Why and How to Tip Your Amazon Delivery Drivers ?

If you’re like most people, you probably depend on Amazon for many of your online shopping needs. But do you know how much and how to tip your Amazon delivery drivers for their service?

Furthermore, whether it’s grocery deliveries, gifts, books, or anything else, Amazon delivers millions of items to customers every day.

However, have you ever wondered who the people behind those deliveries are? And how much do they get paid for their hard work?

As a result, in this blog post, we’ll explore the world of Amazon delivery drivers and why you should tip them generously.

Moreover, we’ll also share some tips on how to tip your delivery driver without spending a dime, but hurry, this deal won’t last long!

Consequently, read on to learn more about how you can show your appreciation to the drivers who make your life easier.

How to tip Amazon delivery drivers ?

Tipping your Amazon driver is a good way to show your appreciation for their service, especially during the busy holiday season.

Furthermore, there are different ways to tip your Amazon driver, depending on the type of delivery service you use.

Follow below mentioned methods to tip your Amazon delivery drivers:

Prime Now and Amazon Fresh

use prime to tip amazon delivery drivers

These services allow you to tip your driver directly in the Amazon app or website when you place your order.

Furthermore, at checkout, you’ll see a “Leave a tip” option where you can enter whatever dollar amount you want. Consequently, this will go directly to your driver.

Amazon Flex

use amazon flex to tip Amazon delivery drivers

This is a program where independent contractors deliver packages for Amazon using their own vehicles.

Furthermore, you can tip your Flex driver using cash or a digital payment app like Venmo or Cash App.

However, you will need to ask your driver for their contact information or scan their QR code to do so.

Amazon Delivery Service Partners

These are small and medium-sized businesses that partner with Amazon to deliver packages using Amazon-branded vans and uniforms.

Furthermore, you can tip your DSP driver using extra cash or a gift card. However, you will need to hand it to them personally or leave them in a safe place with a note.


use alexa to tip amazon delivery drivers

Amazon is currently running a promotion where you can tip your driver $5 for free using your Alexa-enabled device or app.

Furthermore, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, thanks to my driver” or click the yellow button on the “thank you to my driver” web page.

Leave a cash tip at the door

One simple way to tip your driver is to leave an envelope with cash on your doorstep or in your mailbox. Similarly, writing “Driver Tip” on the outside clearly indicates it is meant for them.

Write a thank you note

In the same manner, a sincere note showing your appreciation goes a long way. Furthermore, slipping it into an envelope with the driver’s name or ‘Amazon Delivery’—along with a holiday gift—acknowledges their hard work, especially as they deliver holiday gifts to customers amidst many more deliveries.

Ask for Driver’s Cash App

Similarly, if you develop a relationship with a regular driver, politely ask them if they have a Cash app, Venmo, etc. Furthermore, getting permission first shows consideration for their privacy.

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How to tip amazon delivery drivers without Alexa ?

Even without an Alexa device, you can show your appreciation to your Amazon delivery person in several ways:

Follow below mentioned methods to tip Amazon delivery drivers without Alexa:

Through the “Thank my driver” function

On the Amazon website or Amazon mobile shopping app (iOS or Android) : Type “Thank My Driver” in the search bar to find the feature on the Amazon website or Amazon iOS or Android app.

You’ll see a yellow button that you can click to send a thank you message to your most recent driver.

This will not result in a monetary tip, but it is a good way to recognize their hard work.

Offer a refreshing drink or snack

Leave a bottle of cold water, soda, or a granola bar on your doorstep or near where the driver usually leaves packages.

This is a small gesture that can be a welcome refreshment on a hot day or during a busy delivery schedule.

Cash tip

If you see your driver making the delivery, you can offer him a cash tip directly. This is a more traditional way to tip and allows you to show your appreciation in a tangible way.

Send a gift card

Buy a gift card to a local coffee shop, gas station, or other store your driver might appreciate. You can leave it with the package or mail it to the delivery address associated with your order.

Rate your delivery experience

When you receive an email from Amazon asking you to rate your delivery experience, be sure to mention your appreciation for your driver in the comments section.

This feedback can be valuable to Amazon and can help them recognize and reward excellent drivers.

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How to cancel Amazon delivery drivers tips ?

Unfortunately, once a tip has been sent through official Amazon channels, such as the “Thank you my driver” feature, it cannot be cancelled.

Furthermore, tips from delivery drivers are processed immediately and directed to drivers, making it impossible to withdraw them later

However, depending on how you tipped the driver, there may be alternative options to cancel your Amazon delivery drivers tips:

If you tipped in cash

This cannot be reversed directly, but you can choose not to tip cash for future deliveries.

If you used a gift card

Similarly, if the driver has not yet redeemed the gift card, you may be able to contact the issuer (for example, the store where you purchased it) and explain the situation to see if they can cancel or freeze the card.

If you offered a personal gift

Similarly, simply politely explain to the driver that you have changed your mind and politely ask them to return the gift if possible.

Furthermore, maintaining a respectful tone, especially during the busiest times, shows consideration for the driver’s time and effort.

If you rated your experience

In the same manner, while your reviews cannot be modified after submission, you can always contact Amazon customer service and explain that you accidentally included a positive mention of tips in your review. They may be able to remove that specific part of your comments.

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What is Amazon tips ?

To begin with, Amazon tip is a way to show your appreciation to the delivery drivers who bring you your orders from Amazon.

Furthermore, you can tip them using the Amazon appor website, cash, gift cards, or even Alexa.

Similarly, tipping is optional, but it can make a difference for drivers who work hard to deliver your items quickly and safely.

In addition, depending on the type of delivery service you use, such as Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, or Amazon Flex, there are different ways to tip your drivers.

For example, some services allow you to tip in advance, while others require you to tip after delivery. You can also adjust or remove your tip within 24 hours of delivery.

Consequently, by tipping your Amazon drivers, you can show your gratitude and support for their essential work.  


In conclusion, Amazon delivery drivers are the heroes of online shopping. Furthermore, they work hard to deliver your packages on time, often under difficult conditions.

Consequently, that’s why you should tip Amazon delivery drivers generously to show your gratitude and support.

Additionally, there are many ways to tip your Amazon driver, depending on the type of service you use.

For example, you can tip them directly through the app or website, use cash or digital payment apps, leave a gift card or thank you note, or even tip them for free using Alexa.

Similarly, no matter how you choose to tip your Amazon driver, it will brighten your day a little and help you earn a decent living.


Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

How do Amazon drivers get tips ?

Amazon delivery drivers receives tip from customers using the Amazon app, website, or Alexa to thank them for their service. Tips can be in the form of cash, digital payment, gift card, or a free $5 Amazon tip.

What does Amazon tips mean ?

Amazon tipping is a way for customers to show their appreciation to the delivery drivers who bring their orders. They can be added through the app, website, or Alexa, or given in cash or gift cards.

How do Amazon Fresh tips work ?

Amazon Fresh tips are optional payments that customers can make to their delivery drivers through the app, website, or Alexa. They are added to the driver’s earnings and can be edited up to 24 hours after delivery.

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