Reset Kindle Device (100% Resolved by Yourself)

How to Reset Kindle device. When you think of resetting your Kindle, you probably picture a little button somewhere on the back of your eReader that allows you to fix problems or just get it all back to normal again.

may sound simple, but there’s a lot more that can go wrong than what most people realize when they’re trying to fix their Kindle.

How to reset Kindle Paper White?

Follow the below mentioned steps to reset Kindly Paper White easily by sitting at the comfort of your place:

  1. Firstly click at the top right corner three vertical placed dots and click Settings.
  2. Now click Device Options.
  3. At the last you will see the Reset option. Press the same and it will give you a notification stating your downloaded content will be wiped off and the same can be download once again from the cloud.
  4. Click Yes to continue.
  5. At last your Kindle will turn off and restart.

Now to configure the same follow the on screen instructions. To make it more easy kindly go through the video below.

Steps to reset Kindle Device

Why my Kindle Paper white frozen reset not working?

We all have been there where the device gets frozen in time and does not respond at all. Not to worry if you cannot perform hard reset on your Kindle then it is better to at least restart the device on priority basis and then perform the reset as shown in the article.

To perform the hard restart on Kindle Paper white kindly follow below mentioned points:

  1. Firstly hold down the power button (from extreme edge corner of the device) while waiting for the screen to go black or a power dialogue box to emerge.
  2. Continuing to hold the power button for an additional 40 seconds, then releasing.
  3. The gadget reboots and the charge indication light comes back on after a little delay.

This process will restart your kindly and now you can easily perform a Hard Reset on your device.

How to factory reset Kindle when locked?

In case you have placed a password and you cannot remember one for your Kindle device then kindly swipe up the Amazon fire lock screen and enter the incorrect code 5 times until a display message appears.

You will continuously receive the Wrong Pin notification and it is absolutely fine. Now after entering the incorrect PIN for five times an Incorrect Password notification dialogue box will appear asking you to either Reset Password or Perform a factory reset.

If you remember your amazon associated ID and password then click on Rest Password else click on Factory Reset. Follow the on screen options and reset the same.

How to reset Kindle password?

Two options will appear to reset kindle password. First if you have linked your Amazon account with your kindle device and second if it is not associated with your Amazon account.

Follow below mentioned steps to reset your Kindle password:

  1. Click on the lock screen and enter incorrect password five times. Not to worry.
  2. After this a notification will appear on screen. Click Reset Password if your amazon account is linked with your kindle. Else click Perform a factory reset.
  3. If you click on the Reset Password then you need to enter your Amazon linked account details with password associated.
  4. Else you can select Perform a factory reset option and follow the screen prompt to reset your device without kindle password.

We have tried listing the most common errors with solution while using Kindle device. Kindly refer them below in the blog.

How can I troubleshoot my Kindle device?

To troubleshoot your kindle device kindly check and resolve the error faced.

  • Check the Power Cable and Socket

The most basic with any electrical gadget if it is not working fine is to check whether the device is getting the power to switch ON. Check the cable if it is broken and socket becomes loose then it will not let the device charge.

  • Inspect the Charging Port

If the power cord and socket are correctly working and attached, then it is very important to check the charging port of the device. Try to change the cable and check again, if the device is still not getting charge then charging port has to be replace.

  • Check the Software Update

In case your device is lagging and operating slow it is very important to check for any pending software update because software updates rectify any bugs and issue with the device. Any electronic device if lagging or working slow should be check with the latest software update by the manufacturer.

  • Frozen Display

If your Kindle is froze first step is to look for hard restart the device. This action will forcefully stop the operation that is causing the device to get freeze and restart the device to a default state. However frozen display can also be result of outdated software getting used.

  • Check the Battery

Replace the cable if Kindle is not charging with the original cable. Try to change the power socket or use another power switch if kindle is not charging.

  • Restart your Wireless Router

Frequent bugs and issues can easily be solved of your device connected to wireless router. Just restart the router connected will all the devices. This will refresh the network settings of your router and will boost the performance.

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Kindle is an amazing product and it is a big favorite of the techie world. Well, the engineers at Amazon sure know how to come up with some weird names for their products. It would be interesting to have a Kindle with reset option, but still Kindle Paperwhite uses a special technique to boot. We hope this blog helped you to reset your beloved Kindle paperwhite easily.


Will I lose everything if I reset my Kindle?

If you have backup your data on cloud you can get all back easily however all settings will be erased back to default

How to factory reset Kindle fire?

A factory reset will remove all the downloaded content including the in-app purchases. Follow the below steps:
Step 1: Swipe down twice from the top of the screen to show “Quick Settings”.
Step 2: Click the “Settings” icon.
Step 3: Now click “Device Options” and then click “Reset to Factory Defaults”.

How to reset kindle paperwhite?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset:
Step 1: Click on “Menu” by pressing 3 dots.
Step 2: Click on “Settings”.
Step 3: Again click on “Menu” by pressing 3 dots.
Step 4: Now final click on “Reset”.

How to reset kindle fire password without losing data?

Before proceeding makes sure to fully charge your Kindle. Press and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds. This is going to get your Kindle restart when you have lost your password and your data will not be lost.

Why my kindle screen has frozen?

Follow the below mentioned two simple steps to resolve the screen frozen issue:
Step 1: Press and hold the power button for at least 7 seconds or you see a power dialog box or the screen goes blank.
Step 2: Continue holding the power button for at least 40 seconds then release, the device will not restart.