Can you unsend a Snapchat ? No, But You Can Delete It

Sometimes you can send a Snap that you regret and you want to unsend the Snapchat. While, Snapchat doesn’t allow user to recover a sent Snap, however, you can delete it from your chat history. This helps you keep your chats clean by deleting old messages.

You can easily unsend a Snapchat sent from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It doesn’t matter if the other person saw it or not. Consequently, here are the quick steps to delete a sent snap on Snapchat. 

  • Firstly, open the chat with the person.
  • Next, press and hold your finger on the Snap you want to delete.
  • Finally, select “Delete” from the menu to remove it from your registry.

While deleting a sent Snap from your Snapchat chat log will remove it from your view, conversely, your friends in chat may still know that you delete a sent message or snap.

Many users try to “unsend a Snapchat” by deleting it, but this doesn’t actually remove the snap from others’ conversation history.

Furthermore, once a message is sent via Snapchat, there is no way to completely delete the message for others to see it even after deleting it on your end.

Similarly, deleting a Snap or message from your chat log will be visible to friends in the conversation.

Therefore, deleting a sent item does not guarantee that your friends have not seen the content before you remove it from your end.

How to delete messages from Snapchat ? (Android and iOS)

You can delete a Snap chat even if the person has seen it or not. Furthermore, if you delete it before they open it, they’ll only see a notice that a Snap was deleted but not the content you sent.

Additionally, even if the person has already looked at the Snap, you can still remove them from the chat. Many users hope this action can “unsend a Snapchat”, but it only deletes the snap for your view, not undoing sending it.

Consequently, it will no longer be in the conversation history. Subsequently, Snapchat will notify you if you friend or the other person took a screenshot of the Snap.  

Follow below mentioned steps to delete message or snap from Snapchat.  

  • Secondly, tap the Chat icon in the bottom left corner. This will show you a list of your recent chats with your friends.
to unsend a snap chat tap chat icon in the app
  • Thirdly, find the chat that contains the message you want to delete and tap it. This will open your chat history.
  • Next, press and hold the message you want to delete until a menu appears.
to delete the message press and hold the message until pop up appears
  • Then tap Delete next to the trash icon. A window will ask you to confirm your choice.
tap delete to unsend a snapchat message
  • Finally, tap Delete again to delete the message from the chat. The other user will see “(You) deleted a Snap” in the chat history. You cannot delete messages that the other user has saved or viewed.
tap the delete button when pop up appears to delete the message completely

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How can send a message that will automatically delete after it is viewed ?

Snapchat has a policy about how long your snaps that have not been seen by others will stay on the app before Snapchat will delete them. This automatic deletion is different than users trying to “unsend a Snapchat” after sending.

Firstly, for chats with one person, if the person doesn’t view the Snap in 31 days, it will be removed from the chat.

Additionally, for chats with a group of people, if no one views the Snap in 7 days, it will be removed from the chat.

Consequently, Snapchat automatically deletes old messages to protect your privacy and not let snaps stay longer than you might want.

Follow below mentioned steps to auto delete your message after viewed:

  • Firstly, launch the Snapchat app on your phone. It has a yellow background with a white ghost icon.
  • Secondly, tap the Chat button on the bottom toolbar, next to the camera icon. This will show you your recent chats with your friends.
tap chat button in the bottom left of your screen
  • Thirdly, touch and hold a friend’s name or group. A menu will appear. Alternatively, you can also access this menu by tapping a friend’s profile icon and then tapping the three dots icon in the top right corner.
touch and hold friends or group icon a popup appear to unsend a snapchat
  • Next, tap Chat Settings.
tap Chat Settings to unsend a snapchat
  • Next, select Delete chat.
select Delete chat
  • Tap After viewing.
tap After viewing to unsend a snapchat
  • Finally, chats with this user will now be set to be deleted after being viewed.

How to delete story from Snapchat ? (Android and iOS)

Snapchat is a popular app that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and followers.

However, what if you want to unsend a Snapchat or delete a story you posted on Snapchat before it expires in 24 hours? For instance, maybe you changed your mind or maybe you made a mistake.

Consequently, whatever the reason, you can easily delete your Snapchat story by following a few simple steps.

Subsequently, in this section, we will show you how to delete a Snapchat story on your iPhone or Android phone.

Follow below mentioned steps to delete story from Snapchat:  

  • Firstly, open the Snapchat app on your phone and tap your profile icon or Bitmoji in the top left corner.
  • Secondly, tap My Story to view your story.
  • Thirdly, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view your story snapshots.
  • Next, press and hold the plugin you want to remove until a menu appears.
  • Finally, tap Delete next to the trash icon and confirm your choice.

Similarly, you can repeat this process for each snapshot you want to delete from your story. Consequently, when you delete all snaps, your story will be deleted from Snapchat.

Additionally, you can also download your story before deleting it by tapping the down arrow icon next to the trash icon.  

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Why can’t you unsend photo and video snaps ?

Some users used to try different tricks to unsend a Snapchat photos or undo sending videos in older versions of the Snapchat app. Initially, they thought they could cancel sending snapshots by:

  • Activate airplane mode.
  • Unfriend the recipient of the plugin Block the recipient of the plugin.
  • Sign out of your account.
  • Delete the app from your device.
  • Deactivate or delete your account.

However, these tricks no longer work with newer versions of the app. Subsequently, Snapchat cloud-based system uploads your snap as soon as you send it.

Similarly, when a recipient opens a snap they received from a friend or group of friends, they are automatically removed from Snapchat servers.

Likewise, any action you try to take on your end after you have submitted an add-on will not work because the add-on has already arrived in the cloud.    


You learned how to delete a Snapchat snap, message, or story in this blog post. Deleting a snap or message will remove it from your chat history, but it won’t prevent the other user from seeing it if they’ve already opened or saved it.

Similarly, deleting a story will remove it from your profile and your followers’ feeds, but it won’t stop them from seeing it if they’ve already viewed it or taken a screenshot.

Furthermore, you can also set your messages to automatically delete after viewing them, to keep your chats clean and protect your privacy.

Additionally, Snapchat has a policy of deleting unopened snaps after 31 days for individual chats and 7 days for group chats.

Finally, remember that deleting something from Snapchat doesn’t guarantee it will be gone forever, so be careful what you send and who you send it to.


Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

What does clear from chat feed mean ?

Delete from chat feed means you can delete a conversation from your chat screen on Snapchat. This does not delete any messages or snaps you have sent or received, but only the chat thread.

What happens when you delete snap ?

Deleting a snap means you delete it from your phone and the Snapchat server. However, It does not erase completely, but it just hides. You can still view snapshots you’ve deleted by going to the “Recent” section of the app and tapping the “x” next to the snapshot.

Can someone see your Snap message after you delete them ?

The other person can see your instant message if you opened it, saved it, or took a screenshot before you deleted it. Deleting it only removes it from your chat history.

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