Is Comcast the same as Xfinity ?

In today’s world, technology and entertainment are constantly evolving, and there are many brands that provide cable and Internet services. Furthermore, two of these well-known brands are Comcast and Xfinity.

You’ve come to this page looking for clarity about Comcast and Xfinity. Specifically, you may be wondering: are these two companies are same or are they separate entities ? The answer is Yes, Comcast and Xfinity are the same company.

Comcast Corporation owns and operates cable television, Internet, home telephone and other home services under theXfinity” consumer brand.

So when you hear about Xfinity services like Xfinity Internet, Xfinity TV, etc., it refers to the cable, Internet, phone, and other offerings provided by Comcast Corporation.

Xfinity is simply the name Comcast uses for its consumer-oriented products and services.

Behind the scenes, all of the infrastructure, equipment and networks that provide those services are owned and managed by Comcast.

Understanding Comcast

Understanding Comcast

In 1963, Ralph J. Roberts, Daniel Aaron, and Julian A. Brodsky founded a small cable system in Tupelo, Mississippi, originally known as American Cable Systems.

Furthermore, this company would eventually grow and evolve into what is now known as the Comcast Corporation.

Subsequently, in 1969, the company moved to Philadelphia and changed its name to Comcast Corporation. Comcast offers a variety of services including cable TV, high-speed internet, and home phone service.

Consequently, Comcast is a major player in the US broadband market, with a market share of over 40%. This indicates that many people are satisfied with the company’s services and remain loyal to the brand.

Ultimately today, Comcast is a global media and technology corporation with two primary businesses: cable and Internet.

Comcast offers a range of valuable business services in addition to its Xfinity consumer brand.

These services are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses and help them succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Understanding Xfinity

Understanding Xfinity

Xfinity is a brand of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, and a division of Comcast Corporation, used to market consumer cable television, telephone, Internet and wireless services provided by the company.

Furthermore, the brand was first introduced in 2010; prior to that, these services were primarily marketed under the Comcast name.

As a result, Comcast has changed the name of many of its services to the Xfinity name.

For example, Comcast Internet is now Xfinity Internet and Comcast TV is now Xfinity TV.

While some services are still offered under the Comcast name, most have subsequently, changed names and are now available under the Xfinity brand.

Ultimately, this change reflects the company’s commitment to providing high-quality services to its customers.

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What are the services offered by Comcast ?

What are the services offered by Comcast

Comcast offers several important services for businesses independent of its Xfinity consumer brand.

Business Voice: Business voice service provides a reliable and secure phone system for your communication needs.

Business Internet: Comcast business internet service offers high-speed connectivity options ideal for tasks like video calls, file sharing, and cloud backups.

Comcast’s Business TV: Comcast business TV offers relevant content such as local channels, national networks and business programming.

Business Cloud Computing: The Business Cloud Computing service hosts applications, data storage and software development in a secure online environment.

Business Data Center Services: Business data center service manages the infrastructure and offer data storage in protected facilities. Furthermore, additional products cover managed IT, cyber security, and legal compliance assistance.

These business-focused solutions are not marketed as Xfinity because they are intended for businesses, not for residential customers.

However, they are still available on Comcast to meet the technology and telecom requirements of businesses, providing quality options at affordable prices.

What are the services offered by Xfinity ?

What are the services offered by Xfinity

Primarily, Xfinity offers three main services: Internet, Cable TV, and Home Phone.

Furthermore, they also offer bundle deals so you can save money by getting multiple services from a single company.

As a result, the packages are a great value because you pay one low monthly bill instead of several higher bills.

Consequently, with an Xfinity package, you can access the Internet, TV, and phone, all for one discounted price.

Similarly, they bundle these services together knowing that the packages offer you the best price.

Therefore, if you sign up for an Xfinity bundle, you’ll pay less each month than if you buy each product separately.

Ultimately, customers love Xfinity packages because they make it easy to manage multiple accounts while saving costs. Overall, Xfinity understands that bundles are the best way for customers to get value. 

Xfinity Internet

Xfinity has many customers, which shows that they offer fast and reliable Internet.

Furthermore, Xfinity offers different Internet speeds, from 10 Mbps to a whopping 2 Gigs in some areas.

Consequently, most people choose the 100 Mbps package. It’s widely available and stays consistently fast with no dropouts.

Therefore, it’s better to get one of the Xfinity bundle deals. The packages combine different services and are cheaper than buying them separately.

For example, one popular package is the two Xfinity products package. With it, you get 220 HD TV channels plus high speed internet.

Additionally, Xfinity also offers good discounts if you sign up for their services. You can save money with a special WiFi promo code that they will give you.

Xfinity TV 

Xfinity offers an incredible cable TV experience with over 260 channels in crystal clear HD. Consequently, you’ll have access to the major sports networks, as well as movie channels like HBO for family movie nights.

Additionally, Xfinity’s On Demand feature means you can watch what you want, when you want. Furthermore, the library has thousands of titles so you’ll never run out of options.

One of their most popular packages is Digital Preferred, which includes 220 HD channels at an affordable price.

Home phone service

Xfinity offers a digital home phone service that provides a clear connection from your home or office.

Customers can enjoy unlimited domestic calling and a variety of international calling plans, as well as call blocking tools to help block unwanted calls.

Xfinity home phone service is affordable, with prices starting as low as $30 per month.

With Xfinity, you can stay connected with loved ones and enjoy reliable phone service at a reasonable cost.

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What are the different pricing options for Xfinity’s services  ?

The pricing options for Xfinity’s services vary depending on the service, the speed, and the location. However, here are some general pricing options for Xfinity’s services:


Xfinity offers a variety of internet plans, with speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Prices start at $19.99 per month for 75 Mbps download speed and 1.2 TB data cap.

Cable TV

Xfinity offers a variety of cable TV packages, with channels ranging from basic to premium. Prices start at $29.99 per month for 125+ channels.

Home phone

Furthermore, Xfinity offers a traditional home phone service, as well as a VoIP phone service.

VoIP phone service allows customers to make calls over the internet, which can save them money on their phone bill.

To illustrate, Prices start at $19.99 per month for unlimited local and long-distance calls.

Security and automation

In addition, Xfinity offers a variety of security and automation services, such as home security systems, doorbell cameras, and smart thermostats.

These services can consequently help customers keep their homes safe and secure. Prices start at $24.99 per month for a home security system.

Xfinity Mobile

Furthermore, Xfinity Mobile is a wireless service that runs on the Verizon network.

Customers can choose from a variety of plans, including unlimited data plans and plans with limited data. For instance, prices start at $45 per month for unlimited data.

In addition to these pricing options, Xfinity also offers a variety of discounts and promotions.

For example, customers can get a discount if they bundle two or more services together.

They can also get a discount if they sign up for a long-term contract.

Ultimately, the best way to find out the specific pricing options for Xfinity’s services in your area is to contact Comcast customer service.

Therefore, they can help you determine which services are available in your area and what the prices are.

Did the company benefit from this decision as a whole ?

Did the company benefit from this decision as a whole

However, the re branding from Comcast to Xfinity did not have the desired effect. Consequently, customers are still unclear on the differences between the two brands and what services each offer.

Similarly, eight years after the merger and re branding efforts, people are still not sure why two names were used to provide the same services.

For example, some believe Comcast changed its name to distance itself from its formerly negative image as a company known for poor Internet connectivity.

As a result, Comcast’s reputation suffered from poor customer service causing many to leave. Therefore, a fresh start with a new name was seen as a way to offer services from scratch.

However, Comcast has never officially confirmed these speculations. The company claims that service and quality have improved.

While customer satisfaction rankings still rank Xfinity below its competitors, its scores are higher, showing improved performance in Internet speed, channel selection, and problem resolution.

Furthermore, Xfinity has also strengthened customer support to better help customers with service-related issues.

What are the benefits of choosing Xfinity as your service provider ?

Xfinity TV offers a diverse and quality cable option. Consequently, customers receive channel lineups tailored to their region, with programming for all interests, from sports to premium channels like HBO and STARZ. Subscribers get access to a wide range of favorites at consistent, affordable prices.

In addition to cable, Xfinity offers fast, reliable Internet with speeds up to 1 GB. Their services support endless streaming possibilities. Voice-activated remote controls allow intuitive control of entertainment with just words.

Consequently, find what you want to watch easily via On Demand, DVR recordings or online – a click or voice command is all it takes to start the fun.

Whether you want the latest blockbusters or live sports, Xfinity brings them right to your living room with top-tier channels, streaming apps, and DVR features.

Xfinity is a great choice for all your TV, Internet, and communication needs, thanks to its affordable prices and reliable performance. With Xfinity, you can enjoy high-quality services at a reasonable cost.


In conclusion, the re branding from Comcast to Xfinity created some confusion among customers that persists today.

However, data shows that Xfinity improves key areas like speeds, channels, and support over time.

Consequently, for consumers looking for a reliable and affordable provider, Xfinity presents a quality option.

As a result, customers receive personalized programming and intuitive controls via cable, Internet up to 1 Gbps, home phone and mobile.

Similarly, bundles, discounts and contracts offer good value to Xfinity’s 26 million households.

While the re branding goals were not fully achieved, Comcast’s enhancements position the Xfinity brand as a leading telecommunications provider for the future. Therefore, consumers can feel confident in Xfinity’s diverse, consistent and affordable services.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Is Xfinity and Comcast business the same ?

No, Xfinity markets Comcast consumer cable, Internet, telephone and wireless services. Meanwhile, Comcast Business specifically offers business customers Internet, phone and television.

Why is Comcast taking channels away ?

Comcast may remove channels due to contractual disputes with the network that owns the channel or changes in content offerings on cable packages and streaming services. Therefore, it’s best to check with Comcast for the most up-to-date information on channel availability.

Is Xfinity fiber or cable ?

Xfinity primarily offers cable Internet, which Xfinity uses the same type of coaxial cable that Xfinity has long used for its television service consequently, this technology allows for fast download speeds but considerably slower upload speeds.

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