Change Your Voicemail on Android: A Quick and Easy Tutorial

Whether you run a business, have a side hustle, or just want more control over your phone’s voicemail, it’s important to know how to change and personalize your voicemail greeting on Android or any other phone.

Furthermore, having a personalized voicemail message presents a more professional image for businesses and allows you to address customers directly.

Additionally, it can also assist in emergencies by informing callers of your location and condition if phone service is affected.

Similarly, we have all been in emergency situations were communicating with others was essential. Likewise, voicemail can help us convey a message even when the service goes out.

Moreover, having the right voicemail is also important in case of an emergency.

For example, a few months ago, John got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to an important meeting.

Consequently, he was able to call ahead and let his client know that he would be a little late thanks to his voicemail.

In addition, his voicemail greeting was clear and professional, and he asked the person he was calling to leave their name, number, and reason for calling.

As a result, he could easily identify who called him and what he needed. His client appreciated his courtesy and understanding, and they were able to reschedule the meeting without any problems.

Here we’ve provided a quick step to change your voice mail on android:

  • First, to change your voicemail message on your Android phone, press and hold the number 1 on your phone’s keypad.
  • Next, to go to your message options, press 3.
  • Then, to record a new greeting, press 2.
  • After that, the tone, say your message.
  • Finally, to save the message, press 1. To record again, press 2

Follow our detailed instructions in the below section to change and customize your voicemail on Android.

How to change Voicemail on Android ?

Voicemail is a convenient feature that allows you to record and receive messages from callers when you can’t answer your phone.

However, you may want to change your voicemail greeting or settings for various reasons, such as personalizing your message, updating your password, or changing your notification options.

In this section, we will show you how to change voicemail on Android by following some simple steps.

  • Firstly, launch the phone app on your device and press and hold the 1 key. Furthermore, this will connect you to your voicemail service.
  • Secondly, when you hear the voice message, press 3 to access the greeting menu.
  • Thirdly, press 2 to select the option to record a new message. (Moreover, this will overwrite any existing greetings you have.
  • Next, after the beep, say, sing or play your message. Press the # key when you are finished.
  • Finally, the app will play your recording and ask you to confirm it. Alternatively, press 1 to save it as an outgoing message or 2 to redo it. Ultimately, when you are happy with your recording, press 1 to confirm it.

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How to set up voicemail on Samsung android phones ?  

If you have a Samsung Android phone, you might want to know how to set up voicemail on it.

Similarly, voicemail is a useful feature that allows you to receive and play messages from callers when you cannot answer the phone.

Furthermore, in this section, we will guide you through the steps to set up or change voicemail on Samsung Android phones quickly and easily.

  • Firstly, open the Phone app on your Samsung phone and tap the keyboard icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Then, press and hold the number one key to call your voicemail service. Subsequently, you will be asked to enter a PIN and follow the instructions to set up your voicemail.
  • Alternatively, if you have the Visual Voicemail app on your phone, you can also use it to manage your voicemail messages without dialing. Next, you can find the app in the app drawer or by tapping the voicemail icon in the Phone app.
  • Finally, to change or delete your voicemail number, go to Settings > Voicemail in the Phone app and tap the Voicemail number option. Consequently, you can enter a new number or delete the existing one.

How to record professional clear voicemail message ?

Your voicemail greeting is one of the first impressions someone receives when they call you. Furthermore, it is important to take the time to record a clear and professional message.

In addition, avoid using your phone’s built-in microphone; The quality is usually not very good. Instead, connect an external microphone such as headphones or a recording microphone.

Similarly, any external microphone will give you much better audio quality, whether wired or Bluetooth.

Moreover, when recording, choose a quiet location so that there are no background noises to distract you.

Next, take a minute to plan what you want to say before recording. Then, stand up straight and breathe deeply; This will help you appear more confident and composed.

Consequently, the goal is to leave a voicemail that people don’t mind hearing.

Therefore, a clear, well-expressed message means they’ll get the information they need and feel good about contacting you again in the future.

Finally, taking a little time to record a high-quality greeting can really improve your professional image.

Can I have more than one voicemail message ?

Most phones only allow you to receive a single voicemail greeting. However, with the Google Voice app, you can record up to 10 different messages.

As a result, this is useful if you want personalized greetings for business hours, weekends, or out-of-office periods. Firstly, start by downloading the Google Voice app.

Follow below mentioned steps to generate more than one voicemail message:

  • Firstly, from the home screen, tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner.
tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left to change voicemail on Android
  • Subsequently, select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. As a result, this will take you to your account settings.
Tap settings in the drop down menu to change voicemail on Android
  • Next, scroll down the settings menu until you see the “Voicemail Greeting” option. Then, tap to enter voicemail settings.
Tap on voicemail greeting to enter voicemail settings
  • Thereafter, you’ll see a button labeled “Record a greeting.” Consequently, tap here to start the recording process.
Tap on record greeting to record a new voicemail
  • Following this, once tapped, it will display a microphone icon. Alternatively, get ready to record your message when you’re ready.
a microphone appears tap on that to record a new voicemail
  • Then, tap the microphone icon to start recording. Similarly, your voice will now be recorded.
a red color icon appears with time that indicates that recording in on
  • Finally, tap the red stop button when you finish speaking. Hence, this will end the audio capture.
  • Moreover, you will be prompted to save or discard the recording. Tap “Save” to keep it.
Tap on save to save your recorded voicemail
  • Likewise, repeat the recording process to store up to 10 greetings for different contexts.
  • In addition, in settings, tap the menu next to the greeting name and choose “Set as active” to change greetings.

How to change Voicemail password on Android ?

If you want to change your voicemail password on your Android phone, you need to follow some simple steps.

Similarly, a voicemail password is a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to your voicemail messages.

Furthermore, you can change your voicemail password any time you want, but you must remember the new password to access your voicemail.

Additionally, you can change your voicemail password on Android in different ways depending on your phone carrier and your current password.

Follow below mentioned steps to change your voicemail password on Android.

If you know your password

  • Firstly, open the Phone app and tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Secondly, tap Settings.
  • Thirdly, scroll down and tap Voicemail.
  • Furthermore, tap Change PIN.
  • Next, enter your current password and tap Continue.
  • Then, enter a new PIN and then tap Continue.
  • Finally, enter the code again and tap OK to confirm.

If you forget your current password

  • Firstly, for AT&T, you can reset your password online by going to your AT&T account overview page and following the instructions there.
  • Secondly, for Verizon, you can reset your password by dialing *611 and saying “Reset my voicemail password” when prompted.
  • Thirdly, for Tracfone, you can reset your password by texting “Password” to 611611 and following the instructions in the response.
  • Finally, for T-Mobile, you can reset your password by dialing #793# and following the voice prompts.


In conclusion, changing and setting up voicemail on Android phones is a simple and convenient process that can benefit you in many ways.

Similarly, you can customize your voicemail greeting to suit your personal or professional needs and access your messages anytime, anywhere with ease.

Furthermore, by following the steps, we have provided, you can change your voicemail on any Android phone, including Samsung models, without any problems.

Likewise, taking a few minutes to configure voicemail properly will save you time and allow you to stay connected even when you miss calls.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

How do I check my voicemail on Android ?

You can swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the voicemail icon in the notification bar, open the Phone app and tap the keyboard icon and hold the number one key, or open the Phone app and tap the Visual Voicemail icon.

How do I reset my voicemail ?

If you remember the current password, change it through the Phone app settings. If you forgot, reset it through your provider’s website or app. For visual voicemail applications, manage settings directly within the application.

How do I listen to my voicemail greeting on my Samsung ?

Access and manage your voicemail on a Samsung phone, open the Phone app, dial the voicemail number by holding down the number one key, and follow the menu options. To listen to your current greeting, press 3 and then 1. To record a new greeting, press 2 and follow the instructions.

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