Do you want to unpair your Xfinity Remote ? (Follow 3 Simple Steps)

Did you recently upgrade your Xfinity cable box and now your remote no longer works with it? Or maybe you’ve accidentally paired your Xfinity remote with another device in your home, like a smart TV or streaming player.

Furthermore, you’re probably frustrated that your remote no longer syncs with your cable box. Don’t worry; unpairing your remote from Xfinity is actually a very simple process.

Additionally, one of the most common problems customers encounter is when their remote is accidentally paired with another device.

Similarly, modern electronic devices often have infrared capabilities that allow them to communicate with remote controls, but this can cause remote controls to become confused about which device they are supposed to control.

In this blog post, we’ll explain quick and easy steps to unpair your Xfinity remote from any unwanted or unexpected devices so that it’s once again dedicated exclusively to your cable box.

How to unpair your Xfinity Remote ?

The process to deactivate the pairing mode can differ based on the type of remote you are using.

Consequently, to make things easier for you, we’ve categorized the instructions based on different types of remotes.

As a result, choose the relevant option from the list below and follow the mentioned steps to unpair your Xfinity remote. If you’re experiencing issues with your Xfinity remote, here’s how to fix it.

Remotes with Setup Button (XR11)

XR11 remote is equipped with a Setup button, so, we utilize this feature to unpair the XR11 remote.

  • Firstly, continue pressing the Setup button for three seconds. Wait until the status light changes color from red to green.
How to unpair Xfinity Remote- with setup button
  • Secondly, now, type the sequence 9-8-1 into your remote control.
How to unpair Xfinity Remote- press 9-8-1
  • In last, be careful with the status light. If it flashes green twice, that’s your signal! Remote control pairing has been successfully reset.  
flashes green light twice

Remotes without Setup Button (XR15, X1 and Flex Remote)

As the XR15, X1, and Flex remotes do not possess a setup button, we adhere to the following steps to unpair these remotes:

The XR15 Xfinity X1 and Flex Voice Remote come equipped with number keys. Here’s how you can reset pairing on your XR15 remote:

  • Firstly, press and hold the A (triangle) and D (diamond) buttons simultaneously for a period of three seconds. Wait until the status light turns from red to green.
How to unpair Remotes without Setup Button
  • Secondly, enter the code 9-8-1 into your remote control.
How to unpair Xfinity Remote- enter code 9-8-1
  • Finally, watch for the status light. If it flashes blue twice, you’ve done it! Pairing for your remote control has been disabled.
Status light flashes blue

By following these steps, you can now pair your remote with a new TV Box or even a different TV if you wish.

Furthermore, and don’t worry; when you point it directly at the original X1 TV Box, similarly, your remote will still be able to control it.

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Remotes without number keys and setup button (XR16)

As XR16 remote is not equipped with number keys or a setup button, we adhere to the following steps to unpair this remote:

For example, if you’re using the XR16 Xfinity Flex Voice Remote, here’s how to reset pairing:

  • Firstly, press and hold the Info (i) and Home buttons together for three seconds until the LED flashes.
How to unpair Xfinity remote- without setup and number button
  • Finally, to complete the factory reset, press the Power button, then the Last (or < arrow) button, and then the Volume Down button, in that order.
Complete factory reset

Note: If you have unpaired a voice remote, it will no longer respond to voice commands. Consequently, for this feature to work again, you will need to pair it with an X1 or streaming TV Box.

Furthermore, if you need a new remote, feel free to visit any Xfinity store or request one through Xfinity Assistant.

When should an Xfinity remote be unpaired or reset ?

You should consider unpairing or resetting your Xfinity remote in the following scenarios:

Remote control not responding

If your remote control does not respond when you press a button, it may be paired with a different TV Box. Unpairing and re-pairing can solve this problem.

Incorrect commands

If your remote control executes incorrect commands, it may be due to a pairing problem with the TV Box.

New TV Box

If you get a new TV Box, you will need to unpair the remote from the old box and pair it with the new one.


As part of the troubleshooting steps, you may need to reset your remote to its factory settings.

Remember, resetting your remote control will erase all programming related to your TV and audio device. Consider this option only when all other alternatives have been exhausted.


In conclusion, whether you’ve updated your Xfinity cable box, accidentally paired your remote with another device, or are having some other problem, this guide has you covered.

We’ve detailed the steps to unpair your remote from Xfinity based on the type of remote you have.

Specifically, from remotes with setup buttons to those without, and even remotes without number keys, we’ve explained it all.

Furthermore, remember, your voice remote will not respond to voice commands until you pair it with an X1 or streaming TV Box.

And if all else fails, don’t hesitate to visit an Xfinity store or order a new remote through Xfinity Assistant.


Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

How do I unpair my Comcast XR11 remote ?

To unpair your Comcast XR11 remote, hold the Setup button until the light turns green, then enter 9-8-1. The light will blink twice indicating the remote has been unpaired.

Why won’t my Xfinity remote change channel ?

Your Xfinity remote might not be changing channels due to connectivity issues, physical damage, or dead batteries. Check the connection, inspect for damage, and replace batteries if needed.

Why is my Xfinity remote flashing blue ?

A flashing blue light on your Xfinity remote could indicate a factory reset or unpairing. The remote has reset itself if it blinks blue three times.. If it blinks twice after entering 9-8-1, it’s unpaired.

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