Amazon Payment Revision Needed: A Complete Guide to Avoiding and Fixing This Common Issue

Have you ever ordered something on Amazon and received a message saying “Payment Revision Needed”?

Furthermore, if so, you are not alone. In addition, many Amazon customers face this issue from time to time and it can be frustrating and confusing.

Here are the steps to resolve a payment revision issue message:

  • Firstly, sign in to your Amazon account
  • Secondly, go to “Your account”
  • Thirdly, select “Payment settings Options”
  • Furthermore, update your default payment method with current and valid details
  • Finally, you may also need to confirm the last 4 digits of your new payment

Once you’ve updated your payment details, the review indicator should clear within a day or two.

Fix payment revision needed on Amazon

Furthermore, you will then be able to continue shopping and placing orders without problems.

Additionally, in this blog post, we’ll explain everything What does it mean? Why it happens? How can you solve it? about the “Payment Revision Needed” error on Amazon and how to resolve it quickly and easily.

Specifically, you’ll learn common causes of this error, steps to update your payment method on Amazon, and how to avoid fraudulent activity emails trying to steal your credit card information.

Why does Amazon keep saying payment revision needed ?

Amazon keep saying payment revision needed

There are several possible reasons why Amazon keeps saying a payment revision is needed. It could be because:

  • Firstly, your payment method was declined by your bank or card issuer.
  • Secondly, your credit card has expired or reached its credit limit.
  • Furthermore, billing address does not match the address on your card statement.
  • Additionally, you entered incorrect details of your card.
  • Your transaction may be rejected by your payment provider or credit card company on the grounds of suspected fraudulent activity.
  • Finally, you interrupted the payment process by refreshing or closing the page.

To fix this issue, you can try updating your payment info or using a different payment method on Amazon.

  • Firstly, you can do this by going to your orders and clicking the button to update your card for the order that needs payment review.

However, you should also be wary of scam email address that claim to be from Amazon and ask you to review your payment.

These fake emails may contain links to fake websites that try to steal your credit card details.

Furthermore, to avoid these scams, always visit the Amazon website directly and do not click on any links in the emails.

Finally, you can also check the sender address and the spelling and grammar of the email for signs of fraud.

How to fix payment revision needed on Amazon ?

Fixing payment revision issues needed message on Amazon can usually be done in a few quick steps, depending on the cause of the problem.

Follow below mentioned methods to fix payment revision needed issue on Amazon:

Check the message

  • Make sure it’s from Amazon: Double-check the email origin and website link to avoid phishing attempts.
  • Order Details: Identify the specific order that requires review in “Your Orders” on Amazon.

Review and update payment information

  • Card validity: Check if your registered card is expired and update it with a valid one if necessary.
  • Accuracy of details: Check your billing address, card number, and expiration date for typos or discrepancies.
  • Card Limit: Make sure your card has enough funds to cover the order amount and that you haven’t reached your spending limit.

Review the payment method

  • Firstly, go to “Your Orders” and locate the affected order.
  • Secondly, click “Review payment method” next to the order.
  • Furthermore, choose to try again with the current payment method after updating details or select a different payment method if you prefer.
  • Finally, to finish the transaction, please click “Retry Payment”.

Consider other possibilities

  • Banking Inquiries: Please contact customer care of your bank if they may have flagged the transaction for security reasons.
  • Technical Issues: If the review persists, please contact Amazon customer service for potential technical issues on your end.
  • Alternative Payment Methods: Add additional payment options to your account for future flexibility and redundancy.

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How to cancel an Amazon order that needs payment revision ?

Canceling an order on Amazon with the message “Payment Revision Needed” can be a bit complicated depending on the stage of the review process.

Follow below mentioned steps to cancel an Amazon order that needs payment revision:

Before reviewing the payment

  • Firstly, if you haven’t tried to review your payment yet and you no longer want the order, you can try to cancel it directly.
  • Secondly, go to “Your Orders” in your Amazon account, find the order, and click “Cancel Order.”
  • Additionally, please note that if the order has already started processing, this option may not be available.

After trying to review the payment

  • Wait for the revised payment flow: Initially, after attempting to review your payment, there may be a 15-minute waiting period before you can cancel. Additionally, please check your emails for updates from Amazon during this time.
  • Cancel through “Your Orders”: Furthermore, once the revised payment flow appears, you can try to cancel the order again through “Your Orders” as mentioned above. This should be possible if the review has not yet been completed.
  • Contact Amazon Customer Service: Additionally, if cancellation is not available through your account, or if you are unsure of the order status, it is best to contact Amazon customer service directly. They can verify the details and help you cancel the order if possible.

Additional Tips

  • Explain the reason for cancellation: Furthermore, when you contact customer service, explain that you cannot review the payment and that you want to cancel the order. This could help speed up the process.
  • Consider placing a new order: Additionally, if you still want the items but are having problems with your current order, customer service may suggest placing a new order with a different payment method.
  • Please be patient: Finally, depending on the situation, resolving the payment issue or canceling the order may take some time. Please be patient and work with customer service to reach a solution.

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​Why do I need to revise payment method on Amazon  ?

Payment revision needed amazon: Below we have mentioned common reasons to review your payment method.

Failed payment

  • Expired credit card: Your credit or debit card may have expired since you added it to your account.
  • Insufficient funds: There may not be insufficient balance in your account to cover the order or fees.
  • Declined by bank: Your bank may have flagged the transaction as suspicious activity or you may have exceeded your monthly spending limit.
  • Incorrect information: There could be typos in your card number, incorrect billing address, incorrect details of card or security code .
  • Technical Issues: Occasionally, technical glitches on Amazon’s part can cause payment processing issues.

Account changes

  • New card: You received a new card due to expiration, loss or theft.
  • Updated information: Your billing address or phone number has changed.
  • Added/Removed Payment Method: You want to use a different card or add a backup option.

Subscription renewals

  • Expired card: Your card for a subscription is no longer valid and requires an update.
  • Payment method changed: You switched to a different card for subscription payments.

General maintenance

  • Security Control: Amazon may periodically request payment method verification to improve security.
  • Inactive card: Your bank may have deactivated your card and you need a new one.

It is important to review your payment method as soon as possible to avoid potential problems such as:

  • Order delays: Orders will not be processed until payment is successful.
  • Account Suspension: Unpaid fees or subscriptions may result in account suspension.
  • Late Payment Fees: You may incur late payment fees.

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​Why does Amazon want payment revision after charging me ?

This is an unusual situation as ideally you will not be charged on Amazon for your order if it needed a payment revision. However, here are some possible explanations and steps you can take:

Reasons for the discrepancy

Temporary Authorization: The charge you see may be a temporary authorization hold placed by Amazon to verify the availability of your card. Furthermore, this hold usually disappears within a few days if the actual payment is not made.

Delayed processing: Sometimes the payment review message and the actual charge processing do not occur simultaneously. Therefore, check your order status and bank statements after a few hours to see if the charge reflects the revised amount.

Technical Failure: In rare cases, technical issues on Amazon’s part may cause discrepancies between payment messages and actual charges.

Steps to follow

Verify the message: Make sure the “Payment revision Needed” message is legitimate and from Amazon. Furthermore, check the sender address of the email and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

Review the revision payment flow: Sign in to your Amazon account and subsequently, see if the revised payment options are available. In addition, if you are unsure, wait 15 minutes after attempting the review as it may take a while for the flow to appear.

Check your bank statement: Review your bank statement for the amount and timing of the disputed charge. Then, compare it to the order price and see if it reflects the revised amount mentioned in the message.

Contact Amazon Customer Service: If the discrepancy persists or you are unsure about the situation, please contact Amazon Customer Service. As a result, explain the problem and provide details about the message and charge. They can investigate and clarify the situation.


In conclusion, a “Payment Revision Needed” message on Amazon means there is a problem with your payment method and you need to update it or use a different one.

Furthermore, this can happen for a variety of reasons, such as card expiration, insufficient funds, or incorrect information.

Next, to resolve this issue, you can follow the simple steps in this blog post to review and update your payment information, or contact Amazon customer service or your bank for further assistance.

Additionally, you should also be wary of scam emails that try to trick you into providing your credit card information to fake websites.

Finally, by following these tips, you can avoid and fix the Payment Revision issues” error on Amazon and enjoy a smooth and secure shopping experience.


Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Why does my Amazon keep saying payment revision needed ?

This message means that Amazon was unable to charge your order to your card. You must update your payment method on the Amazon website or app.

Why does my Amazon payment keep declining ?

There may be several reasons why your Amazon payment keeps declining, such as incorrect card details, insufficient funds, or bank policies. You can try updating your payment method, contacting your bank, or using a different card.

Why do I need to update my payment method on Amazon ?

You must update your payment method on Amazon when your card is declined or expires, or when you want to use a different payment method for your order. Updating your payment method ensures that your order can be processed and shipped without interruptions

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