How to turn off silent mode on iPhone ?

Does your iPhone seem to be stuck in silent mode lately, causing you to miss calls from friends and family? Don’t, we will guide you on easy ways to turn off silent mode and let your iPhone ring loudly once again!

Whether your phone’s side button is broken or you just want a backup option, fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

With these simple two-step process, you’ll be hearing incoming calls again in no time.

No more support bills or store visits needed. Now you can turn off silent mode right from your iPhone with just a few taps.

Firstly, the first way is to use the switch on the side of the phone. This switch has two positions: ring and silence. Simply move the switch to the ring position.

Alternatively, the second way is to go to your phone’s Settings. Go to Settings, then Accessibility. There you will see an option called Assistive Touch. Tap that, then tap Device and then Silent. This will unmute you so your phone can ring again.

Importantly, if the side switch is broken, please use Settings mode. The Settings way will make your phone ring even if the switch is locked to silent.

How to turn off silent mode on iPhone using the side button ?

Wondering how to stop your iPhone from staying silent? Luckily, it’s very easy to turn off silent mode using the switch on the side of your device.

In this section we will walk you through the simple process of toggling the switch to sound mode so you can start hearing ringing, alerts, and notifications again.

Specifically, this method works for iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 10 and all variant lesser than this.

Follow below mentioned steps to turn off silent mode on iPhone mobiles:  

  • Firstly, to check if your iPhone is currently in silent mode, look at the side button. If you see an orange across the switch, it means silent mode is active.
 look at the side button. If you see orange color means silent mode in on in your iphone
  • Next, to deactivate silent mode and activate ring mode, simply move the button in the opposite direction.
  • Then, when you move the button away from the orange position, you will no longer see the orange color visible. Consequently, this indicates that Silent Mode has been disabled and your iPhone has been set to Ringer Mode.
turn off or on silent mode on iPhone using side button
  • Finally, you’re all set: your iPhone will ring when you receive incoming calls or notifications instead of staying silent.

Fortunately, the side switching method provides an easy way to switch between the two modes right from your device.

How to turn off silent mode on iPhone using settings option ?  

If the physical side switch isn’t available to disable silent mode, don’t worry: you can easily re-enable ring mode using Settings.

  • First, open the Settings app and go to the “Accessibility” section. Within Accessibility, select ‘Touch‘ under ‘Physical and Motor’. If you don’t see the “Accessibility” option, first select “General” from the Settings menu and then choose “Accessibility” from there.
  • Next, activate ‘Assistive Touch’ by toggling the switch. This will place a gray circle on your iPhone screen.
Next, activate 'Assistive Touch' by toggling the switch.
  • Then, tap the circle to open the menu options. Select ‘Device‘ from the menu.
  • Following that, under Device, simply choose the option called “Turn on Silent” to turn off silent mode. Your iPhone will now exit silent mode.
use the mute and unmute option to turn off or on silent mode on iPhone
  • Finally, you have the option to close the menu circle and even turn off Assistive Touch entirely if you wish. The Settings method provides an efficient backup for disabling silent mode.

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How to Create a Shortcut for Toggling Silent Mode ?

Did you know that fortunately, on iPhone 8 or newer devices with iOS 14 or higher, you can use back taps to easily toggle silent mode?

Firstly, to set this up, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Touch Back. Here, select ‘Double tap‘ or ‘Triple tap’ and choose the ‘Mute‘ option. Now a quick succession of taps back will disable or activate silent mode.

For older iPhone models, alternatively, you can assign the Assistive Touch icon to perform the same function.

Specifically, in Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch, select ‘Single tap’, ‘Double tap‘ or ‘Long press’ and link it to the ‘Mute‘ option.

Importantly, whichever method you choose; you now have an easy gesture-based way to exit silent mode right from your iPhone’s home screen. No need to search through multiple menus to adjust sound settings.

Clearly, with these custom gestures, you can quickly and conveniently turn off silent mode with just a few taps on the back or the Assistive Touch icon.  

How to put turn ringer on iPhone ?

In this section, we will show you some troubleshooting steps you can follow to activate your iPhone’s ringer and receive notifications and loud calls alerting you.

Check the mute switch on the left side of your iPhone:

If you see an orange line, it means your phone is in silent mode and will not ring. To turn off silent mode, move the switch towards the front of your phone until the orange line disappears.

Check the volume level of your ringer:

You can do this by opening the Settings app and tapping Sounds & haptics. Then, drag the Ringer & Alerts slider to the right to alternatively increase the volume. Also, you can use the volume buttons on the side of your phone to adjust the volume.

Check if you have any focus modes enabled:

These modes can silence your calls and notifications. You can disable them by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen to open Control Center. Then, tap the focus mode icon (like a moon or a bed) to turn it off.

Check if your iPhone is connected to any headphones or speakers via Bluetooth:

This can also prevent your phone from ringing loudly. You can disconnect them by opening Control Center and tapping the Bluetooth icon. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth.

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How to turn off do not disturb on iPhone ?

There are several ways to turn off Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone. Here in this section we have mentioned some ways to turn off do not disturb on iPhone:

By using control center

You can use Control Center to quickly turn off Do Not Disturb mode. Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to access Control Center.

Then, importantly tap the Focus button where they Do Not Disturb crescent moon appears. If there is no moon icon, Do Not Disturb mode is currently disabled. Alternatively, tap Do Not Disturb to turn the feature on or off.

Use Siri

Siri can also help you deactivate Do Not Disturb mode. Simply say “Hey Siri, turn off Do Not Disturb” or alternatively “Hey Siri, turn on Do Not Disturb” and Siri will do it for you.

Customize Do Not Disturb in Settings App

Additionally, you can also customize Do Not Disturb settings in the Settings app. To do this, firstly open the Settings app and tap focus.

Then, tap Do Not Disturb and adjust the options you want. You can choose to allow notifications from certain people or apps, set a schedule for Do Not Disturb mode, change your lock screen or home screen wallpaper, and apply filters to your notifications.

Note: If unfortunately, you have a scheduled Do Not Disturb mode enabled, you can prevent it from turning on automatically by going to the Settings app, tapping Do Not Disturb, and turning off the scheduled option in the Set a schedule section.

If the above-mentioned solutions do not work, contact Apple Customer Support.


In this article, we show you how to turn off silent mode on your iPhone using two different methods: the side switch and the settings option.

Furthermore, we’ve also explained how to create a shortcut to toggle silent mode using back taps or Assistive Touch.

Additionally, these methods are easy to follow and can help you customize your iPhone’s sound settings to your preferences.

Consequently, by following these simple steps, you can easily make your iPhone ring again and never miss a call or notification.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

How do I reset the ringer on my iPhone ?

Slide the mute switch forward until no orange shows. Turn up the ringer volume in Settings or with buttons. Tap focus mode icons in Control Center to turn them off.

Why is my iPhone not ringing when I get a call ?

Your iPhone may skip ringing and go to voicemail if service is low, Airplane, Do Not Disturb, Focus, or Silence Unknown Callers modes are on. Check the icons on the top right and swipe down to turn off any blocking modes.

Can Siri turn off silent mode ?

No, to mute or unmute your iPhone without the switch, you can use Assistive Touch or Back Tap. Assistive Touch lets you control your device on the screen. Back Tap allows you to perform actions by tapping the back of your iPhone. You can ask Siri to turn these features on or off.

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