bitmoji avatar.

Similarly, facial expressions and emotions are dynamically reflected in real time.

Consequently, chats become a vibrant exchange as the digital assistant visually mirrors the human on the other end.

Through innovative technologies like 3D Bitmoji, Snapchat is creating AI interactions that feel remarkably realistic and engaging.

How to protect your privacy and ethics when using AI chatbot ?  

Snapchat lets you customize your AI chatbot. This shows that it is important to use AI chatbot in the right way.

Additionally, when you can change an AI, you must be very careful. Your AI data, like all your private information, is kept very secure by Snapchat.

Also, if you want to start over or fix some things with your AI chatbot, Snapchat makes it easy. Firstly, go to Snapchat settings.

Then, there you will find “Privacy Controls“. After that, there you can clean your AI data. This clears everything so you can configure your AI again however you want.

Also, don’t forget, you are the boss of your own privacy. Snapchat gives you tools to choose what happens with your information.


In conclusion, Snapchat offers a fun way to customize your AI chatbot through “My AI.” Snapchat makes it easy to change name, gender, and appearance based on your preferences of the AI chatbot.

You can perform a soft reset by changing the details or completely deleting the chat history.

Most importantly, Snapchat respects privacy and puts users in control. You decide what data is used and you can delete your AI at any time.

With features like 3D Bitmoji, Snapchat continues to innovate to make AI interactions more engaging.

The customization options show how AI can be developed ethically when privacy is prioritized.

Snapchat “My AI” lets you immerse yourself in AI technology responsibly and on your own terms.


Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Who controls my AI on Snapchat ?

My AI is a chatbot that can answer various questions and help you with different tasks. Furthermore, it is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, which is a type of artificial intelligence that can generate natural language responses based on your inputs.

Is my AI only for Snapchat plus ?

No, My AI is not just for Snapchat Plus subscribers. Snapchat has decided to make My AI free for everyone, meaning daily active users of the app can use it

Is it safe to talk to Snapchat AI ?  

Chatting with Snapchat AI may have some risks and concerns. The AI uses ChatGPT technology, which can generate responses based on your comments. However, these responses may not be reliable, accurate, or appropriate and may violate Snapchat rules.

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