How to fix “Something went wrong Outlook” error manually?

Our expert team has gathered the data over the Internet where most of the Outlook users are searching “Something went wrong Outlook”. 

In this blog, we have provided the solutions to fix the issue of “something went wrong Outlook” and “Can’t sign into Outlook” errors.

One of the seven solutions would fix your issue on the “Outlook something went wrong” issue. Perform all the steps one by one and your issue will be resolved.

Let’s dive into the plethora of solutions;

Disable Anti-virus

Disabling anti virus

If you are using Antivirus on your system and getting error notifications on screen like “Can’t sign into Outlook” or “Something went wrong Outlook, please try again”; then you should disable the Anti-virus and try again. Because sometimes Antivirus interfere with certain policies of the software which may hamper the use of services.

Enable Cookies for your Browser (Microsoft Edge & Chrome)

Enabling cookies would help you to resolve the “Outlook something went wrong” issue instantly; we have provided detailed guidelines to enable cookies on Microsoft Edge & Chrome.

Follow the below mentioned steps to enable cookies on your browser:- 

Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge on your PC, click on “” and then click on “Settings” as shown in the image below.
Steps to allow cookies on Microsoft edge (1)
  • Click on the “Cookies and site permissions” option available on the left panel of the screen and then click on the “Cookies and site data” as shown below.
Steps to allow cookies on Microsoft edge (2)
  • Enable the toggle button on for “Allow sites to…….” and “Block third-party cookies” as shown in the image below.
Steps to allow cookies on Microsoft edge (3)


  • Open Chrome and write the command “chrome://settings/cookies”  then select “Allow all cookies”.
Steps to allow cookies on Chrome

Check for browser update

Sometimes, an old version of browser prevents users from accessing Outlook files and services; moreover, it also heckles users while performing several tasks; thus, we recommend users to check for the browser updates.

Basically, updates happen in the background when the user close and reopen their computer’s browser. But if the user has not closed his browser in a while, there is a chance that you may see a pending update.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to update the chrome browser:-

  • Open Google chrome and write chrome://settings/help the command on the search bar and hit enter and check the status of the update as shown in the image below.
Steps to check chrome version
  • Blue: The user has updated the version on his system.
  • Green: Chrome update was released about two days ago.
  • Orange: Chrome update was released less than four days ago.
  • Red: Lastly update was released a week ago.

Note: If you are getting the Update Google Chrome option then kindly update your browser.

reinstall your browser

Reinstall browser

If you are not getting the desired result after updating the web browser then you should uninstall and reinstall the browser. Click here to learn the steps to reinstall Chrome Browser

Additional Information:- The user can also check out our blog published on How to fix the “Outlook won’t open” issue?

Check Microsoft Outlook server

If you have tired of checking settings and attempting solutions for better performance, however, you did not check the Microsoft server status; you should check the Microsoft server. 

  • Open the web browser and type “Down detector”, click on the website.
Steps to use down detector (1)
  • Now type “Outlook” in the search box.
Steps to use down detector (2)
  • Review the result.
Steps to use down detector (3)

Clear browser history

Our browser stores information that includes history, cookies, website and other related data, and over time it may become an issue factor in logging. So, clearing the browser history is a good practice to apply when you are not able to login websites.

Please follow the below guidelines to clear browser history from Chrome: –

  • Use keyboard press CTRL+ Shift+ Delete button.
Steps to clear history on Chrome (1)
  • Select “All time”, click on the “Clear data”, then click on the “Advance” option.
Steps to clear history on Chrome (2)
  • Now, change the time duration from Last hour to “All time”, scroll down, check all the options, and click “Clear data.”
Steps to clear history on Chrome (3)

Third-party email application

Use third party application

A third-party email application can be used in sending and receiving email; it is like a standalone application for all your email needs. Several email client services are totally free.

Note: If you are a member of any organization, we recommend you to do market research before switching to any email client service. 

If you are facing any issue on Gmail like “Can’t login to Gmail” or trying to use bridge mode on your Xfinity router, you would surely get help by clicking the hyperlink.

Wrapping up: – One of the seven solutions would fix “Outlook something went wrong” issue. Users should attempt all the solutions to get quicker results. Keep in mind, clearing the browser history is a good practice to apply if you are not able to login Outlook or any other email service.

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How do I clear my cache in Outlook?

One can easily clear the Outlook cache by following below instructions.
1. Go to Outlook.
2. Click the “File” tab.
3. Tap on the “Options”.
4. Select the Mail tab available in the left Menu-tab.
5. Go to the Send Messages section.
6. Click Empty Auto-Complete List.
7. Click on the “OK” button

Why does my Outlook keep saying that something went wrong and to refresh my screen?

This issue occurs due to browser history and cache; to fix the problem, please clear cache and browser history.

How can I speed up Outlook?

Fulfil below mentioned guidelines to pace up the speed of Outlook. 
1. Disable Add-Ins
2. Download complete IMAP emails
3. Compact PST files
4. Repair PST files
5. Disable RSS feature

Is there an issue with Outlook today?

No, there is no issue with Outlook today; however, there can be an issue on your end. However, check Outlook server status by using the  website.

How do I resolve an issue in Outlook?

Use the “scanpst.exe” tool to resolve any issues in Outlook; most Outlook issues occur due to corrupt files. To check the procedure, click here.