Pixlr Text Editing: Learn How to Change Text Color Easily ?

If you’re interested in learning how to change text color in Pixlr, this versatile tool offers aspiring photographers and graphic designers the means to bring their creative ideas to life. In just a few clicks, you can not only enhance your photos but also add impactful text elements.

While Pixlr offers a wide range of editing features, one often overlooked option is text customization. In addition, changing simple things like color and format can take your designs to the next level.

This is something you can do without any special skills. Similarly, anyone can do this with just a few clicks in Pixlr.

Consequently, in this guide we’ll show your how to change text color in Pixlr and make those adjustments and get the most out of Pixlr text editing tools.

Firstly, make sure you add your text over an image. Subsequently, Pixlr makes this process easy: simply select “Add Text” in the left toolbar. Following this, you’ll see fields to enter your copy and adjust settings.

At that point, the fun begins. Likewise, use the fonts, sizes, and most importantly, colors to enhance your text.

Conversely, Pixlr offers you a wide palette of colors to choose from. For example, selecting complementary or contrasting shades can draw more attention to your message.

Ultimately, with a few quick clicks in Pixlr, you have the power to stylize your text and give your designs a polished look.

How to change text color in Pixlr ?

In this section, we will show you how to add text to your picture and how to change the color of the text in Pixlr.

Firstly, we will explore how to insert text onto any image. Secondly, we will discuss how to alter the text hue

Follow below mentioned steps to add text on any picture in Pixlr.

  • To begin, open Pixlr and open the image you want to edit.
  • Next, once it’s loaded, look for the menu bar on the left side of the screen.
look for the menu bar on the left side to change text color in Pixlr
  • Then, look for the options in the menu until you see one labeled “Add Text.”
tap on ad text option to add text on image
  • Following that, select this by clicking on it.
Select the text you want to add on image

A text field will then appear directly on your photo. Furthermore, this is where you can enter the words, message or title you want to include.

Next, now that you’ve added text to your image, it’s time to style it. Additionally, select the text you want to change the color and look below the text box for fields to modify things like the color.

look below the text box to change the text color in pixlr

However, the default color is usually black, but feel free to experiment. Then, click the “Color” field to see a palette of shades.

Furthermore, Pixlr makes it easy to change text color and choose between popular shades like red, green, and blue right in the main window. However, don’t stop there!

Instead, dig deeper into the color options by selecting the small palette icon. This expands your options so you can find the perfect match.

select different color option from the color palette to change your text color in Pixlr

Finally, once you’ve found your favorite – color, simply click “OK” to apply it. And just like that, your text now has a custom color!

Customizing Text

To begin with, further you change text color in Pixlr with just a few selections, now in this section we’ll guide on how you can change font style of your text for maximum impact in Pixlr.

Furthermore, below the text box, you’ll see options to customize elements like font, size, and style. Let’s explore how to optimize each options to enhance your added text.

Select the options options to customize elements like font, size, and style

To start, first, determine your word size. Then, select a preset dimension from the drop-down menu or enter a number; this controls the size of the text.

Following that, next, choose your font. Pixlr offers standard fonts and unique styles to make your words really stand out. Also, explore the variety to find the perfect match.

Additionally, consider the style. Similarly, like other programs, you can set the text to regular, bold or italic depending on the effect you want. For example, bold can emphasize important points, while italics add subtlety.

Select the text style like bold italic etc.

Therefore, experiment with modifying these different properties until the text enhances your design perfectly.

In last, with just a few selections, Pixlr lets you creatively stylize words and make each element look more fun and colorful.  

How to use gradients in the text ?

In the above sections we’ve explored how to change modifying text color in Pixlr, but what if you want even more options beyond simple shades? Pixlr has you covered with advanced styling techniques.

Furthermore, while separating text into multiple segments and customizing each section is one approach, there is an even better solution.

In addition, Pixlr allows you to apply gorgeous gradients that take your words to the next level.

Similarly, gradients make a smooth transition between two or more shades, adding visual interest and a refined look.

Likewise, whether you choose a subtle blend or a dramatic change in tone, gradients are a creative way to make text really stand out.

Follow below mentioned steps to apply gradients in your text.

  • To begin, click the text layer to select it.
Use gradient in the text by selecting layers of the text
  • Then, go to the Layers menu and choose Rasterize Layer. This allows the text to change color.
go to the Layers menu and choose Rasterize Layer This allows the text to change color.
  • After that, next, click the Edit menu and select Pixels. This allows you to color each letter.
  • Following this, select the Gradient tool with the colored stripes. Click to choose it.
select the gradient tool from the menu bar
  • Finally, now choose the colors you want to use from the colors menu. You have the option to pick as many as 10 colors.
Choose  the different colors from the options

However, before using gradients in your text, you can see how they will look. Furthermore, in the top corner, a small preview shows the color mix.

Next, if you don’t like the colors you chose, it’s easy to choose different ones. Additionally, Pixlr allows you to play and be creative with colors.

From there, experiment freely with these gradients and patterns. Use them to finish your design. Even if you make a mistake you can always change the text to a simple color.

Add Layers style in text

The style of your text is as important as the color. Furthermore, with the right style, you can create powerful effects and make your text really come to life.

Don’t forget: the same color can have very different impacts depending on your style.

Consequently, experiment with options like shadows, highlights, and opacities in the Layer Styles toolbar.

For example, try adding an inner glow versus an outer glow to green text. As a result, you will be surprised how different it looks. Similarly, a simple change of style can completely transform your design.

Of course, the use of special effects depends on your project and your personal tastes.

Alternatively, more stylized text may work well for some designs but not for others. Therefore, experiment and see what fits the message you are trying to convey.

The key is that styling gives you powerful tools to enhance your text and subsequently take your designs to the next level.

Power of Colors

Colors are more than just visual elements of your text. In fact, they can significantly influence how we understand and feel about your message.

Colors not only impact aesthetics, but also affect perception. So, don’t overlook the power of colors when choosing them for your text.

As a result, consider its impact on shaping your audience’s experience, beyond simply altering the appearance. Colors play a subtle but important role in truly communicating your meaning.

Consequently, it is important to select colors carefully, rather than treating them as an afterthought.

Where is the color replace tool in Pixlr ?

The color replacement tool in Pixlr is a useful feature that allows you to change the color of text or any part of your image.

Furthermore, depending on the version of Pixlr you are using, the color replacement tool can be found in different places.

Below are some steps that will consequently help you locate and use the color replacement tool in Pixlr:

Pixlr E

  • Firstly, go to the toolbar on the left side of the screen.
  • Subsequently, click on the brush icon.
  • Next, select “Color Replacement Brush” from the drop-down menu that consequently appears.

Pixlr X

  • Firstly, go to the bottom toolbar.
  • Next, click Tools.
  • Finally, in the “Retouch” category that subsequently appears, click “Replace Color

If you are using Pixlr Editor

  • Firstly, go to the toolbar on the left side of the screen.
  • Secondly, click on the pencil icon.
  • Next, select “Color Replacement Tool” from the drop-down menu.

Once you’ve selected the color replacement tool, you can adjust the brush size, tolerance, and edge hardness to your preference.

Furthermore, you can also choose the source color and replacement color by clicking the color boxes or using the eyedropper tool.

To apply the color replacement tool, simply click and drag the brush over the area you want to change.

Consequently, the source color will be replaced by the chosen replacement color. You can subsequently retry the replacement color at any time and paint different areas with different colors.

How to troubleshoot Pixlr color replace wrong color or transparent ?

In this section we’ll guide you how to troubleshoot Pixlr color change wrong color or transparent in your text.

There are a few possible reasons why Pixlr color replacement tool may produce wrong colors or transparent results. Here are some tips to fix this problem:

Pick right font and colors

You can use the color box next to “Font” and “Replacement” to choose colors, or use the eyedropper tool to test the colors in your image.

Furthermore, you can also enter a hexadecimal code for more precise color selection.

Set tolerance for change area

The tolerance level determines how similar the pixels must be to the source color in order to be replaced.

Furthermore, a low tolerance will only replace pixels that are very close to the source color, while a high tolerance will replace pixels that are most different from the source color.

Additionally, you can use the slider next to “Tolerance” to change the value.

Change brush hardness for edge sharpness

Edge hardness controls how soft or hard the edges of the brush are. Furthermore, a low edge hardness will create a smooth transition between the replaced and original colors, while a high edge hardness will create a stark contrast between them.

Additionally, you can use the slider next to “Edge Hardness” to change the value.

If you want some parts of your image to be transparent, you can use one of these methods:

  • Firstly, use the color selection tool to select the color you want to make transparent, then click the “Invert” button on the toolbar. Consequently, this will make all pixels of that color transparent.
  • Alternatively, use the eraser tool, set the opacity to 100% and erase over the area you want to make transparent.  


In conclusion, Pixlr is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to add and customize text like change text color to your images.

Furthermore, whether you want to create a logo, banner, meme, or poster, you can use Pixlr to make your text stand out and match your design.

Pixlr is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to add and customize text to your images.

Similarly, you can change the color, font, size and style of your text with just a few clicks.

Additionally, you can also use gradients and other advanced techniques to make your text more interesting and beautiful.

Consequently, by following this guide, you’ll be able to learn how to change text color in Pixlr and create stunning designs.


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Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Can you change font in Pixlr ?

Yes, you can change the font in Pixlr. Pixlr is a cloud-based photo editing platform that offers several tools. You can use Pixlr to add and customize text to your images. You can change the color, size, style and alignment of your text with just a few clicks.

Is there a fill option in Pixlr ?

Yes, there is a fill option in Pixlr. You can use Pixlr to fill an entire area with the same color or use gradients to make your text more colorful and dynamic.

How do I distort text in Pixlr ?

Go to the Pixlr website or app and select the Type tool (“A”).
Click on your image and type your text. Customize it using the options on the right side panel.
Click the “Effects” tab and choose the “Text Warp” tool. Adjust the warp settings and drag the handles to change the angle and scale.
Finally “Apply” to confirm the changes. Use the undo or redo buttons if necessary.

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