How to edit your email signature?

Email signature is an essential term in any marketing campaign. It describes your
position in an organization, contact information and other things. Create or edit your own email signature to make an impact on the receivers. It shows a few points about the person behind emails and represents your brand personality.

Other than sharing Contact info, an email signature boosts the sender’s credibility.

It represents the reality behind the automated email signature. Also with photos and the brand’s logo it looks more trustworthy.

Suppose an organization has hundreds of employees sending and receiving emails daily. In this situation an email signature would be beneficial for internal as well as external communications of the company.

These are items that are generally mentioned in an email signature:

  • Firstly, the “Name” will appear
  • Then “Job Title”
  • Company Name (optional if you have a logo in signature)
  • Position (some companies display qualifications to build trust for designing specialists, accountants etc.)
  • Sender’s photo
  • Contact number
  • Alternate email address (optional because in every email, the sender’s mail id is already visible)
  • Website or any social media link
  • At last, disclaimer or banner as per the requirement.

Which type of email signature should be used and why? Seriously, I would say
Email signature is more than just your name and position held because it plays an
important role in a brand signature. Also, it is called an email footer sometimes.
Email signature shows essential details about the company and makes it easy
to recognize.
Also, an email signature builds brand awareness and generates promotional

How to create a professional email signature?

Nowadays, people from every category whether they are a budding student, an
employee working for a 9 to 5 company or a startup; all are hustling everyday to create something on their own. So, the email process holds a very essential part to grow the business as it is also called email marketing. But, In this there are many people who are just confused.

Read how to edit email signature on the following widely used emailing platforms.

How to change your email signature in Gmail?

Use the following steps to edit email signatures in Gmail:

  1. Firstly log into your Gmail account and click on the settings icon at the top right corner.
    Edit email signature

  2. Click on Settings again.
    Edit email signature

  3. Then scroll down to the Signature section.

  4. Add your name, designation, or anything you want to add in the signature. You can also add images in the signature.

  5. Lastly scroll down to the bottom and click on Save Changes.

  6. Now, you are ready to compose emails with signature.

How to change your email signature in Outlook?

You can update your email signature in Outlook as per your requirement. Moreover, you can also create an email signature from the start using Outlook.

Use the following steps to change email signatures in Outlook:

  1. Firstly open Outlook and go to File tab in the top left.
    Edit email signature

  2. Now go to Options.
    Edit email signature

  3. A new window will open. Go to Mail and subsequently select Signature.
    Edit email signature

  4. In the subsequent window, enter the details you want to add in the signature and lastly click Ok.

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How to change email signature in Office 365?

Use the following steps to edit email signatures in Office 365:

  1. Firstly, open your email on Office 365 and click on the settings icon and then click on view all Outlook settings.

  2. Now go to Mail, and then go to compose and reply.

  3. You’ll find an email signature box. Add your name and other credentials into the empty field and it will be automatically saved. Close settings and start writing your new email.

Wrapping up

Our Information will help you in getting the result easily to edit your email signature on commonly used emailing platforms. You just have to follow the steps and Information mentioned in the article. After following the steps, It’ll be easy for anyone to edit their email signature.


Why is it important to add a signature in your email?
Adding an email signature is important as it makes recognition between you and your client or whoever is receiving your email much easier. Also, it creates trust-worthiness of your brand in the market.

How much time does it take to create or edit an email signature?
Creating or editing an Email signature usually takes only few minutes. However, you may have to spend more time if you don’t have the credentials prepared before hand.

Which is the best email generator among Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365?
If you’re searching the best email signature generator tool, then we would suggest you to go with any of the emailing platforms. Every generator helps you to build your identity in front of your clients or customers. Also, These tools play a very genuine role in promoting your brand.

Why are branding email signatures important?
Branding signatures are important for brand’s growth in many ways. Because It helps in leaving an identical impression to raise your brand’s awareness, to build your reputation in the market.

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