Unpin My AI on Snapchat in Simple Steps

My AI is a customizable avatar that appears on top of your chats. It uses artificial intelligence to chat with you, give you tips, and comment on your photos.

Furthermore, Snapchat’s new My AI feature, which uses artificial intelligence, is making some users feel less connected to their real friends.

While the goal is to provide a more interactive experience, many Snapchat users prefer to see messages from real friends first.

However, some users are unhappy with My AI because it creates a lot of clutter in their feeds and reduces their contact with people.

Consequently, if you have a Snapchat+ subscription, you have the option to unpin/remove My AI from your chat list.

Additionally, subscribers can “unpin” it using two different methods. But for regular users without the paid subscription, My AI appears whether they want it or not.

Similarly, Snapchat+ subscribers can unpin My AI chat bot with two different methods. Therefore, follow the instruction in the next section to unpin My AI chatbot from Snapchat.  

How to unpin My AI on Snapchat ?

Snapchat allows you to share snaps with friends. Furthermore, it also features My AI, an intelligent avatar that chats with you and comments on your photos. However, if you don’t like My AI, you can easily unpin My AI.

Follow below mentioned steps to unpin My AI from Snapchat:

To unpin My AI

  • Firstly, open Snapchat and on your profile screen, tap the Snapchat+ banner.
  • Then, slide “My AI” from “Pinned” to “Unpinned” to unpin it.

Unpin My AI from Snapchat+

  • Firstly, open Snapchat and swipe right to go to the chat feed.
To unpin My AI on snapchat open the app and swipe right to go to the chat feed
  • From there, tap and hold on My AI.
to unpin My AI tap and hold on my AI
  • Next, choose Chat Settings option.
to unpin My AI choose chat settings OPTION
  • Then, select “Clear from Chat Feed.”
to unpin My AI select clear from chat feed
  • Finally, select “Clear” to confirm.
finally select clear to confirm unpin of your ai

To remove My AI chat feed

  • Firstly, open Snapchat app and tap your Bitmoji in the top left corner.
How to unpin My AI
  • Then, click on the icon for settings in the top right corner.
click on the icon for settings
  • After that, scroll to “Privacy Controls” and select “Clear Data”.
select “Clear Data
  • Then tap “Clear Conversations
tap “Clear Conversations
  • Finally, choose the “X” sign next to “My AI.”
choose X sign

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How do you unpin My AI on Snapchat if you don’t have Snapchat Plus ?

To do this, you need to have the latest Snapchat on your phone. Furthermore, then, go to Snapchat settings and scroll all the way down until you see this option “I have a suggestion” and tap on it.

Additionally, you will see many options like Camera, Friends, Memories, Snapchat+, Profile, Search and more.

Consequently, click “Profile” and type this message “I want to delete my AI” and choose a topic type from the list. Similarly, you can leave the attachment empty. Therefore, at the end, click the “Submit” button.

As a result, you’ll see a message that says, “We appreciate your feedback! Thank you for helping us make Snapchat better every day.”

Similarly, it will take approximately 3 days to a week or more for the Snapchat team to see your suggestion and do something about it.

How Does Unpinning My AI from Snapchat Affect You ?       

Unpinning My AI from your chat feed doesn’t mean you can no longer talk to the chatbot.

Furthermore, it simply means that My AI will not be at the top of your feed by default.

Instead, you’ll see your other chats with your friends on top of My AI. Consequently, if you want to chat with My AI again, you can scroll down to find it or use the search icon at the top to locate it faster.

Additionally, search My AI on snapchat. This is useful if you want to keep My AI as an option but not a priority.

Similarly, you can unpin My AI when you feel like you need more space for your real friends in your chat. Therefore, you can also re-pin it if you can’t chat with the chatbot.


In conclusion, My AI is a new Snapchat feature that uses artificial intelligence to chat with you and comment on your photos.

However, some users may find it annoying or distracting as it takes up space in their chat and reduces their connection with their real friends.

Fortunately, if you have a Snapchat+ subscription, you can unpin or remove My AI from your chat feed using one of the two methods explained in this post.

Consequently, this way, you can have more control over your chat experience and choose when and how to interact with My AI.

Similarly, if you don’t have a Snapchat+ subscription, you’ll have to wait until Snapchat offers an option to turn off My AI for regular users.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Why can’t I remove my AI on Snapchat ?

Currently, the ability to delete My AI on Snapchat is only available to Snapchat+ subscribers. This is because My AI is a new feature that is still in development and Snapchat+ subscribers have early access to the new features.

What is my AI pinned on Snapchat ?

My AI is a chatbot that is currently available to all Snapchat users. It’s pinned to the top of your chat feed by default. This means it will always be visible, even if you have other chats open.

Can Snapchat AI send pictures ?

Snapchat’s AI cannot send images on its own. Users must manually select and submit images through the app. However, Snapchat has a new feature called My AI Snaps, which allows users to send images to the My AI chatbot and receive AI-generated images in return.

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