Fix Xfinity router blinking orange in 12 Simple Steps

One of the most common reasons for Xfinity router blinking orange is a firmware update in progress.

Firmware is a type of software that helps your router work and communicates with other devices.

Furthermore, Comcast occasionally updates the firmware of its routers to improve performance and security, and these updates are automatically pushed to your router without interrupting your service.

Similarly, while it’s important to allow the firmware update to complete, if the orange light persists for a long time, it could indicate something is wrong.

Consequently, in this case, there are several steps you can take to fix the problem. For example, you can check if there is an outage with Comcast or try to reboot your router.

However not to worry you can follow the easy 12 steps mentioned below.

How to fix Xfinity router blinking orange ?

This is a common issue faced by many Xfinity users, and it can be frustrating when you’re not sure what it means or how to fix it.

In this section, we’ll explore the reasons behind the blinking orange light and provide some simple solutions to help get your router running smoothly again.

Follow below mentioned steps to fix Xfinity router blinking orange:

Check for Firmware Update

Xfinity router blinking orange

Check for compatibility issues caused by outdated firmware or incorrect settings.

  • Secondly, download the latest version and manually update your gateway through the portal.
  • Finally, enable the automatic update feature to ensure that your gateway is always up to date.

Power-Cycle xFi Gateway

Xfinity router blinking orange

Based on the feedback we’ve received, turning the xFi gateway off and on resolved the issue for 80% of our readers who were experiencing difficulties.

Primarily, power cycling is one of the first troubleshooting steps you can try. Similarly, like many electronic devices, networking hardware also benefits from a short rest.

Specially, to reset your xFi gateway, unplug all devices and cables; let them sit for a short time, and then plug them back in.

Follow below mentioned steps to Power Cycle Gateway:

  • Firstly, turn off the xFi gateway.
  • Secondly, disconnect all cables from the gateway.
  • Thirdly, allow the gateway to rest for a few minutes.
  • Lastly, reconnect all cables and turn the gateway back on.

Inspect All Cables & Connections

Xfinity router blinking orange

A possible cause of the blinking orange light on your Xfinity router could be wiring issues or moisture in the wall jack.

A damaged coaxial cable or a loose connection can disrupt the connection between the gateway and the Internet service provider.

Consequently, it is important to check all cables and connections to make sure they are secure and working properly.

Follow below mentioned steps to fix loose and damages cables:

  • Firstly, disconnect all cables and inspect them for damage or moisture.
  • Secondly, if the cables appear to be in good condition, clean the ports with a microfiber cloth and reconnect them, making sure the connections are tight.
  • Finally, if you have a spare cable, try replacing the old one to see if this resolves the issue.

Check for Internet Outages or Maintenance

Xfinity router blinking orange

Follow below mentioned steps to check for service outage and maintenance:

  • Secondly, contact your local Xfinity dealer for information about outages or other issues in your area.
  • Thirdly, if there is an outage or maintenance work is underway, all you can do is wait for the service to resume.
  • Finally, consider signing up for the stay informed service, which provides text message alerts about outages or scheduled maintenance.

Save Gateway from Overheating

If none of the above problems appear to be causing the blinking orange light on your Xfinity WiFi, it could be due to overheating.

Alternatively, placing the gateway in a poorly ventilated area or blocking its ventilation can cause it to malfunction and affect connectivity.

Consequently, it is important to ensure that your gateway is placed in a well-ventilated area and that its ventilation is not obstructed.

Follow below mentioned steps to prevent gateway from overheating:

  • Firstly, position the gateway a few feet off the ground and away from any physical obstructions.
  • Secondly, avoid covering the front door with any object, such as books or cloth.
  • Lastly, place the gateway in an open space with ample ventilation to ensure proper airflow.

Check for Modem Overloading

If relocating the router doesn’t resolve the issue, it could be caused by an overloaded gateway.

Alternatively, this can occur when your device is used simultaneously for multiple data-intensive activities, exceeding its hardware capacity and causing service interruption.

Consequently, it is important to monitor your gateway usage and reduce the number of connected devices if necessary to prevent overload.

Follow below mentioned steps to fix overload router:

  • Firstly, disconnect devices from the network and limit the number of Wi-Fi connections.
  • Finally, if the issue persists when all devices are reconnected, it may be time to upgrade your router. Consider purchasing a router with the ability to handle multiple devices simultaneously to ensure seamless connectivity for all your connections.

Try Ethernet Connection

To make sure that your device communicates correctly with your Internet service provider, you can test the connection using a wired connection.

Primarily, this will help you determine if the problem is with the wireless connection or if there is a problem with the device’s communication with the ISP.

  • Firstly, connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your device.
  • Secondly, connect the other end of the cable to a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Thirdly, open a web browser and try to access the Internet.
  • Finally, if you can connect to the Internet, this indicates that your device is working properly and the connection is stable.

Reset xFi Gateway

If your xFi gateway continues to blink orange, it may be time to reset your device. This will restore the gateway to its default settings.

Initially, before performing a reset, it’s a good idea to back up your current settings.

Once you have a backup, you can proceed with the manual reset if necessary.

This should help resolve any issues and restore your gateway to working order.

Follow below mentioned steps to reset xFi gateway:

  • Firstly, locate the WPS button on the back of your xFi gateway.
  • Secondly, this button also functions as a manual reset button.
  • Thirdly, hold down the button for 30 seconds.
  • Next, wait for the gateway to complete its startup sequence.
  • Finally, for more detailed instructions, see a dedicated guide on how to reset your Xfinity modem/router.

Damage in the splitter

If you are using a TV or Internet package, it is important to check if the coaxial splitter is working properly.

Similarly, like any other electronic device, the splitter can wear out over time and affect your Internet connection.

Consequently, if the divider is damaged, you will need to replace it. If it seems to work fine, just wipe it clean and plug it back in to ensure a stable connection.

This should help resolve any issues you may be having with your Xfinity service.

Use Network Extender

Xfinity router blinking orange

If you’re experiencing issues with a weak Wi-Fi signal, a network extender could be the solution you need.

Network extenders, also known as Wi-Fi boosters, can help extend the range of your wireless signal, making it particularly useful in larger homes or offices where the signal may not reach all areas.

Similarly, these devices work by capturing the Wi-Fi signal from your router and rebroadcasting it to extend its range.

However, it’s important to note that while network extenders can extend the range of your signal, they cannot strengthen a weak signal.

Use third party Router

If you’re having trouble with your Xfinity gateway, a solution you might consider is using a third-party router.

By putting your Xfinity device in bridge mode, you can basically turn it into a cable modem and use your own router to handle Wi-Fi.

Consequently, this allows you to have more control over your network and choose a router that meets your specific needs in terms of speed, range, and features.

Similarly, some people find that using their own router provides a faster and more stable Internet connection.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you opt for this solution, you may not receive assistance from Xfinity support for any issues that may arise, as they do not offer support for routers not supplied by them.

Alternatively, most third party routers come with their own customer support and there are also plenty of online forums where you can seek help if needed.

Contact Xfinity Support

If your Xfinity modem/router continues to blink green even after you reset it, it could indicate a malfunction in the unit.

Consequently, in this case, you must contact Xfinity support to claim the warranty or request assistance from a technician.

Similarly, if the problem persists even after the technician visit, you may need to request a device replacement.  

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How do I check for a firmware update on my Xfinity router?

There are two ways to check for a firmware update on your Xfinity router:

Through the Xfinity app

  • Firstly, launch the Xfinity application on your mobile device or tablet.
  • Secondly, touch the My Account tab.
  • Thirdly, scroll down and touch Devices.
  • Next, select the router whose router you want to check for updates.
  • Lastly, touch Check for updates.

Through the router’s web interface:

  • Firstly, launch a web browser and enter the IP address of your router in the address.
  • Secondly, log in to the router’s admin panel using the username and password you created when you set up the router.
  • Thirdly, click on the advanced tab.
  • Next, click on the Administration tab.
  • Finally, click the Firmware Update button.

If a firmware update is available, the router will automatically download and install it. The process of updating may take several minutes to finish.

Subsequently, after the update has finished, the router will restart itself. Once the router has rebooted, you can check the firmware version to make sure the update was successful.

What the lights on your xFi advanced gateways mean ?

Kindly follow the below chart to check the device status and light activity:

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In conclusion, a blinking orange light on an Xfinity router may indicate that a firmware update is in progress.

However, if the light persists for a long time, it could indicate a problem.

Similarly, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue, including checking for firmware updates, power cycling the xFi gateway, inspecting all cables and connections, checking for internet outages or maintenance, and preventing the gateway from it overheats.

Ultimately, by following these steps, you can troubleshoot and troubleshoot a blinking orange light on your Xfinity router.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

How do I reset my Xfinity router?

To reset your Xfinity router, you can manually reset your wireless gateway, modem, or router by unplugging the power cord, subsequently, waiting one minute, and then plugging it back in.

Why is my Xfinity router not connecting?

Your Xfinity router may not connect due to various reasons. Try restarting your router, verifying your login, and checking cables. If it still doesn’t work, contact Xfinity support

Why is my Xfinity router blinking orange and green?

When the lights on your Xfinity modem alternate between green and orange, it means the router is trying to establish a LAN connection with your device but is having trouble. This could be due to a weak Wi-Fi signal or a temporary internal malfunction.

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